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  1. wondern

    Mental Health Checks

    Who is going to be this omnipotent judge...some radical 'espouser'??? :banghead: :bookworm: Mental Health Care, yes, but to discriminate against voters...that's just :no:
  2. wondern

    Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait, or learned behavior?

    I couldn't stand listening to her whining for even 30 seconds! Who the heck is she, Tomi Lahren, to define anyone? Has she done something/anything other than run her opinionated mouth to put others down in this video? Very devisive to say the least. She was obnoxious as all get out! She did not hurt my feelings or offend. Has nothing to do with that. Just I don't know why I need to respect her opinion on anything. She's spewing hate of snowflakes. Give me a break. That is a made up word just intended to put others down via stereotyping. Did a snowflake do something to offend her? Did a snowflake hurt her? What's up? If someone is an entitled jerk than they are an entitled jerk why call them a snowflake? Snowflakes are beautiful and made from God so if she doesn't like them it's her problem. Stephen Fry's rule applies to her. She's offended so...
  3. wondern


    I'm just a little late but today will be my National Grilled Cheese Day!!! :yes: At least it's still April. :wavey:
  4. wondern

    Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

    I liked her honesty and the story of her leaving her hair white in memory of her baby girl, Robin. I also love to see how much her granddaughters adore her. On the televised memorial, I enjoyed seeing the photos of all the First Ladies together, and Melania there regardless of her husband not, and seated next to the Obamas. I thought that was awesome. Then the camera pans out and there are the Clintons. I kept wondering why one of them, the First Ladies, wasn't our President yet? Everyone seems as smart as their husbands. The story that Barbara once called Bill Clinton her 5th son for hanging out with them at Kennebunkport so much was sweet too. Just found this. Kennebunkport community organizes memorial in honor of Barbara Bush | WGME
  5. wondern

    CharleeFoxtrot's Trolling Thread

    Make sure its a verbal order from a coworker via red telephone only, the one next to the #1 only bathroom by the breakroom. No need as long as we DREAM. DREAMERS rock. No right. No wrong. Do you dream?
  6. wondern

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Red pepper
  7. wondern

    Friday March 30, 2018

    Happy Good Friday y'all!:wavey: It's Eric Clapton's birthday today too! :whistling: What a nice weekend! His music is so very healing.:inlove:
  8. wondern

    The Thirsty OWL dj

    I loved both stories :coffee: :lol2:
  9. wondern

    In order to make a total change!

    Hope you're doing okay SUDSon89. You don't have to make any decision right now when you're upset. Just try to breathe in and out and do something nice for yourself. :inlove:
  10. wondern

    I'm a Prison Mom Part 3

    God bless you and your son. Thank you for sharing your story. People don't know until someone is brave enough to share. (((Big hugs)))
  11. wondern

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I just had a minute this morning and was reading through this awesome music thread started by OCNRN63 and noticed it was missing some links to some of her faves so I added them. I don't know her in real life but she still enlightened me and many others. I just watched some Les Mis which I've heard of but never really watched any of. I also just read her article on cancer awareness and ovarian cancer. It is very thought provoking. Thanks again for all your sharing, OCNRN63.:inlove: The Ovarian Cancer Blues | all nurses :nurse::nurse:
  12. wondern

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    Real name~What fun would that be? :rolleyes:
  13. wondern

    Nursing Ethics: About the Weather

    I totally agree. Way to get there, Ruby V!:nurse::nurse: ...Or ask the hospital if you can stay there. A 45 minute ride took me 6 hours one day but I was very thankful it was going home not going to. I slipped and slid into work plenty of times though. It's kind of a bonding experience. We all made it in alive...again...thank God! :geek::coffee::nailbiting:
  14. wondern

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    QUOTE from OCNRN63~"This one takes me back to when rock was music with amazing vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics with meaning..."https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r58GQYFZeLE Quote from Farawyn~"More than a Feeling, Boston...Feeling Stronger Everyday, Chicago..." [video=youtube;SaV-6qerkqI] The Ovarian Cancer Blues | allnurses :singing:
  15. wondern

    Dating doctor and nurse

    One commenter said they felt like they had a giant moth in their stomach like on the Lunesta commercial. OMG! :yuck:

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