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  1. NurseCard

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    You know what really grinds my gears? When people don't use their real names on Allnurses.
  2. NurseCard

    Would you sleep with a doctor?

    Well, would you?
  3. NurseCard

    Opinions on Euthanasia

    You actually bring up an interesting point. I have cared for ADULT patients who have been in and out of psychiatric treatment for YEARS, have tried different sorts of treatments, have tried EVERYTHING, yet cannot get any real relief from the horrid depression that cripples them and makes their lives painful and miserable. These are people who WANT to die. They are determined. Why not just let them? They are in pain and can't get relief.
  4. NurseCard

    Toddler smoking 2pks of cigarettes/day

    Oh yeah, "1984", great album. =) It was actually supposed to be the Baby New Year on the cover.
  5. NurseCard

    Toddler smoking 2pks of cigarettes/day

    Yikes!!!!!! Sounds horrible! However, like you say, it's the culture I suppose. Other cultures might think we're evil beyond words for even thinking about giving our babies formula, or giving our toddlers a chicken nugget. You know what I mean? Both are considered unhealthy by many, but in our culture it's NORMAL. Wow.... how does a toddler have the fine motor skills to smoke one cigarette, let alone 40 cigs a day?????
  6. NurseCard

    All I want for Christmas is..

    A CHEAP Zhu Zhu pet or two! To give to my kids; I'm not a collector.
  7. NurseCard

    Can't stand my ex-husband.

    I haven't read all of the replies, and this may be a big "well DUHHH" :)... but it sounds to me like all he is interested in is the money that he would get from you for child support, NOT actually having the kids around. He thinks, okay, I'll get custody of the kids, then I'll go out and party all the time with that child support money while my mom takes care of the kids. God, what a waste of space. George Carlin said it best; some people should just be phased out.
  8. We got rid of cable a few months ago and have no desire whatsoever to get it back. We don't even watch network TV because we can't really pick up anything worth a dang.
  9. NurseCard

    So it's Halloween.....

    Sounds cute. =) Where I work, we have to wear white scrub tops and dark solid pants ALL the time, BUT this week we were allowed to wear halloween scrub tops if we wanted. Unfortunately I don't own a Halloween scrub top and didn't particularly feel like going out and buying one to wear for a couple of nights. :( I hate our dress code.
  10. NurseCard

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    When I first started working here, I had a UofL pen that when it clicked, there was a little "window" on the side of the pen that had various messages... click once, it said "2 National Championships", again, it said "A Tradition of Excellence", and there were two or three other phrases. And I lost it! I actually had another one, but I lost that one too! I was heartbroken! I've found the same pens online and have been meaning to order a few more.
  11. You HAVE to be kidding. I've noticed you are new... do you like, know this guy and you are visiting various bulletin boards plugging his new acting venture? It has already been posted on here that this whole video is most likely a fake. I mean, your first one or two posts were fairly believable, but the last two posts you have made... seriously, are you this guy's marketing director?
  12. Hmmmmm... I don't know. Wow... ummmm... The whole part at the end was really sweet. And, if this guy really truly filmed and made this ALL BY HIMSELF, then color me impressed. I'm not sure that I buy that he made this, ALL BY HIMSELF. Again, the part at the end was really sweet, and I swear I almost lost a tear. =) But the rest of it was just WAY, WAY too cheesy. If I just happened to come across that on YouTube and had no way of knowing that there was something interesting waiting at the end, there's no WAY I would have sat through all of that. The guy did kinda remind me of my nephew, in the face.
  13. NurseCard

    homosexuality. Are you born that way?

    Oh wow. =) You raise some questions that are wonderful questions and ones that parents, clergy, homosexuals, AND physicians have been asking themselves for many years. =) I'm willing to bet that no one will have a true, definitive answer to what makes someone a homosexual for a very long time. Until then.... it is important to let your daughter, or any loved one that is homosexual, that while you may indeed be concerned for their future, that you accept them as how they are and that your ultimate wish is for them to do what will make them feel the happiest and most comfortable with themselves. I understand your concern; life is a bit more difficult for a homosexual. But life can be difficult for any NUMBER of reasons, you know? Life is now more difficult for me because I have used poor body mechanics over the past little while and thus, I now officially have degenerative disk disease, and have already had to have surgery for a herniated disk. And, keep one thing in mind... she may indeed just be experimenting, even though she has dated more than one girl. I understand also, that you live in an area that may be less than accepting of homosexuals. But, you know, if she is indeed gay, she may decide to attend college in a larger city that is perhaps more accepting. (Let me say though, that when I was going to that little college where you live =), I knew quite a few gays. There was a bit of a community there. ) Lots of luck and love, to you and your stepdaughter. :redbeathe:redpinkhe
  14. NurseCard

    expanding on what your avatar means to you..

    My avatar... pretty obvious what it means to me. GO CARDS!!!! =) =) Looooooooove love love college sports. In my life right now, it kinda goes like this: Family, home, career, and college sports. =) My sig line.... many of you who like "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" may remember who Patrick Hughes is. He is the boy from Louisville, Kentucky who was born without eyes, and without full mobility in his arms or legs. He is a musical genius and a member of the UofL marching band. His dad learns all the routines and pushes Patrick around the field in his wheelchair. Patrick has become somewhat famous, certainly around Louisville but also around the world, not only because of his "Extreme Makeover" appearance, but also because of his musical ability. He has also won a spirit award and appeared on stage at the ESPN Espy awards a couple of years back. He and his father are personal heroes of mine. =)
  15. Another excellent post. Thanks a bunch! =)

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