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  1. Honnête et Sérieux

    Charges for Wisconsin Parents who Prayed as Diabetic Daughter Died

    It wasn't that she suffered while they prayed...it was that she suffered. The prayer part has nothing to do with it. I work in a pediatric hospital, and I see people who pray while their child suffers while EVERYTHING is done for them...often in vain.
  2. Honnête et Sérieux

    University Alerts Should Be Prompt

    I have mixed thoughts on this issue. As a grad student, I have my first exposure to alerts, and sometimes I wish they'd ease up. I was pleased when they notified me of a recent gun crime near campus, but the constant alerts about weather are annoying. They will notify us multiple times about the weather, and then once again when the weather clears. I think one alert should be adequate, and people should be able to gather more info on their own (when it comes to weather).
  3. Honnête et Sérieux

    State Must Have Quality Colleges, Not Cheap Ones

    On this, I fully agree. But then, it kind of goes against the popular idea to make college uber-accessible to everyone.
  4. Honnête et Sérieux

    Free School

    I wonder who pays for this?
  5. Honnête et Sérieux

    College Admission Simplified

    Excellent idea; I sometimes thought that applications could be placed in a clearinghouse, and colleges could 'bid' for students with incentives such as lower tuition.
  6. Honnête et Sérieux

    Dangerous Texting Makes My Blood Boil

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand why people will have entire discussions via text?
  7. Honnête et Sérieux

    Five single-payer protestors arrested (Nurses, Docs)

    When did McCain call anyone a socialist? I find his healthcare plan to be have socialistic tendencies as well.
  8. Honnête et Sérieux

    I think my hormones are whacked...

    No new job...interview number three did not go well by my standards, but the headhunter seemed to think I was still a top candidate. I haven't heard back, and after two weeks I don't expect to. Life goes on...but I still want to move to Florida!
  9. Honnête et Sérieux

    Since the Republicans are called Obstructionists...

    I'd like to think so, but I seriously doubt that their brains are big enough to even see it that way. They failed to criticize Clinton when he was holding prisoners there indefinitely without charge, but took up the fight when Bush used the prisons. Now that Obama isn't making it happen, I suddenly think that the criticism is going to remarkably de-escalate (or already has). I suspect it will be a lot like the growing silence which seems to be replacing the support that Obama, Rahm, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi used to enjoy.
  10. Honnête et Sérieux

    Top Republicans want apology or proof from Pelosi

    If you are having trouble figuring out who is lying, just take note as to who really wants this situation to go away and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. As it was said, if the CIA lied to Congress, then an investigation is NECESSARY, and Pelosi can't find any credibility in calling other people liars and then trying to move on to the next lie. We predicted that this supposedly new congress of "change" was going to be nothing more than corruption compounded.
  11. Honnête et Sérieux

    I wonder if folks are interested in non-"news" finance discussion?

    I don't mean to sound like an endorser of Ramsey, but rather an endorser of the philosophy. I'm for firing all the brokers and doing it ourselves; I fully agree on the 'passive stance' comment. Most importantly I believe in the need for more of us to abandon the credit-card/leveraged mentality that results in the majority of our population having a negative net worth. And since I employed the Ramsian philosophy long before I ever heard of the guy, I remember the first time I heard him on the radio; I said, "this guy stole my technique!" Anyone feel free to PM me if you have questions.
  12. Honnête et Sérieux

    Since the Republicans are called Obstructionists...

    What word is used to describe the Democrats who refused to allow for the process to close Gitmo?
  13. :yawn: Did someone say something that indicated impatience? Since they didn't, then there is no reason for the condescension and the "panties in a bunch" approach. In fact, there is no reason at all to even refer to other forum members in these discussions as to their personal characteristics or how much time they might have; serves no purpose except to be insulting. :nono: It's not that cut and dried, and the gov't has no less of a conflict of interest than anyone else, not to mention they screw up everything they try to run. That is actually a rather democratic theme lately...! Throw a bunch of money at it, and then flush it down the toilet. And since the gov't doesn't have the money unless we give it to them, I'm not sure why ANY plan that involves the gov't would function any other way. The power to negotiate with drug companies is not some magical technique that is only available to the gov't or a single-payer provider. Anyone can negotiate. And you cannot prove that administrative costs will drop in a US gov't run single-payer system; our gov't is notorious for paying to much for everything. And our current gov't provided healthcare plan is one of the most fraudulent in the country. Since it typically compensates at a lower rate, it would be reasonable to expect the fraud to multiply if the gov't was the only payer. And you must also recognize that these proposals are not uniquely republican; the current majority in congress is not interested in a single-payer system either. And the reality is that descriptions of the "problem" are greatly exgaggerated. I propose approaching this with baby steps instead of running up and trying to smash the whole thing with a big hammer. Start out addressing the things that are not so controversial, yet will serve to make a big differrence. First step; tort reform. If providers are not faced with massive malpractice suits and the environment which encourages wasteful and costly defensive practice, the cost of healthcare would decrease. It would free up services to serve more people, and make it more affordable to everyone. This first step alone might go far in actually making dramatic improvements in the system without requiring an unnecessary complete overhaul. Of course common sense directs that even before this were to happen, the discussion needs to first be presented honestly...and as the discussions in this forum have indicated, people aren't even willing to acknowledge that the alleged number of uninsured is inaccurately displayed in these exchanges.
  14. So what if it's an op-ed from the WSJ? What would you call the opening post in this thread? An unbiased objective observation? The post that was shared (and you subsequently attempted to attack) seems to fit well with the theme with which you started this thread.
  15. Honnête et Sérieux

    GITMO still open...

    Jon Stewart isn't the best at anything...not even in the top 10...