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    After reading many articles about beaches from Alabama to North Carolina being closed, with officials encouraging safe swimming after the NC attacks, I reviewed how to swim safely, with what is obviously shark infested water, for your convenience. 1. From the article below we can see that if you kick or splash you are at risk, so be sure to tell your kids absolutely no splashing or kicking while in the water. I am not sure how you can swim this way but you can figure it out. 2. Another reason to hit the gym for the beach body is so the shark only nibbles instead of eating you whole. 3. Tell all your kids while not splashing or kicking to also cary baseball bats with them to hit the shark on the nose which will eventually stop working. 4. At this time we need to start clawing at the shark's eyes, given you still have your hands. Who's A Target And How To Stay Safe Scientists believe surfers bear the brunt of attacks due to the nature of the sport: It takes place in the surf zone, which is often frequented by sharks, and involves kicking and splashing the water. Most shark attacks are a case of mistaken identity with the animal confusing surfers and swimmers for seals and other marine animals. Merely nudging a human being is the most common interaction, and if sharks do bite, they typically let go in search of a more typical prey. In fact, shark teeth are lined with nerve endings that can sense the calorie-rich blubber of a seal, as opposed to the bone and muscle filling most humans. If you find yourself eye to eye with a shark, Burgess recommends a proactive response. 'Hitting a shark on the nose, ideally with an inanimate object, usually results in the shark temporarily curtailing its attack. 'One should try to get out of the water at this time. If this is not possible, repeat bangs to the snout may offer temporary restraint, but the result is likely to become increasingly less effective. If a shark actually bites, we suggest clawing at its eyes and gills, two sensitive areas. One should not act passively if under attack - sharks respect size and power.”
  2. link51411

    Does anyone else have a problem with Enablers?!

    Stop trying to simply lose weight. I know plenty of small people who are not healthy. Please just live health by exercise, nutritious, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle. You will benefit so much more than simply loosing weight.
  3. link51411

    Gay Marriage

    Marriage is a religious issue and all religious issues should remain out of the state. with that being said should a gay couple go to a catholic church, who clearly is not for gay marriage, to get married absolutely not. The true benefit to being married avoidance of the the death tax which is wrong and should be abolished to begin with.
  4. link51411

    What are Christian principles and ethics?

    I agree with you for the most part. Where I disagree is the where Jesus spoke about homosexuality is sex outside of marriage is adultery which marriage is only between a man and woman. Now where most people get uncomfortable is when I asked unmarried and married individuals if they have ever had or thought of sexual encounters with one that they were not married which Jesus claimed was a sin and qual to homosexuality. The whole point was not that whether homosexuals have or have not sinned but that we all have sinned equally and need redemption.
  5. link51411

    What is your favorite Bible verse?

    God is Love
  6. link51411

    persecuted christians need help

    I completely agree Christians are killed if even let in to some of these countries to begin with. However, I want to focus on what you can do about it now. My new home city is the place where 3 Muslims were killed for the sake of being Muslim. Can I plea the proclaiming christians to please practice the way Jesus did and not kill, harass, hate, but love those that need a savior just like you proclaim you once did.
  7. Check out the CMDA, christian medical and dental association, they have chapters all over the country and are a great resource. Also you may be interested in https://www.medicalmissions.com/conferences/gmhc-2015. If you sign up you can listen to a lot of the old speakers on the website also. They have speakers from all different specialties and locations. They also have venders of sending organizations that you can get a lot of information about each one. In the past they have also offered CEUs if they are needed. Do your research and see which ones you think you will get along with the most. for example the Southern Baptist are great and fully support their missionaries but you currently have to sign a no drinking clause because you are considered on staff which may be an issue for some. Others are pretty autonomous but you are fully responsible for raising every cent on your own for your support. Make sure you are offered insurance in case you have to be medically flown back into your home country etc. I would also advise you to start right here at home and make sure it is what you want to do. Many states have good samaritan laws which will protect you. Simply get with an organization that goes and offers basic medical care to the homeless or other at risk population. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. They do have a right to use the water they pay for but that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. It is also hypocritical that the same people who are environmental activist are the same ones that are making sure they have a lush green multi acre lawn. The image below may change some of your opinions that the rich should be able to tank in water to have a large green lawn when the real poor in the world do this to have simple clean water to drink. Sorry the Image would not post. here is the URL.http://cdn.youthkiawaaz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/15/water-crisis-major-indian-cities-rich-resourceful/water-crisis1.jpg

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