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  1. whichone'spink

    The failure of Obamacare

    Progress all gone.
  2. Donald Trump only cares about himself. Not the country, not the people of this country, not the people that work for his companies, and I'm not sure about his own family.
  3. whichone'spink

    If the election was held today...

    It looks like it will be Clinton v. Trump. As much as I liked Bernie Sanders, he will not be the nominee. It's anyone but the fascist oompa loompah
  4. whichone'spink

    Prince died

    All these baby boomer musicians are bloody dying this year, and not necessarily due to their wild days of partying and drugs. David Bowie had cancer, Glenn Frey had complications from rheumatoid arthritis, Lemmy of Motorhead also had cancer, and now we hear Prince may have had the flu?! What a terrible year for music. And most of the musicians I like come from the baby boomer generation. RIP Prince. I'm going to download Purple Rain today.
  5. whichone'spink

    Who would you vote for if the election was held this week?

    Bernie Sanders. Just found out that Minnesota has open caucuses and I will definitely participate come March 1st, what pundits call Super Tuesday.
  6. whichone'spink

    Who Would Be Your Choice For President

    Bernie Sanders. In fact, I'm half tempted to change my affiliation from Independent to Democrat just to vote for him in the primaries. But for the general elections, if the conniving b**** Hillary wins, I'll do my best to not gag as I cast my vote for her.
  7. whichone'spink

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    This voice keeps whispering in my other ear, tells me I may never see you again. Peaceful Easy Feeling, Eagles. Out of the celebrity deaths this week, Glenn Frey's hit me the hardest. I like David Bowie's music, but the music of the Eagles really gets me in the heart.
  8. whichone'spink

    9/19 What I learned this week.....

    This week I learnt: -As much as I like having a lot of downtime between cases on weekends (I may have one case for a whole day and spend 9 hours finding something to do, and then 4 very busy cases that take up 9 hours the next day), I find myself getting anxious that my manager will pay a surprise visit and will cut back my hours. I am probably on the top of the pay scale in the whole department because of the weekend differentials, and I don't want to look like a drain on the department. -At the same time, I don't like floating to other floors. My old floor has become depressing, and the med-surg floors are even worse. I definitely don't miss doing direct patient care for 12+ hours every day. I like caring for patients in short bursts, and then sending them either home or back to the floor. -Hmmm, maybe I should change my hours, but not cut it back so much that i lose income. I don't want my manager to be the one to dictate my new hours though. Alright enough of that. -I also learnt this week I might be out of my league in the DNP program I am attending. There are a lot of people way smarter than me, and very successful in nursing informatics already. I don't know if I can do this. I've been trying to get an informatics job for almost a year now, and I am going absolutely nowhere. And I feel like I am not going to be able to complete the DNP degree if I can't find a relevant project to complete. I should probably quit the program until I can get into the field.
  9. whichone'spink

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    This week I learnt how much I miss public transportation. I used to live in the Bay Area, which I would say has the best public transportation system in the US, although New Yorkers may disagree. I remember taking the BART to go to San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and other places. I would just listen to my iPod, and enjoy the ride. I also did more than my fair share of walking, and wish to get back to that. I went to Minneapolis for orientation for the DNP program at U of M. I think I want to move there eventually.
  10. whichone'spink

    What Would You Do?

    I hope to get out of the country, and living in the third world country that my parents emigrated from years ago. I wouldn't feel safe if SHTF in the US. Plenty of crazy people here would kill me just because I'm brown skinned. At least where my parents came from, people are used to living day to day with not very many comforts, and I can blend in easier. I have no loyalty to my place of employment. Hospitals and nursing homes will not be able to function anyway. I would feel bad for my patients, but death would be merciful instead of living in a first world country suddenly now a third world country.
  11. whichone'spink

    What do single nurses do on their days off?

    Now studying for the GRE.
  12. whichone'spink

    What song describes how you're feeling now?

  13. whichone'spink

    North Korea

    It's like the build up to the Iraq war. I really don't like deja vu. This country's going to hell in a hand basket, and all our leaders care about is bread and circuses.
  14. whichone'spink

    Charlie Brown/Peanuts Gang too mean for kids today?

    I want to see a picture of it.
  15. whichone'spink

    Shark Falls from Sky onto Golf Course

    Hopefully, millions of dollars. I could help pay my Mom's mortgage and pay cash for a damn good house in a damn good neighborhood.

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