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  1. K+MgSO4

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    going to see aunts in new york & seattle and an old flatmate who was like a brother to me in california. wow, i want to see the northern lights also, what is the proper way?? not when i am up a mountain chasing sheep and getting eaten alive by midges! think northern canada is good to see them. might do it when i move home. to see the southern lights you need to go on an antarctica cruise and i haven't won the lottery so.....
  2. K+MgSO4

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    I have achived some of the things on my bucket list. Skydiving, SCUBA certified, promotion, going blonde (for 3 years!), moving to Australia, living my own life (mum was sick from when I was 7 till she died when I was 15 so as the oldest I didn't do things other kids did) BUT what I still want to do is 1. fall in love (never been truly in love - like but never love) 2. loose weight (lost 6kg so far) 3. see Tasmania (summer when it is warm!) 4. See America (tickets booked for Oct!) 5. Convince my brother and Dad to come visit me 6. Learn how to apply make-up properly 7. Get up early on my days off (I LOVE my bed!) 8. See the Northern Lights properly (you can kinda see them from home (NW Ireland) 9. get a dog. 10. expand my herb garden next spring (Living in Oz) 11. Drive a fire engine down a street at full speed with lights and sirens!
  3. K+MgSO4

    Job is going to be on undercover boss...

    sweet! I read it as it was planned for the future not already happened!
  4. K+MgSO4

    Job is going to be on undercover boss...

    Correct me if I am wrong but what is the point in tell the staff that they are going to be on Undercover Boss? I thought the title suggested that it was a secret!
  5. K+MgSO4

    Homosexuals and Organ Donation

    Yeah it does.................I was born in the UK in 85 and moved to Ireland when I was 7 (1992) I CANNOT donate in Ireland. Yet I can drive 45 min across the border to donate in Northern Ireland. And If there is a multi trauma in a border region.............. the other side often sends blood. Go figure! Also have you heard of the scandel in the 80s in Ireland when many women were infected with hepatitis C and HIV following transfusion with human Anti D imunoglobulin who were Rh- and gave birth to Rh+ babies to protect further children from haemolytic disease of the fetus. see http://positiveaction.ie/history.html Also have a look at the Irish blood transfusion board website http://www.giveblood.ie/Become_a_Donor/Give_Blood/FAQs/FAQs.html http://www.giveblood.ie/Become_a_Donor/Keeping_Blood_Safe/Safety/
  6. K+MgSO4

    Anyone joined Curves for Women?

    Yeah I am doing Curves Smart and it really is pushing me. My place is also running a "Boot Camp" for summer (In Australia Jan -Mar) It is hellish! lots of floor work instead of the recovery stations such as crunches planks criss cross legs etc. I HURT! today but it is going well. Really hard for me to loose weight with my PCOS but averaging about 1.5 kg per month and 8 cm.
  7. The hospital that I work in all medical patients admitted over the age of 70 with co-morbidities have their resus status discussed in ED with a registrar. Most agree that they would not want CPR but would like everything else done for them. It is reviewed once a week (I think) and it does not by any means mean do not treat but simply the pt and their family are in agreement with the clinicians about how aggressive we will be. We have a MET (Medical Emergency Team) and if the pt has a life limiting illness, MET call criteria is also discussed. If decided that a pt is not for MET calls either they may or may not be referred to community palliative care and in hospital palliative care. I seriously wish some of the surgeons were as sensible! Honestly...........a laparotomy on a 90 y/o woman got her past the first 24 hr and then she just deteriorated and it was a push from the nursing staff that got the surgeons to discuss resus status with the family. But lets draw dozens of bloods, transfuse, CT and x ray the life out of her and not let her be comfortable at all but constantly poke and prod at her.

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