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  1. rdsxfnrn

    10 facts about yourself

    1. I was a gramdma at 40!:heartbeat 2. I drive a mercedes (used, paid 4) but my house is in foreclosure. 3. I love BEER! 4. I have 5 dogs. 5. My fav TV show is "Chopped" 6. I am addicted to Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz. 7. I graduated from nsg school at 45. 8. I went directly to school nsg, so I consider myself a new grad. 9. I dislike most holidays but I do like TODAY! :yeah: 10. I'm mostly Canadien French.
  2. rdsxfnrn

    need help for fly away hair

    thx, will try that also!
  3. rdsxfnrn

    need help for fly away hair

    went to store on break and bought the whole line. used the serum, seems to be working well. thanks so much for your help. one less headache!:heartbeat
  4. rdsxfnrn

    need help for fly away hair

    thank you! i will try it. :) :yeah:
  5. rdsxfnrn

    need help for fly away hair

    I know this is ridiculous, but I need some opinions, advice. I live in New England, where right now it is cold and yucky. For whatever reason, my hair is a staticky mess no matter what i do, put in it. I stand in front of the hair products and buy what I think will help but nothing does. Does anyone have any advice of what to buy, what worked for them? As I said I know this is ridiculous, but it IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! (and at this point, it is a very short drive :uhoh3:) Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. rdsxfnrn

    What does your username mean?

    red sox fan registered nurse!
  7. rdsxfnrn

    Your Hair ?

    hair color is dependent on mood while at store buying said item....................... right now a darker brown