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  1. itsmejuli

    What do you think about life ?

    At 49 I can finally say that I am exactly where I want to be. My kids are grown and gone, I'm single and I'm finally in a career that I like. I finally have no responsibilities except myself and I may have finally met a man who will be a great partner in my life. I recently relocated to a new city, I'm still trying to make friends. Once I figured out what I wanted I did the necessary steps to get there. It was a lot of work, financially and emotionally and it wasn't easy. Its not been an easy transition but overall I am very happy with my new life. I'm exactly where I want to be. If you would have asked me these questions at any other time in my life the answers would have been completely different
  2. itsmejuli

    Bicycle Commuting

    I'd love to be able to either walk or bike to work but its too far. But on my days off I rarely use my car. I recently relocated and decided I'd had enough of living in the suburbs. I now live in the inner city, I can walk, bike or get transit to where I want to be. Its great :) A tank of gas lasts me close to 3 weeks.
  3. itsmejuli

    My concience is beating me up....

    For some reason this quote comes to mind “Keep your friends close - hold your enemies closer”
  4. itsmejuli

    Yes, I am gay.

    I work in LTC, one day last week I worked with a gay male nurse and a male nurse who's a cross dresser outside of work. We all had a great day working together. I enjoy working with a diverse group of people. I don't know why some people feel a need to announce their sexual orientation, country of birth, religion or whatever. Who cares? Just do your job right.
  5. itsmejuli

    Has a man ever admitted to an emotional affair?

    Is this somehow nursing related?
  6. itsmejuli

    loneliness through the holidays

    I just finished up my 2 12s in LTC this weekend. My residents who are usually mildly agitated had increased agitation this weekend. I'm grateful that I had the time to spend with them holding hands, hugging and just giving them the extra attention they needed. I'm looking forward to Christmas Day at work. The staff have planned a pot luck dinner for ourselves, the residents who are staying in the facility will have lots of Christmas presents from donations and a fabulous Christmas dinner. Its going to be a fun, festive day :)
  7. itsmejuli

    loneliness through the holidays

    Christmas for me is not a happy time of year. For me its very lonely and even worse since my children have left the state and I have no family in the area. I'm very happy to be spending Christmas Day at work with my adopted family. :)
  8. itsmejuli

    How to get Kudos

    Having a hot flash, all I can think is :hdvwl:
  9. itsmejuli

    Predatory bank loans

    Buyer beware.
  10. itsmejuli

    Transition glasses

    They're useless in Florida.
  11. itsmejuli

    Arizona Immigration Law

    Arizona's new law, I'm sure, will be found unconstitutional. I think Arizona knew there would be a huge backlash with this new law. Passing this law got Arizona that attention it needs about the problems it is facing with illegal immigrants, the drug cartels and the violence they bring. The gov of Arizona is giving a huge slap in the face to the feds to wake up and do something more about these problems.
  12. itsmejuli

    Would a nurse look good in this car?

    Heck no...this nurse would look great in this http://www.egmcartech.com/2009/09/30/2010-nissan-altima-coupe-revealed-prices-start-22440/
  13. itsmejuli

    Would a nurse look good in this car?

    Ugh, I would have told them to give me a different care because I'd refuse to drive that.
  14. itsmejuli

    No big deal, I'm just dying, that's all

    maybe you have "squished toad flu"? I heard its a new virus going around.
  15. itsmejuli

    My two sons take advantage of me

    Give those boys direct consequences for their behavior. Take away the Xbox, the Wii or whatever else it is that they enjoy. Take the door off the bedroom, take away the stereo and tv. Be firm and stick to your rules and consequences. Enlist the help of the older siblings in keeping the young boys in line. Yeah, I raised boys too, they can be very trying. But its a matter of your will vs theirs.

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