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  1. DedHedRN

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    I just love my photo of myself. Its my good side! I scanned myself but alas, I just cant seem to find myself. Boo hoo. Aren't there others like me out there?
  2. DedHedRN

    The Financially Savvy Nurse

    I always have a staycation, I drive a little 8 year old car because its all I can afford, and I rent a apartment thats in a sorta bad neighborhood. I work at a nice place, but I suspect I am the lowest paid nurse, and I work nights. I feel like a pauper sometimes. But at least I pay my bills and have all the basic necessities, nothing fancy, just stuff I need, off brand stuff I need, but at least I have it. I don't even own a TV or have cable, its just to expensive. I have one credit card with a super low limit. How about some advice about how to approach your employer for a raise?
  3. DedHedRN

    Nursing is not all....

    Its cracked up to be.
  4. DedHedRN

    black nurses and students

    I was one of six whites in my nursing program. 54 other races, not white, in southern california, in my class. Its probably where you live.
  5. DedHedRN

    Should Marijuana be legal?

    I have never heard of anyone coming into the ER cause they had overdosed on pot and that they needed to have their life saved. I have never heard of anyone dying of a marijuana overdose. I have never heard of anyone smoking some weed and then killing people. I also have never heard of anyone having a car accident solely because they were stoned. Stoned on other drugs perhaps, but not weed by its self. And contrary to the movie "refer madness" I have never heard of anyone getting stoned and then raping someone, or becoming some sort of rabid crazy violent person who shoots and stabs people. But what I have heard is people talking about how they were able to eat after going through chemotherapy. I have heard people talk about how it helped them to lessen the nausea associated with life saving retro-viral drugs. I have heard how it helps with cancer associated pain, when other drugs are ineffective. I have seen it do all these things with my own eyes, and I believe that for many people who cannot tolerate other drugs that it is a godsend. And for the record, I do not smoke pot, and when it became legal in California, I was ****** off to no end. It took time and actually seeing the benefits for so many people to change my mind. I know that some people get on it who do not fit the profile of what it was originally intended for, but I believe that they have their own reasons(possible mental problems) and because it has a tendency to mellow people out, I don't even begrudge them it anymore either. Since it has been legalized in California, I don't believe at all that it is a "gateway" drug, as people are not having to go into seedy places to get it, they can obtain it in a nice sterile pharmacy like environment.
  6. DedHedRN

    Should Marijuana be legal?

    I wonder if that's where my hemp lotion that I buy at wal-mart comes from then. I wish I had a pair of hemp pants, I hear they were the best!
  7. DedHedRN

    Should Marijuana be legal?

    Oh, and as for states that have legalized weed for medical use being caught in the "cross hairs" that's a crock of doo. States are allowed to make their own laws, and when a majority of the states have legalized, it will become federally legal. Its just going to take some time. In the meantime, as long as patients don't cross state lines, its legal. Cops will hand it back to people, I have seen a guy with his pot plant that he retrieved from the court walking down the road with it in a huge pot, and the thing was 10 feet tall. Patients can light up right in front of cops and in front of court buildings with absolutely no fear of repercussion, and if that doesn't count as "legal" then I don't know what does. Its no different then the prohibition. It will become a legal drug recognized by federal government, and it will be in my lifetime. Don't you know that Obama has instructed the federal government not to pursue prosecution of dispensaries and legal users? Times are a changing, better get with it.
  8. DedHedRN

    Should Marijuana be legal?

    Completely legal is 15 states, for prescription use only. Do your research. Patients can roll up a big fat doobie's and smoke and toke their little hearts out. Wait, that's after they pick it off their LEGAL pot plants they grow in their back yard. Or they can just cruz on down to the local dispensary and pick up a eighth of some premo weed, or even some pot brownies or pot cookies. And, I for one completely support the use of medical marijuana because its been proven time and time again to be beneficial for many different uses, and if some cancer patient wants to smoke some weed for nausea, or some AIDS patient uses it to help them eat, then I'm going to support it 100%.
  9. DedHedRN

    Should Marijuana be legal?

    News flash, its already a legally regulated prescription drug.
  10. DedHedRN

    a little different question about planned parenthood..

    I went to planned parenthood for birth control many times, got a IUD from them once, and bags and bags of condoms. Its probably the reason I don't have 15 rugrats running around underfoot. Also, by NOT having all those kids, I was able to go to school and get my nursing degree. Whoot Whoot for planned parenthood! I love that place and would recommend them to anyone.