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  1. Zen123

    help with grandma w dementia

    I'm sorry your mother is going thru this.. I believe when given a choice- suffering is Optional. Visit your mom and give het a big hug but make the visit short. It's painful knowing that your mom was mistreated as a child - now a grown Woman who decided to take on the task of taking care of her. We are all responsible for the Decisions we make- and you have to decide what's right for you. Be at peace with that decision and nevermind what everyone else has to say :)
  2. Zen123

    How to date your best friend?

    Been there done it..happily married to my best friend. Just sleep with him to find out. Got to start somewhere. Ahaha
  3. Zen123

    New diet plan

    Recently join a 24 hr gym. My fifth day working out and starting to feel the benefuts already. 25 min on the elliptical and then weights. I also bought a juicer. I watched recently the "gerson miracle" Adding juice to my diet. Today was kale juice day!
  4. Zen123

    Make up that stays on so i look "fresh"

    Go to sephora- i use hd forever or tarte liquid foundatio! Keeps me looking hot:)
  5. It all depends. :nurse: i have a dr. I see him regularly. And we're both married.:BDCk:
  6. Zen123

    Accelerated nursing/relationshp breakup

    Take a deep breath. One day at a time. Whatever happens let it be. Enjoy. Experience. Love. Just go with the flow. You'll be fine.