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  1. tntrn

    What was the last wish you made?

    That the small cell lung ca my Dad just got was wrong. It's not. So my current wish is that chemo, which starts on Tuesday, will be helpful......that and that I and my sisters didn't all live in states far away from him.
  2. tntrn

    Obama asks EPA to back off draft ozone standard

    I am sure that's part of it but about 6 or 7 years ago, when the economy wasn't all that bad, we inquired about solar panels. Retrofitting a house half the size we have would have cost close to $30,000 and there would be no financial benefit for about 25 years. That was the information given by the company. Now, I ask ya, what is the incentive there?
  3. tntrn

    Obama asks EPA to back off draft ozone standard

    Hear, hear! And just this week, I heard that there are 4 green energy companies, some making solar panels, that have declared bankruptcy in the past few months.... 3 in the past few days. Three (don't know if they are the same three) are companies where Obama gave a RAH-RAH speech. People just cannot afford it and just because you build it, doesn't mean people will come, er, I mean, buy it.
  4. tntrn

    What are you doing right now?

    Watching the cat who just got trapped in a cage.....This cat is feral, uses the soil next to our back door as a toilet. This cat is also huge! Bigger than my 10 week old puppy right now.
  5. tntrn


    Unions are a big part of the problem. Even whilethe economy tanks, and budget are cut, they insist on their raises, increased bennies, etc. A local school district is almost holding the kids and parents hostage of a contract dispute. The state cut funding 1.9% and yet the teachers are holding out for a 3% raise. Where do they think that is coming from? Many of the parents in this district probably are unemployed, and the teachers (who get MANY days off during the year for "planning") are not happy to keep what they already have? This is unreasonable.
  6. tntrn

    Polygamist pedophile in critical condition

    Maybe they can't say because of privacy? Now there's joke. But at least we know he didn't just slip into a coma.....Why they want to make it easy for him is beyond me.
  7. tntrn

    Polygamist pedophile in critical condition

    AP source: Warren Jeffs in medically induced coma | ajc.com
  8. tntrn

    Has 'Dancing With the Stars' Lost Its Luster?

    Well, I can tell you that the numbers will increase dramatically until Hope wins or is voted off. ALL soccer fans are going to be glued to the set. Even my lesbian daughter......:lol2:
  9. tntrn

    Polygamist pedophile in critical condition

    I heard it was an induced coma.
  10. tntrn

    What are you doing right now?

    Well, I WAS trying to disconnect my thumb and forefinger from each other (Insta-Glue mishap) and now that I have, I am telling you all about it. lol
  11. tntrn

    Polygamist pedophile in critical condition

    He and the Lockerbie bomber can be lumped into the same can of worms.
  12. My favorite place, almost as you describe is The Wild Rose in Orting, WA. Not a bed and breakfast, but their second floor has bedrooms, kitchen, bath and they hold retreats, where you come and sew. And if you need supplies, even in the middle of the night, you can go downstairs and shop! The Wild Rose Quilt Shop & Retreat of Orting, Washington is nestled at the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Our Shop as a unique collection of fabric, kits, classes, books & patterns.

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