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  1. suzanne4

    Survey of All Nurses

    What is the survey to be used for? That would be nice to know.
  2. suzanne4

    Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin?

    What about her visit to the soldiers in Iraq when she never entered Iraq? She was accompanied by members of the Alaska National Guard at all times and none of them entered into Iraq. The closest that they got was to the border. And what about her visit to Europe? That was for refueling only and she never entered the country. Being at an airport does not count as visiting a country either. She keeps stating that she said no thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere, but fails to mention that there were actually two bridges involved and the one that is out of Anchorage still is being worked on. Just two miles long but at a cost over $40 million dollars. And it goes to nowhere as well, just makes is closer for her to commute to her home town, which happens to be the largest meth capital in Alaska. 42 busts at last count in just one year. And just think, there are only 6500 hundred people that live there.
  3. suzanne4

    Colorado Law passed allowing men to use women's restrooms

    Toilet stalls will have doors on them, just as they have in the past. And this practice has been going on for years in many other countries, including almost all of Europe and has not been any issue for them. A woman can use a men's bathroom just the same and have actually seen many do it when we have attended conferences and there was a line up at the ladie's room. Just no big deal at all. Predators usually could care less about any type of signage and this is not going to make any difference to them, but perhaps will slow them down if there are more people around.
  4. And a newer question: How do we even know that the handi-cap sticker was for her and not her 80 year old mother? Have seen that as well. Without knowing how she will function on the actual unit, one should never assume anything. I have seen nurses close to 350-400 pounds be able to get around anything and everything and function just fine, and then there is the person that weighs a hundred pounds and is unable to look under a bed for something. Or they had bad hips and knees and could not bend over, but the 'heavier" nurse was the one that was doing the looking for them. Everything is all relative and just how this person is functioning out of the situation where they are going to be working should not have any bearing on anything. If they did have issues that are of concern to them or to the hospital, then that is a concern among them only. And remember that she was hired as an extern, everyone needs to be given a chance. And this is a student role. She also needed to be able to funtion thru school and get everything done to meet the requirements of the program and she needed to have a letter of recommendation to be able to get the position in the first place most of the time. I would wait to see how she actually does before assuming anything.
  5. If she is going to be doing an externship, it means that she is going to be getting paid for it and therefore was hired by the facility and passed their requirements. Age as well as weight have nothing to do with things, and have seen many nurses have handicapped stickers on their car and have never had any issues with keeping up with the other nurses on their unit. As mentioned, you do not know if there was any underlying cause such as that she just had surgery or a procedure done, but then again, it also should not make any difference. Working on a nursing unit is on a level playing field and there are no hills to go up and down either. Would recommend that you wait and see what she can and cannot do, you may be very surprised.
  6. suzanne4

    Bank of America

    And to clear up any misinformation, B of A is not a group of associations or women's groups, etc. It is a bank that provides services to these groups, but nothing more than that. They have a contract in place to provide the services and again, if you have an account at B of A, then you would not incur those charges.
  7. suzanne4

    Bank of America

    f you do not have an account there, then those are the chages for their services. Suggest that you open an account there and then you will not incur those charges. Any business has the right to establish charges to use their services, they do not do it for free. Moving this to the Break Room since it has nothing to do with nursing directly.
  8. suzanne4

    Quaid twins - the other story?

    Just because someone is a star or celebrity, does not mean that their medical history needs to be discussed on-line, it is their personal information and they should be protected just like any other patient that one may have. Being a star should not make them fodder for gossip, (Sorry for this but posting to something that I recieved.)
  9. suzanne4

    Quaid twins - the other story?

    Because someone chooses not to get pregnant, or is unable to, is not for us to be discussing here. That is their own private business and no reason for it to be discussed. There are always many sides to a story, and there is no reason that they need to discuss in in the public. We should respect them for that. And to do anything else just violates their privacy, something that we are always speaking about here, and they deserve the same as we would do to protect our patients. ........not discuss their personal lives here, it also has nothing to do with nursing.
  10. suzanne4

    GWB: Just go to the ER...

    And he will be there to wait on them. Wish that he would actually have to use some of the advice that he offers, he does not have a clue. And continue to cut the funding to hospitals, but his cronies get funded for any of their so-called pet projects.
  11. suzanne4

    Immigration Bill Suffers A Big Setback

    We did not even know if the nurses would be included for sure on the CIR, and I was personally hoping that there would be a separate bill for them. Maybe now I will get what I think that we need to do. But still not unlimited visas as some are wanting. The US has never had unlimited visas for a profession and it is not the time to start now.
  12. suzanne4

    Remember me?

    jess: welcome home! glad to have you back with us. how time flies! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:
  13. suzanne4

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    You have been with this guy for two years? What has he done to Haley over these past two years?
  14. suzanne4

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    Funny thought just popped into my head. Or should say question. How old is this wonderful person and has he been married before? More than likely he has and his ex thru him out on his behind for this same type of behavior. The idea that you would even allow his behavior towards your cat that has been with you for so many years has me second questioning even you. He cannot be that wonderful that you permitted it to even get as far as fiance when you have had this cat since before he was around. Do you truly love him, or is it the title that he possesses? And sorry to have to be the one to tell him that he is not Dr. G-d, and is just one part of the healthcare team. And it does not appear that he knows much about that to begin with. I hope that he does not behave like this at a hospital, I am sure that he is not well liked there if he has a hospital practice.
  15. suzanne4

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    One of my cats lived to be 25 years old, and Mink just passed away a couple of years ago, just shy of 22 years. Does not matter that this guy is an MD, he has issues that he needs to deal with. Just thinking if he even eats organic fruits and vegetables? Think of where their fertilizer is from most of the time..........he needs to get a life without you. Have trust in your cat, that is the one that has always been there for you.