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  1. ShantheRN

    Let's Set Goals!

    I approve the bumping of this thread.....because I joined a gym again, now that I have the time. I had to do PT for a knee injury but my doc finally cleared me for regular exercise. I was slow to start back (funny how quickly you lose all your gym confidence after 18 months away) but then I saw graduation pictures on facebook :uhoh3: That was enough motivation for me. My current goal is to get over the "omg I can't breathe and it's only been 5 minutes!" hump and gradually build my stamina back up. I blame nursing school lol
  2. ShantheRN

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Thanks, Tweety! I'll have to go look at both of those books and see which one I like better :) I'll let ya know the outcome of Shan vs. the Tofu lol
  3. ShantheRN

    The Vegetarian Thread

    What a fun thread! I decided to go vegetarian recently - I'm about 3 weeks in, I think? Lacto-ovo because I love cheese and eggs entirely too much to give it up :D I don't have any moral issues with eating meat so I don't know what kind of vegetarian that makes me. I did it for health reasons. I switched to night shift a year ago and my blood sugars have been out of whack ever since. My endo and I have been scrambling around with my pump settings but apparently my body doesn't like the night life :( I noticed after a couple nights of eating meatless dinners that my numbers were much better so I decided to give it a try for at least 30 days. So far, so good! I still have the occasional *** BS reading, but it's a lot more consistent now. My endo told me to keep going with it, but that I should keep some dairy products in while my body adjusts. After reading a lot of your posts, I decided I may need to embrace beans more. I really don't use them much. I've been using Morningstar Farm products (yum!!) and Boca burgers, coupled with lots of dark leafy greens and legumes. I bought some chickpeas to attempt some falafel, and there's a package of tofu in my fridge that I keep eying but am too scared to mess with lol Any suggestions for a good vegetarian (not vegan) starter cookbook? I've been printing recipes from different websites but I'd like to have a book handy in the kitchen.

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