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  1. dscrn

    Healtcare Proxy as per Dr Oz,,,

    Thanks...as they say, everything old is new again. I know lots of people are AWARE. of the proxy---how many of us have acted?
  2. dscrn

    Healtcare Proxy as per Dr Oz,,,

    Did anyone catch Tuesday Nov1 Dr Oz show, that dealt with a patient's right to die? Interesting show-a topic that no one really wants to deal with. Showed both sides of issue,,,and a the end of show, he implored the audience to download the Healthcare Proxy form that he has on his site.. I'll admit, have not as yet, but really going to check it out. Years ago, my Dad underwent a bka for a failed thrombo lysis. He rehabed fantastically well-disch from rehab after 2 months-and walked remarkably well . One of the papers in his disch package was a healthcare proxy form. I literally almost had to sit on him to get him to fill it out ( he was a "snowbird", and had been in Florida when the lysis failed) We were over a thousand miles away, and he had difficulty talking on the phone due to hearing aid) Anyhoo, we flew him home for amputation and rehab. He was chomping at the bit to return to FL-which he did the following Fall-with the promise to carry the healthcare proxy with him if he ever needed to return to hospital. Sadly, he was admitted less than a month later-and IT WAS BECAUSE HE HAD FILLED OUT THE FORM THAT HE WAS NOT PLACED ON A VENTILATOR, when he coded during his stay. It was horribly sad to lose my Father, but I felt that his wishes had been kept-he was a fiercly independent man What are your thoughts?:down:
  3. dscrn

    Quotes about "Love"

    "Love isn't something that you make...it's something that you do." Garth Brookes
  4. dscrn

    geting free stuff with Coupons

    Honestly, the people on these shows are in the rare minority,,,no store by me would give you anything over the dollar amt of the coupon,..If people are donating items that they get for free that's a great thing. In reality, most of the loot that they haul home is not very healtyh...sugary cereal, soda, snacks with no nutritional value, candy, pasta,.... I do use coupons for items that I need, and won't spoil-mostly paper products, laundry supplies..HABA.
  5. dscrn

    China toddler, no Good Samaritan law...

    And China is considered the world leader??
  6. dscrn

    China toddler, no Good Samaritan law...

  7. dscrn

    Shot or not?

    I am really on the fence about this...have a screded up immune system, that only selectivly developes immunity to vaccines *(after Pneumovax, only converted to 4 of the 14 subtypes)..Unfortunatly, my system goes haywire, and I DO get sick following vaccines (it's not the vaccine, but the way your immune system reacts to it, that confers ummunity) On the other hand, I am expecting a new grandbaby, and I would not want to spread the flu, if there's a chance. I know that I am going to bit the bullet, and get the shot hope I convert...though this year, I have heard that the vaccine is only effective in 57 per cent of the general population...
  8. Honesly, I find the whole matter disgusting. BEATING ANYONE WITH A BELT IS WRONG!! A disabled individual?? Was she not leaving the house at any point>...and did NOBODY ever notice bruising? PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN FROM SITE!!!
  9. dscrn

    medical shows today...relatable or rediculous?

    Loved ER...Like Private Practice-but, in reality, NOBODY could spensd so much time in "clinches":jester:
  10. dscrn

    What does your username mean?

    my cat's name is JoantheCat:clown:
  11. dscrn

    Near death experiences partially explained by CO2 levels

    if hypercapnia was the real culprit, wouldn;t the millions of individuals with respiratory disease experience the same effects...on a regular basis?
  12. dscrn

    Arizona Immigration Law

    well, they wanted to run their plantations...but they also felt that they legally ownedhuman beings...because they had bought them, like livestock
  13. dscrn

    Arizona Immigration Law

    and I have a friend who became quite ill while on vacation in Mexico (dehydration in a Type ! diabetic) and was hospitalized. She was not allowed to leave hsp until she provded a credit card to cover a costly billthat included a several days in "ICU"-laughable by American standards
  14. dscrn

    Arizona Immigration Law

    Seasonal work visas...why not-then we'll have produce companies claiming that they;ll go broke paying them
  15. dscrn

    Arizona Immigration Law

    While this article is pertaining to Mexican illegals, please remember that this is not the only country frome whence illegals arise. There is a small airline that specializes on returning illegals to South America, Hondourous-at many thousands of dollars per trip. We used to get a fair amt of pts come into L and D and deliver just days after arriving in the US...

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