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  1. TweetiePieRN

    Funny license plates

    PRIAPSM Priapism....check out the definition. I saw this on a fancy sports car with a man driving it.
  2. TweetiePieRN

    Your Ideal Job is a Pole Dancer

    Hurray! I am a jungle explorer and hubby is a Second-hand car salesman!!
  3. TweetiePieRN

    What Is In Your Shower?

    On the 2 tier shelf I have 2 bars of soap, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, foot callus-scrubber-cheese-grater-looking thing, long handled back scrubber. On the wall I have a shampoo/conditioner/shower gel dispenser On another shelf I have two half empty bottles shampoo. One bottle of Neutrogena body wash, tube of Neutrogena cream face cleanser. Of course I also have a "pouf scrubbie". :)
  4. TweetiePieRN

    Know Of Any Wierd/goofy Brand Names?

    There is a store in a nearby town called The Master Baiter. It's a bait shop.
  5. TweetiePieRN

    Got any Pet Names? (not animals) Please share :)

    Hubby and I call eachother Bubber also ! :)
  6. TweetiePieRN

    Got any Pet Names? (not animals) Please share :)

    That is so funny! My hubby will create a nickname then it morphs into totally different names over time. He used to call me Bobba, then Bubba, then Bubba-booey, then Bubbers, then bubbums, bubbarone, and finally bubbummawitz. Geez, I can't believe it has turned into so many names. I guess it took writing it down to realize how the names really have morphed! Yes, it does sound wierd when he actually calls me by my real name.
  7. TweetiePieRN

    CURVES workout? Does it work?

    I signed up with Curves. I start my 1st workout on Friday!! I am soooo excited and very motivated. There was a special of 50% off initiation fee. I liked the atmosphere (normal and overwt women...not perfect model bodies). I hope this works. I am the type of person who needs group support and motivation.
  8. TweetiePieRN

    Create your own Avatar

    My avatar kinda looks like me. I also made one of my hubby and he laughed. Thanks Gwen for this opportunity to play with making our pics.
  9. TweetiePieRN

    Children's Names?

    No kiddies yet either. We like Skyler for a boy and Alyssa for a girl.
  10. TweetiePieRN

    CURVES workout? Does it work?

    Thanks all. I appreciate the honest feedback! :)
  11. TweetiePieRN

    CURVES workout? Does it work?

    Thank you both for the info! Thanx Sierra for the website. I am going to check it out! I need to lose about 35 pounds. We want to have babies, but I need to lose this weight first!! Thankx again!
  12. TweetiePieRN

    In praise of dh

    What a nice thread! We should all let our husbands take a peak at this so they can understand how much we all appreciate them! My hubby is the greatest guy in the world for many reasons. He has supported me through nursing school (financially and emotionally). As I am a new graduate, he continues to believe in me and build up my confidence. We don't have kids yet, so he takes great care of our animal kids (dog and cat). He loves animals and is the most gentle soul!! He is a very hard worker...he would work overtime or grab another job if needed. He does laundry, dishes, takes out the trash, etc...WITHOUT COMPLAINING!! He does these chores without ever being asked. He is awesome. :) He is very respectful. He always tells me that he loves me and shows it in many ways. He treats his mother and grandmother very well. I knew he would be a keeper when I saw that he took his grandma out to lunch every week and would play board games with her (He would even let her win!) Even now, we go out to see her every Sunday and we all enjoy lunch together. He is also a cutie pie!! Tall and gorgeous with dark hair and the brightest blue eyes. I know I am lucky to have him. He could have chosen to marry anyone, but chose ME!! :balloons:
  13. TweetiePieRN

    CURVES workout? Does it work?

    I need to get into a routine for exercising. I just am not able to get motivated by myself. Has anyone tried out Curves? Their website is pretty vague and I would like to know: Is it financially reasonable? Did you lose any weight? Is it fun? Thank you!!
  14. TweetiePieRN

    A vent about the price of milk.

    Here in California, I spent $2.39 on a gallon of gas the other day. I buy Lactaid milk, so it is normally more expensive than regular milk...its about $3.25 for a half gallon! But, I am the only one drinking it and it lasts me a while.
  15. TweetiePieRN


    We are forgetting a few more sexy hotties...Gary Coleman, Andy Dick and DJ Qualls. I posted their pics so y'all can swoon over these hotties too!! :)

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