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    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    I just wanted to say, these things REALLY stand out when I'm reading your post. I'm not a nurse, but my fiance has been laid off twice and is in danger of being laid off in the near future (this has happened over the last 3 years!) so I can empathize with what you both are going through. I've noticed that men tend to panic when they lose their position as breadwinner, and they feel like less of a "man" because they're not providing for the family. Maybe he's trying to regain control by trying to control the finances? That's not a good excuse for his behavior, though! Are you religious? If so, maybe you both (or just you) could talk to a priest/rabbi/etc--it might have less stigma for him. Good luck, and kudos to you for deciding to not burn yourself out!
  2. outrunningzombies

    I want to be nice to my guy...

    This! :D Also, I realized recently that I was expecting my boyfriend to do too much around the house so I started picking out easy chores I could do. He used to cook all the time (he gets home at least 2 hours before me), now I do a couple of crock pot meals a week so he comes home to food. The longest they take is 10 minutes to put together the night before--I can do that. I will unload the dishwasher in the morning--little things like that. Schedule some time with him every week. When my boyfriend and I worked opposite shifts, Friday nights were my time with him. I would refuse to work, no matter how much they begged and pleaded, and wouldn't do any homework, and would just hang out with him instead. Save up some of the money you were spending on expensive electronics and plan a weekend away. It doesn't have to be far--we went to the beach, which is all of 45 minutes away, and a change of scenery really helped us.