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  1. Smashbox Studio Skin foundation + UD eyeshadow + UD eyeshadow primer = flawless face after 13 hours! This is with multiple patients in isolation too. It's pretty amazing.
  2. ShantheRN

    I'm a Fitbit user. Are you?

    I'm toying with the idea of buying one of these....I dunno. I'm cheap lol and I'm already pretty good about pushing myself workout wise.
  3. ShantheRN

    The IPad Mini Is Compact and Durable

    I heart my iPad mini! It's the perfect size. I don't even touch my Nook anymore. StNeotser, I got the 16gig and I'm not close to being out of memory. I have a few books, movies, and a lot of music on mine.
  4. ShantheRN

    The Walking Dead

    I know, right? lol I was thinking the same thing!
  5. ShantheRN

    Rediscovering church....can you go home again?

    Thank you for the reply! I agree with your plan. I support a number of things that my childhood church does not approve - the main reason why I can't see myself being part of that congregation again. I have a stretch of off days coming up and I think I'll use them to research different churches in my area. It feels good to actually do something about this :) Makes me realize I'm making the right decision.
  6. This has been on my mind for weeks. I've gotten some really great advice from this site so I'm hoping.....someone will understand. A little background: I grew up in a AME (traditional black, Methodist) church. My grandma was the choir director. My pastor was the epitome of everything I deemed righteous and right in the world. When I became a teenager, I naturally started questioning about other religions. My parents, especially my mother, basically shut down my inquiries. When I went away to college, I stopped going to weekly services. It was a heated topic between my mother and I. Personal tragedies sent me into a spiral of depression and anger with God. I felt abandoned. He took my mom and my grandma, two of my most trusted and inspirational people. I was able to ease my depression with antidepressants and a lot of soul searching. I spent most of my 20s feeling lost and alone. I vowed my 30s would be different, and they have been. I'm content with life. I realize I learned some of my best lessons when I was at my lowest. I discovered a spiritual strength and presence I didn't realize I had. My childhood church - where some of my family still attends - is still thriving with new leadership. The memories make me want to find another home church. Only problem is....I have NO idea where to start. I don't necessarily agree with the tenets of that church, and they definitely wouldn't agree with my viewpoints. I don't agree with the literal translation of the bible. I think religion is a personal experience that transcends the rules/regulations but I miss the sense of community. I've been researching it and I've got some Western and Eastern beliefs swirling through my head. So after that rant :facepalm: my question is this: does a church like that even exist? I'm also intrigued by Eastern religions and thought visiting one could be enlightening. I dunno.....basically I'm babbling because I have no idea where to start! Thank you for reading.....
  7. ShantheRN

    Men Who Fail to Launch into Adulthood

    I could've written this article. I'm a Gen Xer and frankly, I'm perfectly content staying single until I meet a man that's an adult. I will not compete with an X box for quality time. Video games are alright to a certain extent. My grandmother is beside herself because I'm 35, have no children, no man, and.....le gasp.....I'm happy! She doesn't get it. I want a partner, not a man child. Now if I could find a way to meet said man while working night shift LOL There's something to be said for online dating sites, methinks. Martina, I can vouch for the fact that losers come in all colors of the rainbow. Stupid transcends all demographics unfortunately =/
  8. ShantheRN

    The Walking Dead

    February is a long time away :(
  9. ShantheRN

    Friday, November 30, 2012

    Good morning, everyone....and good night to all my fellow night shifters! That's so funny you mention that, Commuter....I did the exact same thing! This happens like once a month. It's like my body needs 20 hours of sleep to recharge. I don't fight it - I just embrace it! I always feel much better. Waste of an off day, but errands can wait a day :) So I missed most of Thursday and I've been awake since about 2am Friday morning. I caught up on my DVR and have been relaxing ever since. Maybe after a very brief nap I'll hit the grocery store. I'm off til Wednesday (yay!) and my cupboards are bare. One more cup of tea and I should be snoozing with the cat on top of my head. Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!
  10. ShantheRN

    The Walking Dead

    We need to start typing "SPOILER ALERT" at the beginning of posts. I really wanted to discuss specifics but didn't want to give too many details to those people not caught up yet. Someone else let the cat out the bag lol As someone that usually watches shows after the air date, I hate when I accidentally read spoilers about big plot points.
  11. ShantheRN

    The Walking Dead

    I'm guessing Darryl lost a child, possibly pre apocalypse. Between the Sophia saga and how he scooped up the baby (swoon! love me some Darryl!) he's such a dad. Sure he did it with a cross bow on his back. but it was a nice moment! Considering how Rick has gone all Private Pyle on us, nice moments are gonna be a rarity for while I'm betting. He didn't even look at the baby. Michonne hasn't even told Andrea her own secrets. I suspect she sees that Andrea drank the proverbial koolaid about Woodberry and the Governor. Rather than be cautious, Andrea would go straight to him and demand answers. I could totally see it. And why oh why must she flirt with every mentally and emotionally unstable guy she meets? The journal (all I kept thinking was "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy lol,) the hair brushing scene....seriously! I've been busy with homework but were you guys really discussing the logistics of a lactating zombie? :eek:
  12. ShantheRN

    NYC in January?

    Thank you for the advice! I got my PTO approved and now I'm looking for hotels :) So excited!
  13. ShantheRN

    The Walking Dead

    Epic. I've been wishing for that almost 2 seasons and I was sitting here crying while watching it. This season is awesome so far.
  14. ShantheRN

    NYC in January?

    Okay so people are telling me I'm nuts for wanting to go to NYC in January. I'm going for a couple of Broadway shows and to let my inner geek feast on the museums. I'm also hoping to hit a few awesome restaurants. I get that it will be cold but I'm from Ohio so it's not like I'm not used to it! All my friends immediately cite the weather as a deterrent, as if winter in Ohio is 70 and sunny lol I've never been, and I've been wanting a fun vacay for a while. I'll more than likely be going alone. I know I'll miss out on some stuff because of weather but it's not like I can't go back during warmer months. It's easier to get tickets to shows in winter and hotel prices are lower. So....any opinions? My finger is twitching to start booking stuff :woot: