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  1. itsmejuli

    What kind of house can you afford

    And don't forget to add in the costs of taxes, insurance and those unexpected maintenance bills.
  2. itsmejuli

    Just Write it Right!

    Ruby Vee, this is by far your best post ever! :yes:
  3. itsmejuli

    My son, from oxy abuse to heroin

    Well, truth be told, a mother is never done. The love for my son is never over and I always hope and pray for his recovery. We had a talk last night about his addiction and why he uses. It was probably the best talk we ever had. We talked about what triggers him to use and how to beat the triggers. I think this time he is ready to live clean, he doesn't want to lose everything again. To Bad Luck....I've already seen my son on total life support thanks to a TBI suffered during a fall when he was trying to break into a pharmacy. He was fortunate to survive without serious lifelong effects.
  4. itsmejuli

    Dating a family member's doctor

    After reading that I'm all creeped out. I'd be finding grandpa a new doctor. (shiver)
  5. itsmejuli

    My son, from oxy abuse to heroin

    I've learned to separate my son into two different people, the son I love and the addict I have no feelings for. I don't try to help him, those days are long gone. I learned that all my love, money, nagging, and cajoling was making no difference in him wanting to get clean. Like HM-8404 above, my son's drug addiction started when he was in junior high with marijuana. He moved on to harder drugs and drug dealing to support his habit. He got busted with little punishment and no rehab. During high school my life was a living nightmare, the State forced me to keep him in my home. The best thing that happened was when he moved thousands of miles away to start over. He was away from me and I was very happy. I'm glad he's still a few hundred miles away. I started this thread to let other people know that they're not alone in dealing with a child's drug addiction. We didn't fail in our parenting.
  6. itsmejuli

    My son, from oxy abuse to heroin

    It just makes sense, he can't get his hands on oxycontin so why not shoot up heroin. But oh yeah he can control it. Right now. Yeah, only once or twice a week he'll shoot that crap. And its not like he's never lost everything before, not like he's never lost his job, his home, lost his son. Look at him, he's an average 31 yr old IT geek, he doesn't look like an opiate addict. He's not homeless, yet. He's my son. He's married to a beautiful woman and they have a one year old daughter. She moved thousands of miles to be with him. I warned her before she married him. I told her of his addiction, I told her of his head injury incurred while trying to break into a pharmacy, I told her about him spending 6 months in jail for burglary. And still I console her and tell her not to wait to leave until its too late and the bills aren't paid. I tell her the truth, that his opiate addiction comes before anything or anyone else in his life. He's got a neurological problem, his opiate receptors are hungry...very hungry. Its a horrible hunger and one of these days its going to kill him. Suboxone doesn't help him, nothing does. Get free dear girl, your life is ahead of you. You don't want to deal with this addiction that only leads to heart ache, I've been there and I wiped my hands years ago....but it still hurts...he's my son. He's shooting heroin and I'm his mom and there's nothing I can do. I've been there before...for 4 years I tried to save him....and now only he can save himself...from the train wreck that's coming. I'm a nurse and the mom of a heroin addict.
  7. itsmejuli

    Weight Watchers

    First week weigh in and I'm down 2 lbs. Yippee!! I also feel better when I'm eating healthier choices. Revelation this week...I discovered S Pelegrino sparkling water and lime to have with my vodka.
  8. itsmejuli

    Weight Watchers

    As long as I faithfully do my grocery shopping I am good at sticking to WW. I've got loads of veggies and fruit and I made a yummy veg soup to snack on. I feel so much better when I'm not indulging in bread, butter and french fries. It takes a lot of effort for me to get groceries and cook. I live within walking distance of endless restaurants, pubs and coffee shops and bakeries and ..the list goes on and on. I think the novelty has worn off for awhile. I keep no junk food in my apartment....all I have is Kashi bars for 3 pts. Those usually do the trick for my sweet tooth.
  9. itsmejuli

    Weight Watchers

    WW is a life style and the only diet I've ever done. But...over the last 2 years I've been an eat, drink and be merry fool and managed to pack on some weight. I started my WW program a couple days ago and I'm going to stick with it. WW is great for really making you think about what you're putting in your mouth. But I can also budget my points to allow for going out for dinner and having some drinks. I plan to be 20lbs lighter by summer. I have some really nice clothes in my closet tht I can't get into.
  10. itsmejuli

    How did 2012 treat you?

    Its good to see you posting Ruby...I think we've all missed you. My year started out crap with me in the dumps and havign a difficult time in my new city, new job and ...winter. I left the job but looking back now I realize that I was in a funk and not thinking clearly. I'm now in a job that I like well enough but its not a union position. I've just turned 51 and really need a job with a pension. So my goal this year is to find a union position that I like. Now that I've been in this city almost 2 years I've a better understanding of the healthcare system and facilities. There are plenty of jobs for us LPNs here. I'm happy in this new city, I feel at home. I joined an active Meetup group so my social life is definately improving. too bad I'm gaining weight from having so much fun eating and imbibing. I discovered the magical powers of basking under 10,000 lux of light every morning. What a huge difference its made on my mood, I wish I'd figured out this seasonal affective disorder years ago. Goals for this year....drop that 20 lbs, find a new job with a pension plan and do some traveling....maybe find a decent man if I'm lucky.
  11. itsmejuli

    Family Issues

    Here's a website in which you will learn all about you and your relationships with men. I highly recommend you read, read, read and read some more. Baggage Reclaim by Natalie Lue Reclaim your life.
  12. itsmejuli

    Yes, I am gay.

    I work in LTC, one day last week I worked with a gay male nurse and a male nurse who's a cross dresser outside of work. We all had a great day working together. I enjoy working with a diverse group of people. I don't know why some people feel a need to announce their sexual orientation, country of birth, religion or whatever. Who cares? Just do your job right.
  13. itsmejuli

    Has a man ever admitted to an emotional affair?

    Is this somehow nursing related?
  14. itsmejuli

    loneliness through the holidays

    I just finished up my 2 12s in LTC this weekend. My residents who are usually mildly agitated had increased agitation this weekend. I'm grateful that I had the time to spend with them holding hands, hugging and just giving them the extra attention they needed. I'm looking forward to Christmas Day at work. The staff have planned a pot luck dinner for ourselves, the residents who are staying in the facility will have lots of Christmas presents from donations and a fabulous Christmas dinner. Its going to be a fun, festive day :)
  15. itsmejuli

    loneliness through the holidays

    Christmas for me is not a happy time of year. For me its very lonely and even worse since my children have left the state and I have no family in the area. I'm very happy to be spending Christmas Day at work with my adopted family. :)