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  1. exit96

    Bible verse

    The Old Testament contains the prophetic proclamations of Christ. This is Christ speaking through the prophetic voice of scripture to my interpretation.
  2. exit96

    Off topic, What do you drive?

    ...and have iPhone streaming Roothog Radio...
  3. exit96

    Off topic, What do you drive?

    1996 Rav4....I let to get home ASAP. Don't know if I'll ever have a decent vehicle, my family keeps destroying everything...
  4. exit96

    Nurse opinion on this matter

    You know, I LOVE practical jokes! BUT, I have never been agreeable with anyone tampering with food, drinks whatsoever. THAT is just too personal, IMO. I cannot state this enough, don't touch my food or drink, unacceptable.
  5. exit96

    Rooster in the hen house

    This is great!
  6. exit96

    Family Issues

    A good case for mandatory sterilization.
  7. exit96

    Are You Better Off? Polls

    NO, not better
  8. exit96

    Christians- Do you struggle with fornication?

    OP- you will sin until the day you die, as will we all. Focus on what was done once for all.
  9. exit96

    nursing and marriage problems

    Good luck! I guess I did a similar thing. The way my wife was "tipped off" was really nasty. Truly, what was reported to her was out of context, but I cannot get her to realize this. She is also going through a mid-life thing and things are really ugly. I stopped working at the hospital I was at, and now work at a different one. The hosp I was at I enjoyed very much, I had lots of friends/co-workers there. It kinda bothers me that "now I can't work there?"...Ummm, I can't agree with everything here. Access to my FB, phone, texts etc...I don't think so. She does "sneak" and try to find things. I am offended and bothered by it. She has gone as far as looking through texting history on our online bill statement. Honestly, it is having an opposite than what she wants. I feel as though "I may as well commit the crime if I am going to have to do the time..." Sounds wrong, but hopefully my point is taken. That is not building trust, that is NOT believing in someone, it seems more like motivating them to be good or stay clean for the worng reason. I have girls that text me, past classmates...I guess I could always just be rude and not reply. So yeah, now I work with several females, believe me I wish there were more guys around. This situation is NOT what led to all of this in my experience, it is just fuel for a fire that is already burning. SO, all women have to be my enemy in order to be trusted? Idk, but good luck to you. I don't know if I want to be trusted or married if this is how it has to be, getting too old for all the stress.
  10. exit96

    Why yelling at a man is pointless :)

    So glad I am not alone, and I already knew that :-). It's not just your GF, it's the majority of the female gender. I have a very hard time with this, at home and at work.
  11. exit96

    Do you think your life is hard?

    I sure do. I feel blessed and yet I have worked hard for many years. Still living paycheck to paycheck. I am 48 and am working as hard as I ever have, and there is no cushion in sight. Marriage is hard, raising kids is hard. Depression haunts me. Some days I envy those who have died. It is subjective I agree, we all have our personality traits and it doesn't simply come down to finances...I really do not have lofty dreams either, I simply want to NOT have a heart attack every time there is an unexpected expense or when monthly bills come due. I always pay them, and have always paid them. For that I should be thankful, but there are some things that need to be fixed, and I can't spend the $$. The sun shines on some more brightly, sometimes for no apparent reason.
  12. exit96

    Opinions on Obamacare from healthcare workers?

    I agree!! Of course it doesn't apply to ALL the kids/younger generation, but enough to make a statement and be understood. You are not making this up, the fabric of "where we came from" has all but dissappeared!
  13. exit96


    I was adopted in 1964. I found out some details about paternal/ maternal items but was told that i could not find out who they are. From my prerspective it is something that is always with me. My adoptive parents ARE my parents and I in no way feel as though I have never had parents, I am very fortunate! But there is a part of me (whatever that means) that is never grounded in "where I came from." I hear people talk about tracing family roots and making family trees and envy them. I make no judgements here, just wanted to chime in and say what I need to. And for whatever this may mean, I will never feel a "part of something." Is this a direct reflection on being adopted? I don't think I can confirm that, but it is a possibility and an observation. I could have been an abortion...I thank those who have to give someone up for adoption and those who adopt.

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