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  1. mandamoe02

    "Cash for Clunkers" good news to automakers.....

    Its great that cars are selling again but the regulation on the program is questionable. Why can someone trade in an SUV on a new one? Shouldn't there be some regulation on the size of the new car. It is more efficient now but in a few years gas efficiency naturally falls on a car and we will be no better off.
  2. mandamoe02

    Obamacare Failing? It's the GOP's Fault

    "I blame Bush. :D " I agree
  3. Why not just come out and tell him how you feel? Sometimes we see things the way we want to and not for what they are. I suggest sitting down with him telling him what you said in your post and seeing how he takes it. That should help guide your course of action counseling etc.
  4. mandamoe02

    Female Doc Hitting On Me??

    Just be careful if it doesn't work out it might be a bit dramatic.
  5. mandamoe02

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    Can't help but agree with your mom!
  6. mandamoe02

    Graduation Day---Again!

    Congrats! That is a very exciting time!
  7. mandamoe02

    Helping the 5 year old with homework...

    Maybe someone in your family might be able to help? A niece or nephew by chance?