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  1. Raven713

    Is it "yoor-uh-nuhs" or "yoo-rey-nuhs"?

    If I was named Ghould Nipple, I would shoot myself. Do you know how badly a kid in schools these days would be racked on for having a name like that? OMGosh, that would be insane! I knew a girl named Dusty Twaft who was on an opposing track team once. Very attractive. But the name, it killed it....
  2. Raven713

    Homeschool curriculum?

    I was home schooled from First Grade, until Freshman year of High School. Pound him with math, math, math, and sciences. Biology, chemistry, etc. even if the levels seem "beyond him" you'd be truly amazed what a child can learn. English composition and Grammar, and Math, from 1+1 etc. all the way up to Algebra and Trigonometry. And pound in the sciences. Human Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, (even Bio-Chemistry) etc. grind it into him. A lot of text books are self explanatory. Since you're a Nurse, you can help him understand certain things. Just don't get into political stuff. Let him develop his own view of politics. That said, don't baby him, or "coddle him" from the rest of the world. Let him explore. At age 15 when I had entered High School. I left High School with a Washington State Certificate of Academic Achievement. As well as several Principal Honors Awards, etc. etc. And I only attened a grand total of 5 years in the public school system. Trust me on this, his brain can handle all that. Also, a very large barrier you're going to have to find a way around, is the socialization issue. If there is a boys and girls club etc. even a community church or whatever, let him go to those kinds of places, even to just socialize and meet people his own age. Home school is incredibly lonely. You have no idea. psychology, and sociology and also concepts to have him learn. seriously. Understanding how people react to things may help him when he re-enters the school system for High School. DO NOT home school him during his HS years. Those are the years he actually gets a nationally recognized Diploma, as well as has the ability to gain those experiences.
  3. Raven713

    So, I'm starting P90x...

    I'm undergoing it myself. It's actually pretty intense workout, and more than worth it. I also do the RevAbs workout on the side. Very good programs. If you have specific quesitons, feel free to ask.
  4. Raven713

    I need advice pertaining to my mom...

    An issue I see is just jealousy. Not knowing what's really going on. Or having doubts of what's going on. Sometimes people just fear for the worse, it's rather common for people who tend to be over protective. A good way to resolve some tension, is for him to take your mother out with them a couple times, just to hangout. It might just be a "He's gone having fun with someone else while I'm still here" kind of issue. I'm no female, but I can see that being the case.

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