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  1. vegas2009

    FBI reopens its investigation into Hillary

    Hillary will most likely win. Of course, it's not a shock. America will never be able to charge a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state -- all rolled into one package! No matter how loud the stink is about the matter. Trump also has his issues. It's interesting to find out who truly wins, especially if one (or let's say a million or so?) choose NOT to vote.
  2. I think you both want to secretly sleep together. But, for some reason, can't get together :D There's a part of you that wants to know where it leads. Maybe the feeling is mutual, but maybe he just wants the sex. You need to find out what his real 'relationship status' is and if or when you do, will that matter?
  3. I think you both want to secretly sleep together. But, for some reason, can't get together :D There's a part of you that wants to know where it leads. Maybe the feeling is mutual, but maybe he just wants the sex. You need to find out what his real 'relationship status' is and if you do, will it matter?
  4. vegas2009

    What is the last movie you have seen? (theaters or tv)

    I hope Redbox stays in business forever. I just saw "The Great & Powerful OZ!!!" Loved it, I'm definitely buying the DVD. Special effects, the story, everything is just wonderful. Kinda boring at first, but definitely worth watching! I can't wait for the sequel!! The movie gross a lot of $$$$, there has to be a sequel!
  5. vegas2009

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Yes, God will hear it. :D
  6. vegas2009

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    The killing was senseless, shocking, horrific, etc... The two ungrateful Allah worshippers should be hanged, tortured first, of course. Or maybe, a public execution done in England?? (Having their heads wacked off from behind -- if only). After all, Muslim-led countries have public executions every day of the week.
  7. vegas2009

    Teen charged for having sex with same sex teen

    Other people would say: The Law is the law! I say: it is a waste of taxpayer's money. Granted, one is a 14 yo... it is still a consensual same-sex relationship. Honestly, an 18 yo really is still a child nowadays :D I wonder why the 18 yo would even admit to such a relationship with a minor! Anyone with a minor--relationship connection (in the same sentence) is jail bait! I've always thought that everyone KNEW this. I guess not... I guess the 18 yo isn't smart enough to shut her trap. He he... some people learn the hard way.
  8. vegas2009

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    Honestly, I find it very idiotic when 'muslims' 'islam' or whatever name/s people call themselves, who "try" or "give statements" like those two London terrorists.... very irritating. If they don't like the British government (by mentioning "their land" in their statement)... why even bother living in England? The man speaking (in the video), did sound very everyday Londoner, but he doesn't seem to think so. He doesn't seem to consider himself having a British nationality. I'm sure that no one forced him to live in England. He and 'his buddy/accomplice' deserve to be shot in the head! Maybe then, they'll realize that they should've stayed in whatever 'land that one man' was referring to. Of course they'll both be dead... if those two have a 'need' to kill, they should have done so 'in their land'.
  9. vegas2009

    Wife moving across country for nursing school

    It is better to be near family. I used to think that I should explore someplace else for all sorts of reasons. But, as I get older -- I prefer to be near my love ones. Or, a few hours drive wouldn't hurt, I guess. It just depends. But, to be that far away is a bit ridiculous. It's different if you have family nearby.
  10. vegas2009

    North Korea

    Obama is OK, I'm not a fan, but he is ok. Whether or not, the 'supreme leader' thinks that Obama is weak, is irrelevant. It's because, if we were to engage in 'war' with N. Korea -- WHERE will United States get the funds for that?? Seriously, the US can't even fix the sequester problem. Where will we find the $$$$$$$ to put N Korea in it's place?? Borrow more from China? Have the US Mint print more American dollars? --- I guess the US gov't can authorize that :D, but the US will have to back up those 'printed money' somehow. If the US is able to do that, then --- why do we have to borrow money from China in the first place?? We need to wake up. We are currently in the path to a 'Great American Depression' decade/s. We are so seriously in debt that we may unintentionally turn into a third world country. It's scary, but possible --- this is based on the decisions that were made, during the Bush/Cheney 'unholy' partnership. The choices we have been doing since then, are mostly out of necessity.
  11. vegas2009

    female nurses, school, divorce and separation ...

    Maybe something else is going on in their marriages. Unless, you know what the real story is, no one can assume. I know for me, I'm not going to bail on anyone just because: I have a stable job and have managed to be self-sufficient. I don't think I can live with myself. There has to be other factors present. Of course no one has actually come up with a magic formula on, making a marriage work. But, many people have claimed though.
  12. Gay marriage should be legal. No one should be discriminated against regardless of who or what they are. Obamacare has to be repealed or pushed back for another 3 years or so. Seriously, no one can afford that mess right now. Most people are broke, and if companies are going to have to cut back on hiring employees (which they will eventually end up doing) == then, Obamacare should be frozen for now.
  13. vegas2009

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Beyonce? :D, No, wait... 'Bill & Ted's excellent adventure... Keanu Reeves
  14. vegas2009

    North Korea

    Well, whatever happens will happen. One thing is for certain and has ALWAYS been predictable is: United States' superiority complex! The other day, I watched as certain news people talked about the US turning N Korea into a parking lot. Now, why would anyone even say this? Seriously.... First of all, the US and the world knows of a number of missiles/missile ranges that N Korea has. Maybe, this is what they want us to know. But, no one knows for sure. Most of their stuff is underground. They only let certain info. leak out. Secondly, a decade ago -- I remember the Bush Administration (George W., Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) SAID that Iraq was going to be "done and OVER with and even with ZERO American casualties in 3 weeks or so, and the longest time that we will have to be there is about 3 months." Then, the American people assumed that their safety was assured. LOL, someone obviously lied. Iraq doesn't even have the capability, that is anywhere near N. Korea. Yet, US has somehow managed to 'screw it up', I still don't know why any American still thinks that the Iraq invasion is a success. The United States has remained arrogant, self-indulgent, 'know-it-all who thinks they can force the American way' to other countries. Of course, this is STILL true until today. Americans should really take a good hard look on themselves and their leaders! Before we all suffer once again, because of another 'DOH' moment. But, of course this time -- there is probably no more option, but to go to war (if) N Korea is dumb enough to make the first move. We have to remember to say this to ourselves everyday, as the cost of war racks up once again. The sad part is, Americans are just too arrogant to see that the real problem lies within.
  15. vegas2009

    First word that comes to mind.....


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