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  1. SnowRain7489

    Baby Oil is GREAT!

    For the past month I have been using baby oil on my hair and body. I put baby oil in my hair, braid it, & go to bed - the next day I wash my hair - I do this 1-2X/week. On the odd days that I have no baby oil in my hair, my hair feels so soft and shiny and...healthy! I had to do this because I began to use Garnier Fructis because my sister told me to, apparently it was supposed to make my hair shiny and smooth - IT DIDN'T - it made it brittle & dull. I also put baby oil on my body about 1-2X/week. I use it as if it was lotion. This makes my skin so soft. I highly recommend doing these two things.
  2. Homemade dinner. Pizza Hut, wine glasses with pop and candlelight...LOOSER!
  3. SnowRain7489

    How much of your paycheck do you save?

    I think it takes practice. Sounds goofy, huh...I know. Think about it for a minute if u are not good at saving money then start slow. Save $10/week into your savings - do the math, that's $480/year that is of course if you are truly struggling down in the dumpst. If you want to up it after a month or so, up it to $20 every week. Money is all relative. What I think is a high income may not be so high to you & vice versa. If you just keep on saving every week a "set" amount, you will see your account go up and subsequently you'll feel good.
  4. SnowRain7489

    How Do You Know When a Man Loves You

    Thanks Ellann55, I really needed that chuckle. I'm in the Computerlab w/1 other person, &I bet he thinks I'm weird for laughing at the computer alone, :lol2:
  5. SnowRain7489

    How Do You Know When a Man Loves You

    Because he calls you all the time Because he always wants to be with you Because he says, "I love you" Because he introduces you to his parents Because he wants to move fast in the relationship Because he looks for you in the Library and your Apartment My answer to this is no, love goes deeper than that Love is how he treats you Love is respect Love is other things he says to you (things other than "love") Love is ... What do ya'll think?

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