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  1. mindlor

    Can Dogs Handle a Nomadic Lifestyle?

    dogs are nomadic by nature, its in their dna
  2. mindlor

    I am fed up with my life, marriage and everything:(

    Hey Boston!! We have a lot in common brother....I have walked down your current path...twice.... Its hard... I wish you joy and happiness.... Sounds like you are making all the right moves :)
  3. mindlor

    Mindlor, this is for you

    I feel honored, thank you
  4. mindlor

    It's Breast Cancer

    Grrrrrrrrr I really really hate cancer. I am hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for you Ruby!!! Love Ya!!
  5. mindlor

    Got good advice but too late.....

    Spot on advice I thank you !!!
  6. mindlor

    Got good advice but too late.....

    Have you ever felt that way? Most of the time when I get home from work I am just AMPED. Takes me forever to wind down once I get home.......
  7. mindlor

    Got good advice but too late.....

    Well actually I made several posts over on the general nursing forum that could have been better polished....... I had worked a crazy 12 and adrenaline was coursing through my body lol. I should have hit thr weight room rather than allnurses that night LOL......
  8. mindlor

    Got good advice but too late.....

    I forgot to use my charm lol
  9. mindlor

    I am fed up with my life, marriage and everything:(

    People down play the importance of a healthy sexual relationship. A marriage without sex is a dead marriage. Talk to your husband.......did you have sex more frequently when you were dating? My best advice is to see a therapist that specializes in sexual dysfunction.
  10. mindlor

    Did you keep up with your nursing school classmates?

    I had hoped to but it is becoming obvious that it wont happen.....
  11. mindlor

    Got good advice but too late.....

    My Horoscope for 4/14: Looks like the stars slipped an extra slice of sassy into your sandwich today. It's a good thing you've added a heaping helping of your special charm to make it all go down easy. Wish I had gotten that advice a few days ago LOL!!!!
  12. mindlor

    Nurse with bad ethics

    I am sorry, but this cant really be true can it? OP pulling our leg?
  13. mindlor

    Night Nurse Marital Strife >:-(

    You will have to change shifts/jobs or get rid of him......or he you as the case may be. Absentee marriages dont work so well unless you are ok with sex outside of marriage.....
  14. mindlor

    Church of Christian Science nurses

    With all due respect you must not be devout.....the Pope would not be happy.....;
  15. mindlor

    The Story of a Warrior

    Very inspirational stuff here folks. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/crippling-disease-did-not-deter-his-quest-for-college-degree/1205644