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    Thank you all. I have done much thinking about this.
  2. rdsxfnrn


    I don't know what this is............. vent, rant, opinions, a plea for guidance?! I just know you fellow nurses have some pretty good advice so I am asking again. : ) My youngest son is 19. He graduated 1.5 years ago from a technical high school. So theoretically, he could just jump right into an apprenticeship. (in the appropriate field, which shall remain nameless) In this terrible economy, there are not any apprenticeships. They are a thing of the past. So he has been chugging along, doing part time work, and getting by. I have to admit here that I have been letting him slide on things because I know once you start full time work, the opportunity to glide along in life with someone else footing the bill comes around never. About 6 weeks ago I had some work done at my house. (in the same field as my son's) When the work was completed, I chatted with guy a bit. I asked him if they ever offered apprenticeships, jobs, etc where he worked. He kind of chuckled and just said a big fat nope. It was worth a try, right? He called me a week or so later and said "my boss ok'ed me to have an apprentice, I need him to start asap. That blew me away, and my son started. That was ~ a month ago. I thought things were ok, but my son came to me today and told me that things ARE TERRIBLE. Apparently this person is the preceptor from HELL. He expects my son to know things which he does not. He flips out and yells and throws tools on the floor when he gets upset. My son feels like a PO*. Something I thought was a miracle is turning into a train wreck. It is NOT HELPING AT ALL that my son get hit on the way to work last Monday. He can not drive his car, and has to be driven to work like a 5 y/o. It is also not helping that this is a car that my mom gave to him before she died earlier this year. Also not helping is the fact that my ex used to treat him like this............. oh my goodness, this is a mess. He fessed up to me today and I gave him a pep talk. He spent time studying today. I guess my question to all here is........... would you let this continue? Is my son a big baby that should just get his **** together? Am I an enabling mom that wants to shield her son from harm? I have lost perspective on this ............. hence the asking for help. Thanks for reading............. rdsxfn
  3. rdsxfnrn

    Mother just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

    I am here to hold your hand also. The best advice I can give you is spend the time you have together wisely. Live each day fully and have no regrets. Talk together, cry together, love each other.
  4. rdsxfnrn

    Dreading December

    Oh, you are not alone, trust me. Maybe we could all get together and have a big non Christmas party! : )
  5. rdsxfnrn

    When it's your own grandmother. . .

    I am chiming in to wish you good luck. I think you know in your head what you need to do, but your heart is telling you no. I was in a similar situation, and there is no easy answer. I will tell you that no matter what choice you make, you have to make peace with it.
  6. rdsxfnrn

    Reversal of Fortune

    So happy for you! : )
  7. rdsxfnrn

    Help with Acne

    Sorry, duplicate post. It was the computer, not me. I swear!
  8. rdsxfnrn

    Help with Acne

    No medical advice, BUT my son has the same issue, esp. on his back. He went to see a dermatologist and it is finally clearing up. She put him on an oral med and a topical. A previous derm didn't do jack, except charge us money. : )
  9. rdsxfnrn

    To AKY, with love

    Thank you for sharing that. Words on a piece of paper can never do justice to what the person was. xo,cc
  10. rdsxfnrn

    To AKY, with love

    AKY, Many prayers being said for you and SO. In the end , what more can we ask for then to die peacefully surrounded by loved ones? I am thinking about you. XO, cc
  11. rdsxfnrn

    What are you doing right now?

    I am at work, wondering how the heck I am going to get all this done. : )
  12. rdsxfnrn

    To AKY, with love

    Prayers coming your way. Indeed if you are tired it makes everything a lot worse. Try to take some time for yourself. Hard to do, I know. xo
  13. rdsxfnrn

    To AKY, with love

    Good Evening, I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking about you, as are many others. You always have a kind word and a shoulder for me when I need it. You are always there to give advice or share a laugh or two. Please know that even if you are physically by yourself, you are not alone. I (we) are walking this journey with you. I am unsure where we stand in this battle, but please know I am praying for you and SO. I was going to send a PM but I decided to make this public as I know many feel the same sentiment. Please share updates when you are able. xoxo, cc
  14. rdsxfnrn

    What are you doing right now?

    I am nursing a migraine, born of not sleeping last night. (also have an elevated temp) I hope to sleep all day tomorrow as I really need it. I have been less that nice today, which should have been my cue to pack up my toys and go home. But,nope, tried to stick it out. Sometimes I am not the brightest bulb in the box. : )
  15. rdsxfnrn

    How do you forgive people who hurt you?

    I am in the same boat as the OP. My sister did some awful things that caused me anxiety stress panic attacks, etc. So I told her how her actions had affected me and she told me to kiss her butt and NEVER speak to her again. Ok, no problem, made my life much easier except for that one little issue................ she has possession of my mother's ashes and she flat out refuses to share them with me, my sister, my kids nor my grandkids. I'm going to have to go to court............... she is holding my mother's body hostage to hurt me.Wth is wrong with people????? BTW, the pic is me my mom and her holding hands right before she died........... who knew?

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