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  1. hoolahan

    Need your input asap, please...

    I still have my yearbooks too, and my kids crack up at my old pics. There have been such mixed opinions. But I think I agree the focus is on the student not on the parent, so mabe the shakespeare or Ghandi quote then my own wishes. I may even just do my own thing. It's just that there is a deadline, and I know as soon as I turn it in, I will think of the perfect thing to say. I just want it to be...perfect, not in an anal way, but just so it makes him feel really good when he reads it. Thanks for all the input. I have to think on it a bit more. I'll check in in the am, after my eye drops clear. I have to see the retinal specialist about the potentially partial retinal detachment. It has been a difficult week in our house!
  2. hoolahan

    Need your input asap, please...

    I know lil girl, but it is very hard to summarize how you feel for your child in 4 lines or less. I figured, maybe some else has done it better already? I'm not too good with words really, and I want it to be special.
  3. hoolahan

    Need your input asap, please...

    I am going to submit a parent wish for my son in his yearbook. It can be about the size of a business card, 26-30 characters x 5 lines, depending on the font I choose. So, my first thought is...I am blank. How do you sum up for your child how proud you are of them in such a short ditty? I want it to be meaningful. So, I was thinking of chosing a good quote. But now I find I can't decide between a "mushier" type of quote, or some "advice for life" type of quote. Here are a few I liked in a very looooong search today, if you have one, feel free to suggest it. I need ideas by Monday at the latest... 1. "We know what we are, but we know not what we may be." Shakespeare 2. When I do good, I feel good, when I do bad, I feel bad, that is my religion." Abe Lincoln 3. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Ghandi (I am leaning toward this one for a "serious" choice.) 4. The only medicine for suffering, crime, and other woes of mankind is wisdom." Thomas Huxley (He was a famous anthropologist, anatomist, and coined the tern agnostic to describe his views of religion.) 5."Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." Anne Frank 6. "Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking outside of your body." Elizabeth Stone. (I am not sure who she is, but I like this, then I could add, something personal, like you are our heart and we are so proud of you.) 7. "Before you were concieved, I wanted you Before you were born, I loved you Before you were here but an hour, I would die for you This is the miracle of life." Maureen Hawkins I don't know who she is either, but I would add our own signature line, maybe like above. I just want it to be more than a simple we are proud of you, you know? And not too cheasy or trite. If it were your yearbook, and you had to see this forever, what you you like best? be honest. I think #7 may be too many characters, but I could use the last choice font and go 40 characters per line, then maybe it will work, but it will be squished and ugly. I prefer # 5,6,or 7, just because it is more emotional. Any suggestions? I have never had to do this for a yearbook before, the only other "ads" I have done for the kids were for danced recitals, and they were easy, snappy little lines based on the song or dance they did. And I have submitted their baby pics for yearbooks before, as a sneaky surprise. OK, enough rambling...HELP!!
  4. hoolahan

    The Deabate debate thread...

    I am voting for Kerry, and I did understand why Bush interpreted what Kerry said about going to war, and seeking a global consensus first. I am paraphrasing, but Kerry criticized Bush for deciding to act before NATO was in agreement (throw in some terms like pre-emptive strike, that I am not entirely sure what they mean really) and saying that was an error in Bushes judgement, etc... I think he was essentially drawing a comparison to the way Clinton operated, ie he had a wonderful rapport with other national leaders, while Bush was for a time even called cowboy by the French I think when we first went to war. You could see that Bush was very irritated by a lot of what Kerry said, it seems Kerry knew how to push his buttons, and he fired back very strongly, stating , again paraphrasing, I don't need to ask other nations for a permission slip to protect America!! While I was very pleased to see Kerry finally discussing issues and plans for how he expects to achieve certain things, he did come on the offensive immediately, very strongly, and I gasped, thinking, oh man, he's starting the shyte slinging, this is not gonna be good. But, I guess, he felt a little desperate to get a very strong message out there, the only accurate one, from his own lips. I did think it was decent of Kerry to finally acknowledge, when Bush said "I'd like to know how he thinks he can make all this happen" that he knows Bushes job is not easy, and he hasn't done it yet, etc... which Bush finally nodded his head in agreement, one of the only things they agreed on the whoile night. Bush had to come on a strong defensive for the war, and I think he skillfully evaded many direct questions, and spoke slowly until the green light came on, when he got to the real point he wanted to make whether relavant or irrelavant, and ended strongly with This country does not need a president who sends mixed messages. I think he over-used it a bit. Jo Anne, I don't think anyone has been overly disrespectful here. I have just seen people expressing their views and interpretations.
  5. hoolahan

    The Deabate debate thread...

    That and the "ideaology of hatred" and what was the other 3 part quip about the war, the war in the wrong time, wrong place, wrong...something. I watched guiliani and wondered if we heard the same debates! I think Kerry was very strong and did a good job in defending his so-called inconsistencies and mixed messages.
  6. hoolahan

    The Deabate debate thread...

    Who do you think, In your humble opinion, was the stronger debator? I personally loved finally hearing the issues, and hearing Kerry have the opportunity to defend some of the messages about mixed messages.
  7. hoolahan

    If This Doesn't Give Us A Reason To Vote, Nothing Will.

    Thanks for posting this Fran. I think when it comes to politics, and how "intense" this election is, we have all gotten a bit carried away with emotion in one thread or another. As to friendly resolutions, it seems many are kissing and making up here, and that is always a good thing. I can only speak for myself, but I have been very passionate about this election. One more point about the author of the article, even the quote I used, where she says they use it like Hitler to lure the young...well if she bothered to check her stats she would see it is the younger folks who have become a huge target for educating about the importance of voting, precisely because they have the lowest voter turnouts statistically. So, it sound even more like she is taling out of the hole in her lower anatome than ever! I saw Drew Barrymore on Bill Mahr last night (Yeah yeah, the evil Bill Mahr, and he had all democrats on his show last night, and it was the first time I felt like I had some real compadre who share my ideas, but I digress) and Drew was talking about how she has just made a documentary, which is showing on MTV, in order to educate younger people about why it is so important that they vote. I was so impressed with how much thought and soul she put into this non-partisan (supposedly-I haven't seen it yet) work, and with how well-spoken she is, I am ready to nominate her for President. This is how I know about the lower numbers for young voters, and she really broke down the stats in detail (all of which I can't recall now of course.) Better still, my husband said we should elect Oprah, wouldn't she ROCK as a president?? Stevie, thank you for your words too. I saw a great quote about tolerance last night, when doing a search for another reason, and that is when we have the best discussions here. But it is often not so easy to practice what we preach, and I put myself in the top of that list.
  8. hoolahan

    If This Doesn't Give Us A Reason To Vote, Nothing Will.

    "Watching John Kerry play the electric guitar on stage at a recent Democratic fundraiser reminded me of the time Bill Clinton donned sunglasses and played the saxophone on MTV. Like Hitler, they both knew that the key to their success was to capture the vote and support of the youth of America. Sorry, you lost me after this line. Two words come to mind...Drama Queen. This is over the top. Really really over the top. Edited to say, after reading more of the thread, I see that you did not write this drivle, so the Drama Queen comment is attributed to the author of the article, who I guess will remain anonymous?? Can you please post the source? Comparing our politicians, right OR left, to Hilter is the most outrageous, ridiculous, moronic thing I have ever heard in my entire life to date. Maybe Osama or Sadaam should be compared to Hitler, that would be a tad more appropriate. Remember, this is directed at the anonymous writer of these thoughts, not Fran, and it is MY personal opinion. Except for this... Just remember, as you are free to post what you find has value, be prepared to accept that others may not agree with it. And if you don't want to be held accountable for words that are not your own, please use quotes or cite the source.
  9. hoolahan

    Progress in Iraq

    Hmmmm, not what I read at the website of the soldiers there... http://www.optruth.com
  10. hoolahan

    New Survivor

    Did you check out Brooke's butt? Hoooooooot! I'm missing him already, but Mr. FBI will suffice!
  11. hoolahan

    Is the Kerry Campaign on the Ropes?

    OK, then I agree not to make this an anti-Bush post. I agree with you Kevin. Kerry is losing ground. He isn't even my choice for a president, but for me, the alternative is unacceptable, so he is getting my vote because my dog isn't running. I think a few things have hurt him. One, he decided it would be "taking the high road," to completely not acknowledge the swiftboat issues. This was probably, in hind sight, a big mistake. He should have nipped it right in the bud, now it has grown and grown, and invaded like a slow acting poison. Second, I don't believe one word anymore that comes out of a politician's mouth. What else was that guy going to say to his daughter about Bush's records?? Like she would say, "I asked my dad about it right away and he said, 'Oh yes, of course I pulled strings for influencial people'." That just wouldn't ever happen. Third, the Democrats suck at deflecting the spin. While Republicans have mastered this art. Why does it seem that Democrats are always having to face charges by the Rep's? Clinton and WhiteWater, then Monica. OK, there was Nixon, but that was the last time I remember such an effective attack on a Rep. Maybe I am wrong, and I would freely admit that because I have not been particularly saavy politically, but it does seem the Dems are always on the defensive. But I do think it is an effort by the Dems to fight fire with fire so-to-speak. I am getting depressed because the reality is Kerry is not a strong candidate, and in a time of war, people are afraid and will stay with the incumbant just for confort's sake. I am waiting to hear in the week before the elections that we will suddenly find Bin Laden. That would be all Bush needs to win in a landslide. Do I think they could possibly know where Osama is now and be keeping him concealed for such a purpose? It is low, but I wouldn't put it past any politician to do so. Now I am sounding like a nut, wait, let me get out my aluminum foil hat, I think the Rep's are sending aliens after me... (Just kidding!)
  12. hoolahan

    Best Avatar

    There are 2 that I have seen on the CRNA forum. The first one is curious George knocked out from an open jar of Ether, very cute, And the Bart Simpson with the Stethoscope. I used to love NurseDenny's, the one of Queen Elizabeth picking her nose.
  13. hoolahan

    Kitty Kelly's new book on GWB...

    The book is supposedly will be devastating to GWB. The Republican Spin Machine is already in motion. Kitty will be interviewed for 3 days in a row, next week I believe, my Matt Lauer on Today, also by Larry King, and Don Imus. Here is the info, my direct amazon link to the page won't work because I am cookied in, specific to my log in... Anyway, I expect she will be heralded as the next Michael Moore soon enough by his supporters. The Family by KITTY KELLEY Release Date: September 14, 2004 Not yet published From the Inside Flap They have wielded enormous financial power and dominated world politics for more than half a century. They have been appointed to positions of great power and have been elected as governors, congressmen, senators and presidents. They have shaped our past and, with our country at war under the http://www.amazon.com
  14. hoolahan

    Question for cat lovers

    Have you ever heard of the children's book "Six Dinner Syd?" That was my first cat. He had a regular routine. Eat at our house at 6am, over to Walt's, a really good deal on a fishing day, for some fish and fish heads, then over to Marie's by noon, when her sons came over for lunch, they let him in, fed him lunch, and after a 2 hour nap, Marie kicked him out. I'm not sure where he went after that, but then he came home by 6pm for dinner and a snooze, then out for prowling all night long til 6am again. I suspect my cat I have now, who adopted us the same exact way yours did, has a few stops, but he is a little more devoted. He comes just like a dog when I call him, and sometiimes he runs up to me just to greet me when I pull in the driveway, even if he isn't ready to come inside. He brings me birds, bunnies, and lots of mice, delivers them to my doorstep, so I think he's pretty faithful this one! Have fun with your kitty. The ones who adopt you are the sweetest ones.
  15. hoolahan

    John Kerry's Senate Record

    "If you're sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign." -George W. Bush "I think what's getting lost in this whole debate is this: Taking drugs is wrong." -George W. Bush [his answer to what the president should do about high prescription drug prices in the USA] "Mr. Vice President, in all due respect, it is--I'm not sure 80 percent of the people get the death tax. I know this: 100 percent will get it if I'm the president." -George W. Bush "It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." -George W. Bush "There ought to be limits to freedom." -George W. Bush I think this bonehead is way more scary.

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