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  1. netglow

    Thursday April 10

    Hi all peeps! Long time since I've hung around. Seems everybody is still here, right where I told you all to stay till I came back (haha). Been busy (as we all are) and also buying a car #serious. Sabby, I asked you like a year ago? about your Sonata, do you two still have them, and now they've been driven, do you both still love them? I have a Camry and am thinking of jumping the Toyota ship and blazing out in to the wild. Who knows, maybe Sonata, (maybe Elantra), but maybe a Ford Fusion? Anybody else with a newer good car? Like even 2011 on, if I consider used as well. Anybody buy a hot mess of a nightmare and want to warn me off of a model? I've been hearing of all the recalls and am waffling like crazy :/
  2. netglow

    First word that comes to mind.....

    nail polish
  3. netglow

    I'm loving minoxidil

    Thanks GT, I'll let her know. I do notice that my hair seems to be "finer" than it used to be. I've always had fine hair, but a good amount of it. It just seems more fragile, and there's more breakage now. I guess it's all in the getting older. However, some of my friends were talking and we all seem to be complaining about our hair, lots of fly-aways and breakage. I've recently changed shampoo/conditioner from "whatever brand" in the grocery store to Matrix, which is expensive, but you know what? there is much less hair loss - in the shower drain and from blowdrying! This I noticed pretty much the first week! So, I'm thinking that some of what's in these products actually causes your hair to break or actually fall out! AAAAAK!
  4. netglow

    I'm loving minoxidil

    GT, What is the name of the shampoo you started using? Someone at work just told me she's losing hair on the back of her head as well (I can't see it) She's really concerned and unhappy about it, too. I'd like to let her know what you have tried.
  5. netglow

    To AKY, with love

    AKY, Sometimes it's just not up to us to decide, but only to do the best with what each day brings. Take comfort in knowing that the weight of all this sickness has been lifted from him. It's gone now - try to let it be lifted off of you too :kiss:
  6. netglow

    To AKY, with love

    AKY, thinking of you... One minute, one hour, one day at a time. Do just what needs doing, no more no less. You are one of the most mindful people I've come to know.
  7. netglow

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    This whole thread is getting to be a bit much. OP, you are an adult, and you need to find your own way. I don't think a nursing board really has much do do with those problems past what casual comments have already been provided. Everybody has family situations to deal with.
  8. netglow

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    I dunno. Your daughter did not want to be a mommy. She left in order to avoid that trap. She'll probably find her own way. And I agree, college certainly is not a guarantee of anything anymore, and she's working. She needs to just keep that job, she might yet begin taking a few classes. You seem to have been sold on the nursing myth somewhat. Hopefully you will get a job that you can keep and things will work out for you too. If your daughter wanted to be a deadbeat, she certainly would be still at your house -- don't see how she could have expected an ideal life with your home situation, and maybe she never did expect it. She is now old enough to make her own decisions and has done so. You should give her a little credit. You will value her worth once you begin paying someone to care for your other children. I was working as soon as I turned 16.
  9. netglow

    Do you work out regularly?

    I'm more like you. During most of school I also worked full time. Don't know how I pulled that one off, LOL, and I fit in a work out or a walk when I could, if I had any "daylight time" free! Right after I got my license, and school was over and I was looking for a job, I really got back into it. But, that ended. I didn't renew my membership and low and behold the club I worked out at has now closed. I've been thinking about working out tho...... haha.
  10. netglow

    Happy Thursday, February 21, 2013

    More recalls of US-made pet jerky treats, FDA says - Vitals
  11. netglow

    Tuesday February 12, 2013

    So glad you are home Sabby. Be sure that you be a good girl and change positions slowly, especially after a nap with :cat:. No bending way over to pick up off the floor. No bending way over to pet excited puppies who may jump up and knock you one on the chin. Bet you are a sight to behold right now! But 'cause we all know you are a smarty-pants, you are having great pleasure in taking a look in the mirror - quick call to Hollywood to see if you can get a part in any kind of movie going on over there, now are ya? Gonna cost them a lot for the real stuff!!!! Ha ha!
  12. netglow

    Sunday, February 10, 2013

    Hey everybody. Hope you all have a nice calm day. Sabby you are gonna give them a run for their money once surgery is over. I picture you getting out of bed to clean and tidy your room, and maybe the nurses station too.. be a good girl :up:.
  13. netglow

    The stupid joke thread

    What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? Nacho cheese
  14. netglow

    The stupid joke thread

    Why aren't there any Walgreens stores in Afganistan?
  15. netglow

    The stupid joke thread

    To get to the other side?????

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