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Irish RN down under!

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  1. K+MgSO4

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    I fly super long haul Melbourne to Dublin. To the woman who demanded an extra leg room seat when she was 4ft 11 claiming she had a bad back and throwing a tantrum when she was refused a exit row seat due to her bad back. To the woman who was cut off from alcohol don't scream about it for 2hrs. Please don't answer the is there a nurse or doctor aboard call if you are a psych nurse with a complete undergraduate degree in mental health nursing, sorry but not helpful in an acute surgical situation. When the doctors and nurses recommended that your parent fly business class due to a stroke please listen. It was not enjoyable having your dad grab my head everytime you walked to the bathroom and proceeds to aspirate on thin fluids and list to the side. Buy travel insurance!!!!
  2. K+MgSO4

    Gel nails and nail polish

    Its called change. It happens everywhere.
  3. K+MgSO4

    'Bouncing breasts harassment nurse struck off

    This is not lateral sexual harassment - he was in a position of power as the ward manager where he chose newly qualified nurses or other junior nurses. Having worked in hotels /bars for my teenage years and throughout uni I would of had no issue bending a couple of fingers back in he came near me - also thanks to my upbringing where my father taught me that I should defend myself (all very easy when you hit 6ft at 15!). I was discussing a similar issue with some colleagues where a similar thing happened on a much more senior level Third woman comes forward with allegations against lord mayor Robert Doyle here in Australia recently.
  4. K+MgSO4

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    O dear o dear! Did you have a kind and compassionate father figure growing up? This sounds like you are experiencing kindness from a male figure for the first time and have no measure which to hold it against? Learn how to deal with this lack in your life through counselling and find a kind guy your age, who is single!!!
  5. K+MgSO4

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    I've been head hunted via LinkedIn. Didn't apply for the job as I got a better offer at the facility I was working at.
  6. K+MgSO4

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    Thanks, I really hate the fact that my whole organization is aware of this toxic environment that is in one area and nobody knows how to fix it.
  7. K+MgSO4

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    2 nurses I know have died, 1 from cancer at the age of 30 leaving her 2 year old daughter behind and another from suicide that may of been partly because of a toxic work environment.
  8. K+MgSO4

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    There are some other awesome 90s bbc comedies. Only fools and horses, Fawlty Towers, birds of a feather, the vicar of Dibly.
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  10. K+MgSO4

    The Technological Hermit

    don't worry, I'm 29 and I am constantly teased about my A4 diary that I use at work - Since moving into the NUM role I have lots of meetings - if someone emails me a meeting request I respond however the diary comes to the meeting for notes where other NUMs twice my age are taking notes on tablets I am scribbling wither on a hard copy o the meeting agenda or in my diary. My new year resolution was to embrace the technology at work - it is slowly working - one thing I did was get a second screen to cut down on printing and it is forcing me to change work habits. However I no longer have to get off my bum and walk to the printer anymore where am I going to get the incidental exercise now :)?
  11. It is make believe. If people think what they see on Glee is true representation of nursing without any further investigation good luck to them. These are not people that want to be nurses or if they think they do they will soon discover the truth.
  12. K+MgSO4

    Proud to Be Pale...or I will Be Anyway

    its amazing how much melanoma I see in in my older country patients here in Australia. people my age are very aware of the "slip, slap, slop" and the hole in the ozone. But a lot of farmers are missing parts of ears, excisions from the back of neck, nose etc. Thankfully my pale Irish skin means as soon as the sun starts shining I have a wide brimmed hat and factor 30 on!
  13. K+MgSO4

    Do You Have Any Ugly Scars On Your Body?

    I have a big dent in my left knee from falling off a bike on a gravel road when I was about 12, then about 4 years later I literally missed the bus! I was running down the road and took a flying leap and cut my knee on the step. No broken bones but definalty some damage as my knee ceases in the cold. On my chest is a 1 inch scar that is from an incision and drainage of an abcess from the chicken pox when I was 6. It had to be packed as there was a lot of damaged tissue around it. As my dad says I don't get sick often but when I do I do it right! Last time I was sick I ended up in the ED with dehydration as I had been febrile for 2 days. My flatemate had gone away for the weekend and came back on Sunday to find me passed out on the couch. I cant just get a cold I get swine flu! Or the time I was babysitting and slipped on a rug on a polished wooden floor and broke my ankle! Still haven't told Dad that I have skydived and SCUBA dived. Mind you I went down with a faulty tank and almost died............
  14. K+MgSO4

    Did you keep up with your nursing school classmates?

    Seeing that I studied in Ireland and live in Australia suprisingly yes! One is in the same city as me. the twins that I studied with are in New Zealand and I have met up with them in NZ/Ozzie/Ireland. I house shared with one after uni - still close to her. One is currently in Africa and I email and ring her alot before she went out there (power and internet are a problem)
  15. K+MgSO4

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    going to see aunts in new york & seattle and an old flatmate who was like a brother to me in california. wow, i want to see the northern lights also, what is the proper way?? not when i am up a mountain chasing sheep and getting eaten alive by midges! think northern canada is good to see them. might do it when i move home. to see the southern lights you need to go on an antarctica cruise and i haven't won the lottery so.....