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  1. I have dealt with elitist folk like you before....money says you are European yes? At any rate, I really do have better thigs to do so I am signing off this thread....maybe if i am lucky I will have the extraordinary honor of studying under you someday.....
  2. mindlor

    The short life and long tortured death of Laura Cummings

    This is why we have the death penalty folks......
  3. Shot through the head most likely meant a rapid decline in his health status :(
  4. That is the thing, its whack-a-mole, for each one we knock down another will pop back up
  5. As I think more on this, perhaps even a better outcome would have been for bin laden to move to a more moderate stance and to renounce radical Islam. As I recall, a pivotal figure in Christianity was the Apostle Paul.... Paul was once known as Saul and he was basically a radical terrorist who killed many Christians. After a conversion experience he went on to become the most prolific Christian evangelist arguably of all time...... So can people change and make ammends....yes.....was it likely in the case of bin laden, probably not but it would have been a better scenario I think..... A picture of him weeping at ground zero and asking for forgiveness......and then the American people forgiving him would have been a stark message for the world..... I believe that bin laden was deluded and actually thought he was doing the right thing, just as Saul of Tarsus thought he was righteous in his endeavors. I long for the day when there are no radicals or extremists on either side and all peoples of the world can live in harmony..... But for now I am off to my lunch with Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy :)
  6. Same here.... I am glad he is dead but I am certainly not skipping through the street with my flag draped around me.... There is a lot of work to do and a lot of questions, first and foremost.... Why was he living in the burbs of the capital of Pakistan in a plush mansion.... Am I supposed to believe the folks in charge in Pakistan did not know of this? I think its time to stop giving Pakistan the 1.5 billion/year in foreign aide they have been enjoying.....
  7. Wow!! Such intelligence....I am obviously way out of my league. I will let you smart people sort it all out while I am busy doing the work on the ground.... Peace
  8. dude, I just want to hear you say that a fat person will not benefit from eating fewer calories and exercising more.... no more fancy words....do you believe that or don't you? I will agree that in many cases the BMI is not cool, but it is what we use especially in the military here in the USA..... If I have an obese patient sitting on their arse shoveling in 5000 Calories a day watching TV all day my primary intervention is to get them moving and get that basal metabolic rate on the rise....(light the flame) Once that flame is lit then we can start buring some fat.... Then I will lower their intake using a BALANCED diet...... They will begin to lose weight..... Then I will begin with the psychosocial interactions.....why are they over eating etc etc.......most fat people are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little, there are a FEW who suffer genetically..... So while people are doing research, which is great, I have people dying, getting limbs amputated and going blind.....they dont have time to wait...we have to get the weight off of them.... If we cant agree on that then I dunno dude....
  9. Whilst all this research is ongoing, less food in the pie hole and more exercise will help :)
  10. mindlor

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    I could write many things, but my one desire to acheive before I die is to find true love..... have not yet.... Maybe someday....
  11. One thing I know is that to become a nurse, one must be very intelligent. That said, I think further rambling from me is not needed We all know what we must do :) Peace
  12. I point back to the science. The reasons for obesity in this world is, Imbalanced Nutrition: intake exceeds body requirement. I can cite a lot of scientific evidence, studies etc if you really cant accept what I am saying.....
  13. Hmmm well, back to A&P I if one burns more Calories than they consume, they will lose weight (in about 99 percent of the cases) It really is just exactly that simple. Now its time for my opinion.... I am currently in nursing school....they allow smoking in front of the building which sits on the main road for all passersby to see. The clubs, to raise money sell high calorie baked goods. Many many students are not only a little pudgy, but morbidly overweight. I am talking xfer x 4 at the minimum......BMI's well into the 40's... To me, a nurse who does not ATTEMPT to care for themselves is going to have a hard time caring for patients as the patient is not going to respect the smoking overweight nurse that tells them to quit smoking and lose weight. I feel that it is contingent upon nurses to practice what they preach if they wish to establish trusting relationships with their clients. Yes, there are glandular issues that make weight loss nearly impossible but those are rare. In my eyes there is no excuse for the smoking part.... Just my two cents.....lol on a 8 year old thread :)
  14. mindlor

    Nurses dating Doctors

    My personal strategy.... Forget marriage.....resuce a cat from the pound.... Make some really good human friends that I can depend on.... And call it a life....
  15. mindlor

    Nurses dating Doctors

    Yo, If I can find a doctor babe that likes short dumpy guys with a beer belly and a coat of hair a bear would be jealous of, I would date her in a heart beat

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