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  1. nurseunderwater

    Good Morning Wednesday Sept 8th!

    leslie! congratulations sista! just saw your post from yesterday. i am beyond happy for you - and those whom you will help. love to you - kate
  2. nurseunderwater

    Good Morning Wednesday Sept 8th!

    Hey all you guys! I dropped Foster (middle child) off today for his first day of pre-school and the baby is taking a nap. :) I have a few minutes - that I should be studying - but, I really have been wanting to check in and post - I've been around here or there keeping up on what's been happening. I was supposed to be on campus this semester with them in childcare 3 days a week (taking bio and algebra) BUT I didn't get the grant for my childcare and my expenses went from 50/week to 450 a month!!!!! The joys once again of being in the fall in between the cracks group that never has enough money and the 750 we dole out for insurance comes out of our gross income. So - second best - doing classes on-line which is about exciting to me as eating hay. Needless to say... I was pi$$ed :angryfire and utterly dissapointed. Anywho... Work is going well - I am doing a 16 on sat and 8 on sunday and have finally fallen in with an awesome nurse who has the same sick sense of humor as moi. the beginning was rough 'cause I was floating through orientation with a different nurse all the time. This is sooooooooooooo much better. Gave dear son #1 a mohawk on monday (at his request)...giggle... I wouldn't "skin" it all the way down though, I mean, come on he's only 6. I had some skin biopsies done a little while ago....one came back as basal cell carcinoma - the best cancer I could get according to the resident :rolleyes: - so now I do a daily skin cream thing that is supposed to burn it away - if not it's back to cutting some more. For Pete's sake - use sunscreen. :nono: love and kisses, kate
  3. nurseunderwater

    God Help These Kids and Their Families

    i am crying and speechless. those poor women who had to choose between their children. i couldn't bear it. i just couldn't bear it.
  4. nurseunderwater

    good thursday morning... 2nd september

    I miss you too... ::kiss:: xxoo Kate
  5. nurseunderwater

    Good Monday Morning...Aug 23 2004

    Hey Leslie.. Just read yesterdays posts... You are such an amazing human. You have a way of expressing the nuances of the human experience that bring them out into technicolor. I know of the "i don't get it" moment that you mentioned. You've had some big days mama. Do something kind for yourself to help replenish all that you have freely given these past months. Wish I could come over with a movie and cookies..we could hang on the couch and laugh till we pee'd. Always adoring you, Kate
  6. nurseunderwater

    Good Monday Morning...Aug 23 2004

    Hey Ya'll! Whew! Orientation (new job) has been quite a load... I now go to my weekend only schedule. yea! And....here comes school. Today will be the first day of preschool for my 2 yongest. It's so cool...they (on campus preschool) start the kids one week before my classes start. Octavia the director said it is so that we (adults) have some days to get ourselves prepared to go to classes. How cool is that? I love my new job...I am excited for school to start.... :hatparty: We are looking at moving into an apartment for 1 year to downsize our expenses, get some things paid off and save up to buy a house...hmmm, 5 of us in an apartment...Any tips? Hope all is well with all of you....I'll be checking in again to see how ya'll are doing. XXOO Kate
  7. nurseunderwater

    Need a boy's name for my new baby(cat)

    my favorite name that one of our kitties had was bruce lee. He was the wonder kittie
  8. nurseunderwater

    Good Wednesday morning 8/4

    Hey All! I have been insane and am slowly coming back up for air. All is well, calm and moving toward organization - sounds like some wierd new agie mantra, I know - but this is becoming a key issue for me as my life gets even busier. Kim - Get some rest sweetie...I hope you are better by the time you read this. Jnette- Hugs to you, you brave mama. Mine are still so young...it's heartwrenching to imagine. He is so covered though and so safe. Leslie - sending your sister and you all the love you need. Please be sure to take a deep breath now and again. Your life sounds so full. Fran - hey mama...thanks for the emails - i do read them...it's good to "see" you around! All I have not mentioned by name...HI! :wavey: wishing for peace in and through all of us as we make our ways through the complexities of our lives.... big xxx's and ooo's all aound. Kate
  9. nurseunderwater

    "I had an abortion" T-shirts

    Ditto....And I might just have the "ovaries" to wear one given the proper context.....pro-choice rally ect.
  10. nurseunderwater

    Friday July 23rd - Good Morning!

    you know what?? I just changed my avatar again and it *really* does look like me. kinda creepy. :)
  11. nurseunderwater

    Friday July 23rd - Good Morning!

    hey kim - so sorry to hear about the childcare drama...i feel you sista'. i swear the biggest pain in the a$$ around orientation and school is....you guessed it....childcare. but hey mama congratulations!! on kicking bootie on that nutrition exam! that rocks! and btw...i understand about the house and keeping it up and all, i really do. i had to let go a "little" bit though. i just can't do it all and still be a nice person to be around. we are trying an inclusive "group" clean on the weekend. when my shifts come up for weekends in a few weeks i don't know what will happen but for now it's working. by the way did i say that you rock! xxoo kate
  12. nurseunderwater

    Friday July 23rd - Good Morning!

    hey guys... Another day of orientation...whoo hoo! long story but it seems i have the longest orientation in the world. it's like groundhog day :) i think we may try to go to austin for the weekend and stay w/ some friends - not sure how many more weekends we have all is well here- just busy as all get out. love to all you guys- have a great weekend! xxoo Kate
  13. nurseunderwater

    Its Thursday July 22, 2004

    Hey Kimmers.....are you pg? :uhoh21:
  14. nurseunderwater

    Good Wednesday Morning - July 14th

    one word....autoclave...:) I am hardcore!
  15. nurseunderwater

    Good Wednesday Morning - July 14th

    :uhoh21: :rotfl: :imbar

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