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  1. Chapis

    How far to go to compromise?

    hi amarilla, are you by any chance from amarillo?? i don't have much to offer just that both of you must agree and be able to compromise for each other. wish yall well!!
  2. Chapis

    Would you sleep with a doctor?

    wow-coudln't think of a better title??
  3. Chapis

    Remembering the Reason for the Season

    "and he shall reign, forever and ever! hallelujah!!"- amen!
  4. Chapis

    Christmas vs Bible... anyone else?

    it's like thanksgiving, this holiday isn't in the bible for us to celebrate, but like i said in my previous post, if we have god in ming and thoughts and give him thanks and gather with our loved ones, what's wrong with that? nothing, i actually love thanksgiving more b'c that's a holiday about spending time with family and not about 'giving to each other'. i think is how we 'celebrate' a holiday, and if we honor god with our celebration. if god was at the end of our list or didn't even bother to praise him-that right there is wrong. feliz navidad to you all!!
  5. Chapis

    Christmas vs Bible... anyone else?

    i understand what you are saying. i know jesus wasn't born in dec 25th, but if we keep god in mind and honor and give him glory and spend time with family, i doubt that's a sin. i know christmas has been over commercialized and that's rediculous. as long as we teach our little ones what christmas is about, which is jesus birth, and don't forget about the true meaning of these holidays, we are okay. god bless, and i hope everyone has a merry merry christmas!!!
  6. i believe this is good doing from the government. they are making sure the kids are healthy, and aren't the kids the future of this nation? obese kids with dmtii isn't a joke nor do they look cute. this is an alarming situation that will take everyone to help those kids in need as many-many parents aren't doing their job. i can't believe many people are flipping because of this, the government wants to promote good health to prolong our kids lives! leslie i could only kudo your posts once but here you have a million kudos from me.
  7. Chapis

    Screaming Children Will Not Be Tolerated

    i don't let those tantrums to go either. it's not the parent's fault most times i believe. now that i'm a mother, my son at times seems to act the crazierst when we're in public, so now i don't judge the parent's when their kid is acting like mine sometimes does. but when mine is acting out and doesn't want to control his behavior, to the restroom we go.
  8. Chapis

    Opinions on Euthanasia

    i'm troubled by this topic. i really never find myself 'not knowing' where i stand on an issue. but on this one, i really do not know. my christian mind tells me, noo, god gives life, god can only take it. but, a person suffering, knowing things aren't going to get better, why not? we all makes choices, day in and day out. i believe it's our choice to live or die, but it doesn't mean it's 'right'. i don't know, sorry, i'm thinking at loud, i really do not know where i stand on this. wouldn't be the same as when someone commits suicide? in both senarios, for whatever reason they don't want to keep on living, so they want out. maybe if their pcp could give them the dose for them to take at home, maybe that won't be as if we knew of places where people 'can go to die'. i'll better give this a rest.
  9. Chapis

    What does your username mean?

    chapis means 'shorty' in spanish, my mother always calls me chapis, and yes, i'm 'chapis', lol.
  10. Chapis

    What is your all time favorite book?

    i've never been much of a reader until my husband talked about the the left behind series. i couldn't put those books down. and of course, someone has to say it, the twilight series. since reading these two series i enjoyed reading and i've been thinking of which book to read next. my father gave me years ago, a driven purpose life? or soemthing like that, i think i'll read that next. when i was in hs, i read to kill a mockingbird, i loved it. oh, and how can i forget, the shack, it made me cry, but i loved the part where the father is in the 'cave' and this lady explains to him how god doesn't pick who suffers and who doesn't. i love that book.
  11. Chapis

    U.S. Goverment vs. Joe Arpaio

    i'm not a fan of sheriff arpaio. :nono: i think he crosses the line from strictness to being abusive. i agree with aknottedyard, abuse has gone on for years. just my opinion.
  12. i know god doesn't need 'help' from 'freaks' to heal people, but i do believe some of his children to have talents throught our lord himself. i believe people have the talent of healing, prophecy (sp?), etc. . . i believe in the power of prayer done with faith. when i was in 7th or 8th grade i was in pain, i can't remember what hurt, sorry :p, my best friend's dad picked me up from school and took me to their house as his wife was there. their preacher was there, he asked for me to lie down on the floor as he and others prayed for and over me and he instructed me to only get up if my pain was gone, praise the lord-my pain was gone 1-2 minutes after the prayer ended. :redpinkhe prayer is power!
  13. Chapis

    What is the best way 4 me 2 lose weight. Need 2 lose 60pds?

    can you go to a dietician? she/he will help you count the calories, will tell you which foods to completely avoid and will also help you on smart easy snacks. i have a friend that since last november started eating 'right' and she's lost over 70+ lbs. she's just eating healthy, and with each meal she also eats a 'fresh' fruit. she's done so good, i'm so proud of her. anyways-hope this little bitty advise will help one way or another!
  14. Chapis

    3 kids in a relationship 9 yrs, no marriage

    sorry about the miss-understanding! i meant if you had asked him about the 'subject' of him ever marrying you, or if y'all had the talk about where are his feelings about the 'marriage' issue. i didn't mean if you had asked him to marry you. happy weekend y'all!
  15. Chapis

    3 kids in a relationship 9 yrs, no marriage

    so have you asked him yet? i've been wondering about this, lol. i really have been thinking, what did he say to her?? anyways, hope everything's okay.

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