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  1. Lynx25

    I refuse to be a fat nurse!!

    Bad food in the workplace is my nemisis! I chase it away, my co-workers know to not offer to go get me 'snacks' of KFC/TacoHell, whatever nonsense they are getting that day. I bring my lunch, and I'm forcing myself to go to the gym- every single day on my days off. Happily, my gym has free classes, and I'm a big fan of them. If I'm working out by myself, I get bored and wander off- but if I plant myself in the middle of an aerobics class, I'm too embarrassed to leave early and seem like a wuss. Also, I have much, MUCH more energy when I attend the gym reguarly. It's a tremendous difference. I've lost 8 pounds in three weeks, hurray me!
  2. Lynx25

    April Fools!

    Could always dress up like an angel, with a flashlight on your head, and go wake up your patients.
  3. My profession is about how I work, not about how I look. I work with an excellent PT who happens to have dreadlocks and visible tattoos, and I hear nothing- NOTHING but praise from families and patients about that woman. Now, while I'm still of the opinion that facial and neck tattoos aren't going to get you any bonuses while looking for a job, I don't feel that tattoos as a whole are harmful. Several of my co-workers have them... and the one i'm working with today made employee of the month- so she couldn't be TOO immature and idiotic. In the end I know these are all just personal anecdotes, I'm sure everyone's met ridiculous people with and without body modifications. I don't give a D--n how you look, as long as you do your job right. Keep judging people by their appearance... it'll trip you up one of these days.
  4. Aren't you a little sunshine... XD As far as the military... are you aware of how MANY people in the armed forces have tattoos? There's a reason there's always a bunch of tattoo parlors around bases.
  5. Pikachu chasing snowflakes? :D I have multiple piercings, including surface piercings along my stomach, but nothing that shows in uniform. If people are really concerned about their tattoos showing, there's always .... hey if it works for Zombie-Boy, it'll work for you.
  6. Lynx25

    what kind of car does a nurse drive?

    Right now I am driving a '47 Studebaker pickup. The gas mileage is great actually, I just wish it had a gas GAUGE.
  7. Lynx25

    "Contagion" - nurses misrepresented again

    Exactly! This is the same reason I supported a 2 person boycott of the scam: "Cars 2" Clearly, my car does not talk, and I am disgusted by any suggestion to the contrary.