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  1. DedHedRN

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    I just love my photo of myself. Its my good side! I scanned myself but alas, I just cant seem to find myself. Boo hoo. Aren't there others like me out there?
  2. DedHedRN

    The Financially Savvy Nurse

    I always have a staycation, I drive a little 8 year old car because its all I can afford, and I rent a apartment thats in a sorta bad neighborhood. I work at a nice place, but I suspect I am the lowest paid nurse, and I work nights. I feel like a pauper sometimes. But at least I pay my bills and have all the basic necessities, nothing fancy, just stuff I need, off brand stuff I need, but at least I have it. I don't even own a TV or have cable, its just to expensive. I have one credit card with a super low limit. How about some advice about how to approach your employer for a raise?
  3. DedHedRN

    Nursing is not all....

    Its cracked up to be.
  4. DedHedRN

    black nurses and students

    I was one of six whites in my nursing program. 54 other races, not white, in southern california, in my class. Its probably where you live.
  5. DedHedRN

    a little different question about planned parenthood..

    I went to planned parenthood for birth control many times, got a IUD from them once, and bags and bags of condoms. Its probably the reason I don't have 15 rugrats running around underfoot. Also, by NOT having all those kids, I was able to go to school and get my nursing degree. Whoot Whoot for planned parenthood! I love that place and would recommend them to anyone.

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