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  1. tewdles

    The Last Obesity Thread

    I too am weary of the never ending evidence that too many nurses seemingly cannot seperate their personal disdain for overweight persons from their professional requirement to treat all patients with unconditional regard. The shameless posts on AN criticizing and name calling their "fat" patients is embarassing and completely lacks in ANY professional decorum. I am not obese. My family is not obese. When my kids were growing up we rarely had chips, dip, cookies, cakes, or colas in the house. My children perceived those things as "treats" that they got on special occasions or when they visited their friends. My husband and I believe in eating whole foods, natural foods, and at home at the table. I tell you this because I have an obese child. She is an adult now. She was thin as a child until her little polycystic ovaries came to life and then she started picking up weight at a remarkable rate, all the while she was actively skiing, playing soccer, playing volleyball, swimming, etc. Metformin has helped to stabilize this weight, but she has no success in returning to her previous "unfat" self. When she had her child in the PICU at a major medical center having open heart surgery I actually overheard one of the ICU nurses refer to her as the fat, lazy, trailer trash mom at bed 4! Just think of that for a minute...that nurse didn't have to turn my daughter, help her up to the bathroom, or wipe her butt...she only had to treat her with kindness and respect...and she apparently couldn't overcome her own prejudices to accomplish that. No, unfortunately, this will not be the last "fat" thread, because it is okay for people to dislike fat people in our culture. It is okay to ridicule them, and ignore them, to deny them jobs, and to laugh at them when they experience the same difficulties that every human experiences. My mother was a nurse. She too felt that someone needed to speak "plainly" to my daughter about her weight and regularly pointed out to her that she "needed to lose weight". It broke my daughter's heart. Like so many of the nurses on AN, she felt that "somebody needs to tell her". She was not deterred by the thought that she is "told" that she is fat everyday by her peers in the school and by the mirrors in the bathroom, department store, and locker room. When my daughter was 16, and lost all hope because of the relentless unkindness allowed in the schools, she cried out for help by attempting suicide. I had her hospitalized to develop a plan to address her psycho/social/emotional needs. I didn't bother to tell her grandmother...
  2. tewdles

    How much of your paycheck do you save?

    We live paycheck to paycheck...thanks to a foray into the medical world with an insurance company which decided not to pay and dropped us like a hot potato. Oh right....and then there was the health care business that dropped my dh's employment after he got back on his feet...and that thing about our home losing 30% of it's value (mortgage payment stayed the same tho!).
  3. The open disdain for the overweight, in this country, is a sad sad thing...
  4. tewdles

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    Sometimes you don't even have to share droplets to get very sick. We cannot eradicate tetanus from our environment, but we can make it not so very easy to get tetanus by using a vaccine. We have been using that vaccine for decades to prevent the suffering associated with that disease. Same with the polio vaccine. I for one am thankful for that vaccine, even knowing that many people have been harmed by it. I know that many more would have been harmed by the disease itself were it not for pursuit of the very "herd immunity" we are discussing here. Working in a PICU very near a large amish community and within the migrant agricultural stream, I cared for too many children with vaccine preventable diseases. I cared for desperately ill newborns who were infected with pertussis by their unvaccinated siblings. There are too many sad stories in my history that would likely have been much happier had people been immunized. Children with all of the diseases prevented by our current immunization schedule in the USA except diphtheria came through our unit. As a society we have forgotten how ugly some of these diseases are.
  5. tewdles

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    The number of children who suffered, died, or were irreparably damaged because of Haemophilus Influenza B infections dropped precipitously to single digits in the years immediately following introduction of the vaccine into the larger community. I watched this happen from the acute pediatric intensive care perspective and as parent. My kids get vaccinated...I am much more fearful of the diseases than of the vaccines when it comes to my kids. As I said before, I took care of many many more children with vaccine preventable diseases in the PICU than I did children with serious reaction to vaccine.
  6. tewdles

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    I have cared for children with measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, and HIB. Many of these children died either from the disease or from the complications. Some of them suffered terribly before they died. Some of them suffered but lived...tetanus was probably the worst to see because the muscle involvement is so dramatic. I have also taken care of a child who suffered an emergent reaction to the vaccine...DPT probably. Just one child in 15 yrs of PICU and 30+ years of nursing total. Many, many suffering with disease vs. one bad response to vaccine....hhhmmm. The Wakefield relationship to autism was debunked many years ago...that will not quiet the fears of the fearful.
  7. Literally laughed out loud!
  8. Unfortunately, not every tax-paying citizen currently has equal access to health care and treatment.
  9. Mike makes me smile...
  10. It is, indeed, a very slippery slope when a society begins to decide which of it's citizens are worthy of medical/health care... Once you make the first choice...that the noncompliant obese pt with DM, CHF, and htn will not be covered by medicare or medicaid for example...where do we end. Maybe our next set of government leaders will feel that person's with Down's syndrome should not receive medical care at the expense of the tax payers. Or maybe schizophrenics. What about the kid who breaks his neck doing something STUPID when he is 16...and now he is 30, still on the vent with bedsores, etc but no insurance and no money? Our society has decided, long ago, that the we would not abandon those who are less fortunate, less healthy, but no less human...which makes them worthy. We pay for medical care for confessed and convicted mass murderers and you suggest that we should refuse care to a law abiding citizen because she is obese. This, I believe, is a very slippery slope and I am going to stay on the chairlift and get to a higher terrain park. I agree, that noncompliance is the issue here. More opportunities for nurses to interact with these people (outside of the acute care setting) and coach them along a plan of care would greatly benefit the quality of life and health outcomes for many, many of them.
  11. tewdles

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    There is a local conservative talk radio personality who is anti-vaccination in Detroit and he frequently speaks about this on air. I cringe every time he has a segment in which he talks about his "justifications" for not immunizing. At least his kids are home schooled so they are not frequently in the presence of other kids (except at his large church).
  12. tewdles

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    or could it be the adults who have been immunized as children but now have no immune response to pertussis... Definitely not a nice disease...parents, trust me you do not want your kid to have whooping cough.
  13. tewdles

    What does your username mean?

    my name is tewdles...I lost my marbles and had to leave neverland...
  14. tewdles

    Possibility of a zombie outbreak??

    I'm pretty sure that a zombie lived in my basement for a spell...