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  1. marcos9999

    Devos. Welp, Public Education WAS a nice idea.

    Most Republicans don't believe that people in need should be helped. They generally believe that if you are in some sort of predicament is your fault. You are lazy and help is viewed as hand out or entitlements. An ideal Republican world is one of exclusivity where only a few participate, others just have to work themselves to death and hope the some crumbs will fall out.
  2. marcos9999

    'Obamacare' and your job

    ACA is not the problem. It's an attempt to change our broken health care system. Increase preventive care, increase revenues and make everyone pay for services they will eventually need. I don't understand your comments on "everything free". ACA is exactly an attempt to end that by having everyone pay for health care which they other wise would not pay i.e. going to the ER as you described. Everyone pays for auto insurance, what's the big fuss about paying for health care insurance. Someone has to pay. The problem is that it modify the high profit model hospitals now have. They have to change to a more socialized model, which serves the interest of the patients rather then their amazing profits and that is not seating well with these CEO's.
  3. marcos9999

    Why GOP hates Obamacare so much?

    I really don't understand why all the fuss. I guess it's just political bickering. We don't know what Obamacare will bring until is tested for a while. Can anyone explain why we don't like it? Why we shouldn't have it? As far as I know it's a good thing. What is bad about people without health insurance to have one at a price the can effort? Can anyone explain to me how Obamacare is going to be bad? Thank you