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  1. roser13

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    I actually thought the opposite about OP. I assumed that she has been exposed to plenty of women who have unfortunate and painful periods and who complain about them. I kind of took the post as a rebuke, saying that more of womankind need to celebrate, not denigrate.
  2. roser13

    Nurses Who Love Guns?

    Nurses who love guns? Seems a very small population that you're searching for. I doubt that you'll find an audience here.
  3. roser13

    We're not English Majors, but...

    I agree. I sometimes can't even understand what the poster means to convey. (And I don't mean folks whose first language is not English.) If any mention is made of poor spelling or incoherent, run-on sentences/paragraphs, the following responses are typical: "Who made you the grammar police?" "It's the internet. I don't have to spell correctly or use proper grammar." "I'm typing on my phone. It makes mistakes." The second one always makes me laugh. Either you can spell or you can't. Either you have a basic grasp of grammar or you don't. If you do possess those two fundamental traits, you'd have to go out of your way to speak or write incorrectly.
  4. roser13

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    Depends upon what you consider leftist nonsense? What could possibly be politicized in a nursing education?
  5. roser13

    Survey for school

    Dude! You are in college now. You need to step it up or face failure.
  6. roser13

    Survey for school

    Lol! If you only knew how many surveys/questionnaires/interviews we are asked to take! Not to mention.....how on earth will you know the ages of your respondents? Folks lie like crazy on the internet. Are you sure you weren't supposed to interview folks IN PERSON? You know, like face to face?
  7. roser13

    President Trump

    Zero. Zip. Nada. I got no hopes whatsoever for the next four years. There should be a place in your project for those feelings because I know I'm not alone.
  8. roser13

    I'm scared

    I really, really hope you are correct. It's the only thing keeping me going.
  9. My haiku: 5,7,5 You post your NETY So not relevant today Insecurity, much?
  10. That's ok. Seriously, don't worry about it.
  11. Oh my goodness. Something has become unhinged.
  12. Remember, Spellcheck is your friend.
  13. roser13

    Called 911-Autistic teen neighbor

    I'm wondering why you called 911? Did you fear for the mom's safety? Other than that reason, I'm not sure what the police could accomplish. I agree with Ruby Vee. I think your best bet might be to move. I have tremendous empathy for the mom and I wish that CPS did get involved because they might have had some services to offer.
  14. roser13

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    hahaha! The Internet is old enough to have had "good old days"! Who remember the dial-up tones? So annoying because it was so frustrating waiting for that connection.
  15. roser13

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    It also seems that the later responders can't be bothered to read any previous posts. They read the OP, then post opinions or advice that's been posted 52 times already.

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