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  1. Moogie

    CAT LOST. please help?

    If you don't have any cat poop (I'm sorry, I know that sounds gross!) to spread on your lawn, try putting out something else that might trigger your cat's sense of smell. A few toys, maybe an item of clothing he has slept on---something that smells like him and like you! I hope your sweet baby is home soon.
  2. Moogie

    please help- need some serious cat advice!

    So far...the Feliway seems to be working. I haven't caught my old girl spraying. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to work! We are moving almost 600 miles---still within the Midwest but to a location that has slightly warmer and shorter winters. However, the warmer thing is not very desirable right now---it's well into the 90s in the upper Midwest! Ick! I can't believe all the JUNK I've accumulated. Sorting, packing, throwing----not fun! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, though!
  3. Moogie

    CAT LOST. please help?

    Several years ago, my cat got out of the house soon after a move. Like you, I was heartsick. I put up posters, called the pound, went door to door, everything. We had moved several hundred miles away and I was terrified that she had tried to go back to our former home. What worked was putting something on the lawn that had a scent she would recognize. We had another cat at the time so I took some of the "deposits" from his litter box and sprinkled them on our lawn. She came back the next day. She had been out in the woods in back of our house. Please keep us updated. I hope your cat comes home. Beautiful Meezer!
  4. Moogie

    please help- need some serious cat advice!

    My vet just recommended Feliway, a pherome diffuser that's supposed to help calm the kitties. He's probably under a great deal of stress with a new baby in the house and this might work. I'll keep you posted if it works for our cats. We have one elderly girl---spayed---who sprays and we're moving out of state soon. I asked the vet for Prozac for the cat but she suggested we try this first. It's been all of one hour but so far no cat fights or inappropriate piddling. Also, if your sweet boy isn't neutered, do so ASAP. That will stop some of his behavior. Lastly, you might want to consider a kitty companion. Your cat might be bored and need a playmate. I think the August issue of Cat Fancy deals with some of these issues. I saw a couple of issues at the vet's office today and there was an article in one of them. Hope this helps!
  5. Moogie

    Moving with Elderly Animals

    Yes! Warmer winters and less winter, too! Remember, we live in Frostbite Falls and winter starts in November, doesn't end until April or May.
  6. Moogie

    Dating a nurse

    If you really want to know what it's like to date a nurse, ask my husband. He would tell you that every single thing we want to do is determined by my schedule. For example, if I was working a night shift, we might not be able to go out for a nice dinner and have a glass of wine. We couldn't go to a movie because it might not be over in time for me to get to work. He rubbed my feet when they were hurting and stinky after a long shift. And he gets nagged about his health, like if he has a funny-looking lesion on his skin or forgets to wear sunscreen. I also once freaked him out during a candlelight dinner when I told him he had great veins. Dating a nurse is soooooooooo glamorous! LOL!
  7. Moogie

    Dating a nurse

    Moving this out of Pets and Animals to Dating and Relationships.
  8. Moogie

    Moving with Elderly Animals

    My husband and I are moving to a community 500 miles away at the end of the summer. Currently we have one 14-year old dog (the other was euthanized in February). Our dog is mentally cognizant (her sister had dementia), has the beginnings of cataracts, occasional stiffness in her lower legs but usually full ROM and the energy to run. She has several medical problems including malignant melanoma, an adenoma, and a seizure disorder (controlled with meds). Her late sister had continence problems and so this dog is not always good at not peeing on the carpet. Sometimes she acts like a puppy and yet, the other night I woke up my husband because the dog could not move her lower hip and legs. Now she's okay. Our one cat is 16 and has renal failure. She has sprayed where she shouldn't. She's lost weight but seems to have a decent quality of life. She eats prescription food for her kidney disease. Has anyone moved with elderly animals? Can you please give me some suggestions? Would they even survive the trip or might they get too stressed with the move and maybe die right after? That happened to a friend of mine... Thoughts and suggestions very welcome. Thank you!
  9. Moogie

    Giving Hairball Gel Or Cream

    I need to get more aggressive with the hairball gel. The cat who is impossible to pill does not like this but the other cats might. My son's two cats are staying with us for the summer. One is a DSH tabby but I don't see him barfing up hairballs. The other is an Oriental Shorthair. She doesn't shed and she doesn't barf hairballs. Just watch, Miss Princess Oriental Shorthair, who doesn't need hairball gel, will probably love it and the cats who need it will hate it.
  10. Moogie

    How to get a cat to take a pill

    One of my cats is impossible to pill. She fights, hisses, froths at the mouth, then spits out whatever is left. Once she needed antibiotics and I just asked the vet to give me the injectable form. It was much easier to give her a shot than a pill.
  11. Moogie

    What do you do with your dog? (When your working)

    A friend who lives in California leaves his dog in a locked, fenced yard when he's at work. He has a doghouse in case it rains. His biggest concern is that someone might try to steal the dog but he's not going to leave a German Shepard in the house for 12 hours a day.
  12. Moogie

    A Frustrating Morning...

    I'm sorry you and your husband were verbally abused by the receptionist at your vet office. That's really inexcusable and it should cost this employee her job. Had you been a new client, you probably would have found a different vet immediately! I watched something on Animal Planet about cats inappropriately spraying. If it isn't due to an organic issue such as UTI or renal failure and if it isn't due to insufficient or dirty litter boxes, it is likely a behavioral issue. A vet was treating cats with Prozac and finding that it decreased the spraying! One of our dogs was on Prozac periodically. I think she should have remained on it for the rest of her life but my husband disagreed. The dog was miserably crabby. She is in doggie heaven now but I'm sure she's found something to complain about...
  13. Moogie

    Did anyone watch season 3 of HawthoRNe last night?

    The first season, HawthoRNe was the show I loved to hate. However, one of the episodes near the end of the first season was excellent and I got into the show. I liked the second season. I don't like violent TV shows and the violence of the premiere episode of the third season was distasteful enough that I won't watch the show again. For me, it jumped a whole school of sharks and I've lost interest. Really. Unless there's a disaster such as a bus accident or tornado, no CNO or chief of surgery would be called into work on their wedding night! Sorry, that was just ridiculous!
  14. Moogie

    Makeup and Hair

    I use MAC Prep + Prime SPF 50. It's great primer. I have oily eyelids, too, so I use MAC Paint Pot (shade: Painterly) as a primer. But first I use a bit of MAC Blot Powder on my eyelids to soak up any oil. It really works!
  15. Moogie

    Anthony Weiner and Twitter

    Sorry if the use of the term "junk" is offensive to some, but if a man's going to flash his genitals on the Internet, then he has devalued them. They ARE junk. I guess the whole discussion is moot. He admitted to sending the pictures and to having six inappropriate e-relationships with women in the past three years. Apparently he does not believe this will impact his marriage. :eek: That's REALLY offensive.