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  1. neonatal_nurse

    Uplifting websites: Gives Me Hope

    I love this site! It's actually one of my favourites recently. I think I'm trully addicted to it. I read a review on it on a paper and have been checking it out for a while now. Also try: www.lovegivesmehope.com for stories that just makes you go awww.. Especially now, valentine's day is coming up! :redbeathe
  2. neonatal_nurse

    Skechers Shape-up Shoes

    Okay, that's it! I'm getting those shoes!!!! Haha. :)
  3. neonatal_nurse

    Power of prayer

    "The joy of faith is to know that the sun is always shining, even if I can only see the dark clouds. My faith is that the Supreme Being or Higher Consciousness doesn’t want us to cry and grieve. My faith is that as a nurse, help will come from unexpected places, when it is most needed." -->>> SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! These are powerful words for nurses. We need to hear these things more often as not everyday is sunny and bright. There is no doubt in my mind that you are an amazing nurse. Continue to touch more lives centexRN, as you have touched mine. :)
  4. neonatal_nurse

    God Lives Under the Bed

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. This has got to be the most beautiful thing I've ever read. Love, love, love it so much! I only wish I could have more of Kevin's unwavering faith. :)
  5. neonatal_nurse

    breastfeeding dolls - new toy for 6 year olds.

    I agree Elvish. Hehe. And I'm just wondering, what do guys think about this new "toy"? LOL :) maybe not for 6 year olds.
  6. neonatal_nurse

    Nurses, would you date a CNA?

    beautiful story zuzi. sighhh. :)
  7. neonatal_nurse

    Street Harassment...

    You are not alone in this experience dear. Once in a mall, I was riding the escalator when this couple came up behind me. The guy touched my ass. The woman beside him said that it wasn't funny. He apparently thought so. What a loser! I was wearing dark slacks and a blouse, so it wasn't "sexy" at all. The idiot didn't even see my face! My mistake-- i ignored him instead of confronting him. I was a bit scared I admit, because I was alone, but I realized I should have told him off. Sadly, this opportunity will not come again. I will not let it happen, that's for sure. I guess this is why women who experience sexual or other forms of abuse keep things to themselves-- because they are afraid, which shouldn't be at all. So kudos to those who fight the good fight. When I am in the presence of these "people" I just ignore them. I don't think smiling would help. This will just encourage them with their rude behavior. As I read in Cosmopolitan, "Not all comments you have to take." Especially rude ones. Don't worry, these guys will get what they deserve sooner or later. Karma has its way.Be safe. :)
  8. Hey! I'm new here too, but i'm having fun. Welcome! (",)
  9. I'd be Giada di Laurentiis and host Weekend Getaways on food network and everything I'll cook will be so goood. ^^
  10. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    thanks Larry77! You're right. I don't really "worship" the ground he walks on. After all, he's just a guy underneath that white coat. thanks for the message! ^^
  11. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    john83, thanks for the message! wow, I'm all smiles now. haha. ^^ you are so right, I promise to not get intimidated once I see him. haha! the thing is, when I talk to him, he takes 1-2 secs. before he replies. hmm. anyway, issues, his father is an MD as well, he got into med school, but it took a while before he got his license (years). and he used to play ball in high school and college, but stopped. there are rumors that he gets dizzy easily- don't know for sure. it's nice to get a guys point of view for a change. (",) "Gentleman-Lady encounters could really get so stressful but yet inspiring; these are the things that make us human.":nurse: ----> sooo beautiful, love it! ^^
  12. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    thanks PAERRN20! yes, he's so single. i should know bec. i have classmates in the OR who work with him who keep me posted. and he's not really the typical flirtatious, god-complexed surgeons, in fact he's more of a loner. that's why i super like him. hehe.:)
  13. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    thanks beachbutterfly! goes to show that nurses are really hot. haha. i will let you know what happens!:nuke:
  14. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    hi apples! well my roomate is so supportive and she's older than me and knows him better. she even jokes that i'm dating him already since she has had relationships with doctors in the past! haha.
  15. neonatal_nurse

    Hot Surgeon crushing on me??

    So I have this dilemma. There's this Hot MD whose been giving me the eye for months now. I know, sounds a little delusional on my part but it's true. I haven't told anyone except for my roomate whose also a nurse. I'm new, and I don't really know him before. And I can't help falling for him. Especially since he's doing he's "McDreamy" ways, always smiling at me everytime we bump into each other in the hospital hallways.:redbeathe Thing is, he just says hi or hello to me and I do the same. It's so crazy because he's such a charmer I've seen him chat up other nurses and he can talk to them- in complete sentences but when it comes to me, he just follows me, looks at the incubator with my patient on ultrasound and and just stares like crazy, I feel so self-conscious. There was this one time, at 5:30 am, he saw me outside the hospital as i was about to get inside, I didn't see him, and then got the shock of my life when this gorgeous person was smiling at me! It was 5:30 am, dark, and I was covering my face with a hanky from the cold, I didn't think he'd recognize me, I'm not even fully awake yet!!! :redpinkhe I think I could've talk to him already, if he weren't so intimidating. UgHH! What do you guys think? He's single, so am I, but he has other "issues" that he needs to work on. Should I go for it or forget him?? :nurse:

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