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  1. Hi admins.  the article that I submitted in the Breakroom still has not been approved.  Can we just make it a regular post?  TY.

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    2. tnbutterfly

      tnbutterfly, BSN, RN

      Hi Nurse Card.  Can you post a summary for the article here and I will add it to your article?  We are sorry we overlooked your article. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    3. NurseCard


      It's a blog post about parental frustration.  Basically, I want my kids to shine, but instead they often get overlooked.  I feel especially like my daughter gets overlooked by her band director because she has so many other interests besides band.  I wrote it while in the throws of PMS, I should probably point out.

    4. tnbutterfly

      tnbutterfly, BSN, RN

      The article has now been posted.  I hear ya about band.  Both of my kids were in the band.  Lots of HARD WORK.  I'm looking forward to chapter 2 of the story...



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