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  1. emmanewgrad

    Need Advice

    I had a very poor childhood, but learned to use makeup by buying the cheap kind. Anywho, I have a very, very poor poor dressing style. To tell you I only have one pair of jeans and about 3 shirts I combine it with on my days off. :( be nice and non condescending. I on the other hand, I never learned to shop. I remember wanting pants and shirts, jewelry!!! But it was tough growing up and gave up so much in order to have something to eat. I eventually gave up the thought and focused in earning an education that would pull me from the hole I was in. Thousands of years later, literally speaking, I focused on raising my kids, buying a house, and my dream car :) but forgot about my childhood needs and the reason I wanted an education: to buy myself nice things :') so you brought me memories I had blocked somewhere in my subconscience in order for it not to hurt as much. I guess I need to celebrate that little girls hard work and give her the Christmas she always wanted huh? Thank you for helping me remember the I in me and awakening a silent childhood dream.
  2. emmanewgrad

    Friendship like this a violation of ethics?

    And a place we all feel comfortable in, like a second family.
  3. emmanewgrad

    What life lessons have you learned the hard way in life?

    What do I wish I knew ? :)Although life was tough, the outcome of my decisions would lead me to become my childhood dream: an RN...I wish I saved my tiny plastic emergency box and not worry so much :) no matter what, I love life, my kids, and the community I serve.