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tokmom has 30 years experience and specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff.

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  1. We are global bullies and always have been.
  2. Mickey freakin' Mouse
  3. tokmom

    What Would You Do?

    I live and work in the country, so therefore I would clock out for good, stock up on stuff in the clean utility and snag a horse on the way out of town to my family.
  4. tokmom

    What is to be done about Iraq?

    Having lived in the Middle East for close to 3 years (Iran), and left when the Shah fell, even a teenager like me figured out that there was no way that the United States could ever win "anything" in the Middle East, because the vast majority are uneducated. Many cannot read and write, so therefore are under the influence of what is fed to them by extremists. Like someone else said, they have been brutally killing each other since time began, so how are we going to change that mentality, and believe me, it exists. Who I feel for are the people who want a democratic way of life, much like the Western world. I worry for the families whose lives have been torn apart and may have lost everything. I'm also ashamed for the mess we left behind. I almost feel responsible for going in and cleaning it up, however, as I just said, it would be short term anyway, and we would constantly be battling terrorists and losing American lives. I lost a dad in Vietnam, another debacle. I don't want to see Iraq turn into a Vietnam.
  5. tokmom

    There goes the ballgame...

    Guilty here as well. If I can't get the MD to understand that I'm not an idiot, I too will let loose with the terminology. It cuts to the chase, IMO. Another thing I have done is write RN after my name on certain papers or when writing a check. No, I'm not impressed with myself, lol. I'm just always in work mode.
  6. tokmom

    Your page had 2,595 visits so far.

    5420. Hard to believe that many people would care to take a peek at me.
  7. tokmom

    Stethoscope charm made with med vial and IV tubing?

    I have no clue, but I like the locker idea. If you find out can you post it?
  8. tokmom

    Am I weird for enjoying swings and trampolines?

    Nope, I love playgrounds!!
  9. tokmom

    In a panic

    Can you work with the hospital for a payment plan? What about medicaid, medicare or any social services? I would think if he isn't working and you have no real income that you would qualify. (((hugs)))
  10. tokmom

    what is in your locker?

    I would kill for a large locker, I'm jealous! We have those tiny box ones that are probably 12x12 and that's not feet, lol.
  11. tokmom

    what is in your locker?

    Some of you must have big lockers! I have a cup of pens, pencils, clipboard, various feminine hygiene products, my vocera, pocket thingy that holds more pens, alcohol swabs, flushes, scissors, hemostats. A few saline flushes that will be used with the next shift, tea, hot tamale candies, lifesavers, toothbrush, paste and dental wax. On the inside door I have pictures of my kids.
  12. tokmom

    Snarky posts

    Well, I guess you need to befriend all the AN posters who also post on FB.:lol2:
  13. tokmom

    Snarky posts

    That's exactly why I don't always post my questions or frustrations. Once I posted a quote about nurses that I found on FB. I liked it and thought I would share. Wrong choice to make. I was told it had been posted on AN before, it was something that was worn thin on FB (sorry, not friends with everyone on FB, so I had no clue)..The list went on and on. Ironically, a popular poster, posted the same exact quote a couple of weeks later and other posters were all over it, saying how wonderful it was etc.. Lesson learned on that one.
  14. tokmom

    Lifestyle as a nurse?

    I make an ok living. Not rich, not poor, just somewhere in between.
  15. I take it you are talking about a bouncing baby boy? Congrats!:yeah::yelclap: