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  1. bushambo

    What song would you karaoke to?

    I used to sing and sing and sing, then they would throw me out of the pub!!! No sense of humour!!!
  2. bushambo

    What song would you karaoke to?

    Poker Face, providing Poi sang backing vocals with me. Michael President Sandfire Lady Gaga fan club.
  3. bushambo

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    G'day, all. bit late getting here as I had a trip to the hospital in the early hours of this AM. Developed an exscreechyating [worse than excruciating] pain in my ear which kept me up all night. DD took me to the ED at 5 AM and I got various meds to beat it.:nurse: The nurses were great and made a bit of a fuss when they realised what I did in the bush. Should be right now---us old cowboys are tough, except when it hurts, then we want our mums;) Hope Irene spares you all and you stay safe:) Someone here who would like to say g'day. Hello. This is Annette ( Dad calls me Annie lol). I just wanted to thankyou all for your well wishes and prayers and to let you know that they must have worked. I still have trouble speaking but it is coming along slowly. Actually it is hysterical when we go out together as Dad is as deaf as a post and I can't talk properly. We manage but people must think we are a comedy duo sometimes.:D
  4. bushambo

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    Poi, don't tell an Ambulance Officer you were falling asleep at the wheel or anyone else for that matter. That is so scary. Please take care. Michael
  5. bushambo

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    Hiya, Brookee. Just the 2 of us but the rest will follow. Hope things improve for you soon. I am in Perth visiting Annie and helping her out a bit. It can be rather funny in an odd sort of way---I am deaf and she is having a lot of trouble conversing. So, get a hearing aid speak up etc. She goes back to the dr in a week so hopefully something will eventuate for her. Took her out to lunch and bought her some clothes so that perked her up. Trust all have a good day Michael
  6. A few kangaroos short in the top paddock.
  7. bushambo

    Three words to describe yourself

    Ratbag---An Aussie term for someone who steps outside the square, who can be a bit eccentric, and can be somewhat of a larrikin or a hard case in a good way.
  8. Oh Poi. Even with my vivid imagination I just know you meant STUCK.
  9. bushambo

    Three words to describe yourself

    Caring Compassionate Ratbag
  10. bushambo

    Can you drive a stick shift?

    I actually learned to drive in a 36 Ford truck with 4 thru the boards. The truck wore out and I got passed on to a collector!!!!! That old truck would cross sandy river beds that bogged a Landrover.
  11. bushambo

    Random Thoughts

    Random pondering---who put my glasses on my face??? No wonder I couldn't find the darn things.
  12. bushambo

    Can you drive a stick shift?

    Yep, 18 speed [gears] in various road trains. A road train is an Aussie thing----prime mover [tractor] such as a Kenworth with 600 hp pulling 3 x 46 foot trailers. They are common on long haul roads here. In the big mines, the trucks are twin engine pulling 7 trailers grossing 700 tons.
  13. bushambo

    Best driving songs...

    I'm 65 and Lady Gaga is good to go for me. If you want noise while driving, she has it. Meatloaf, too. For a bit of classic, has anyone listened to Jane Rutter playing the flute?? Brilliant.
  14. bushambo

    Nurses! I need you to assess a CAR!

    In the 20 odd years I have lived on the side of the highway, Toyota stands out as the most unlikely to break down. Most reliable. For my first car, I would buy a good used one. One a friend [mechanic] could look at. Check the cars history. One owner? Been kept in a garage? Does it have a service history? Some months ago, I bought an old Mercedes which had only one owner and had been serviced and garaged all its life. Great car and only cost me $4000. I've driven thousands of miles in this car---trouble free. GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. bushambo

    Amy Winehouse dead

    I also am not surprised by Amy's death but I am dreadfully saddened. She had talent. Not my sort of music but surely she appealed to a lot of folks. We each go our own way in life and peer pressure plays a big part in how we develop. I lost my daughter Rosemary to drugs aged 22 and it was awful. But now I am getting on with it, realising that I did not kill her. Life is a bit more peaceful now. Still, I fear for all these young people in the spotlight who are so susceptible to the perils of drug and alcohol. Michael Peace to everyone who has a child in turmoil.:heartbeat

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