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  1. Nurse Leigh

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Well, I'm adopted and both my mother (my real mom, the one who raised me) and I appreciate the decision my biological mother made but are also very pro choice.
  2. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    Ood! I feel like it's been AGES since I've seen you here! Yay!
  3. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    So if the bass boat is equipped with a cooler and seats that recline some that could make for a good day of fishing. I could deal with that.
  4. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    On a (more) serious note, I can't help but roll my eyes at the new posters who seem to think being a male in the nursing field will be a total anomaly or give them a huge advantage (or disadvantage depending on the poster's beliefs). I've enjoyed the vast majority of my nurse coworkers. Several were men. Most of those were married, and I do think they were maybe more comfortable with some "female issues" that make other guys feel awkward simply because of nursing education and working closely with other men and women who had a tendency to share. I admit I like to think those male coworkers were a little more evolved spouses because of nursing, so I guess I look at this stuff a little backwards. :beer: ETA: why does my beer emoticon appear as a smiley face? :confused:
  5. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    Yeah he could have a freaking harem. Lots of nurses in it, too.
  6. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    I'd go with trimming, no plucking or waxing. I once saw Mike Rowe's producer have some of his nose hairs waxed. OMG that had to HURT. *Now daydreaming about Mike who is all kinds of yummy manliness. And yes, you want the ladies to find you yummy. :p
  7. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    While an overly groomed man isn't really my thing, can I please make a plea here for men to do what it takes to have TWO eyebrows (symmetrical!) instead of a unibrow?
  8. Nurse Leigh

    Man Card

    Reminds me of the commercial where a guy accidentally uses his wife's feminine hygiene wash and goes all "manly" when she tells him what he used. Silly boys. :D Here we go.
  9. While I don't agree with several of his stances, I can certainly say he seems to be the most level headed GOP canidate left. He seems like an ok guy.
  10. I'm pretty darn liberal but most of my family are Republican. They seem to be a little fiscally conservative but more socially moderate. I'm betting a lot of them are doing some major eye rolling these days as they wonder what the heck has happened to the GOP. I think there are a lot of moderates out there but they seem to have little representation in the candidates these days.
  11. At least Boehner doesn't have those weird pale "raccoon eyes" Trump has. *shudder* I actually agree with a lot of Hilary's views and she is very intelligent. I just don't really care for her. I like BeRNie! He gets my vote. Though like a couple of you I also really like Joe Biden. And I will miss President Obama and his family. Every time Trump opens his mouth I am thankful our current leader is a class act. As is his family.
  12. Nurse Leigh

    Dirty minds!!!

    I don't know about you guys, but I was all sweet and innocent until I started coming here. (Oh crap - is my nose growing?)
  13. Nurse Leigh

    OMG This Actually Exists...

    Loving the responses. Clearly I need to get out more - I want to see this hairstyle in it's natural environment - where can I find some hipsters? :cat:
  14. Nurse Leigh

    OMG This Actually Exists...

    So I was browsing on Groupon and came across this gem. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20509[/ATTACH] Seriously? Do men really wear their hair in buns these days? Pretty sure a guy wearing this would be a "Deal Breaker" for me. (So if it is up your alley but have darker tresses, it is available in a darker shade.)
  15. Nurse Leigh

    The Happy Hour Weekend Thread!

    No olives...probably why I usually went for the Cosmo instead of a traditional martini (and one of my old haunts had a bartender who made the best cosmos...I think it was the Chambord (sp?)

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