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  1. Pierrette

    Internet Explorer 8 & 9 Top Others In Browser Security

    But in order to use IE 9, one must "upgrade" away from XP. I don't care for either OS past XP. As a matter of fact, before I will upgrade to one of those, I will switch over to Apple. Thanks for the information, but I've already experienced Windows 7. It was nearly impossible to remove it and re-install XP. I tend to think that Microsoft's "upgrades" are to be shunned and dreaded. Maybe I'm just an old fogey. I thought Windows 2000 Pro was the best. XP is pretty good. Maybe if I took the hundreds of hours to learn Vista (which my daughter has on her laptop) or 7, I would like it. But I can do everything I want to do on XP. I have NO problems with Firefox. I recently got rid of the "redirect" bug on IE 8. And, with XP, all my software still works. So, Captain PC, thanks for the info, but I will stay away from anything further from Microsoft.
  2. Pierrette

    Intelligent? Liberal? Interesting research

    These "intelligent" liberals....the same ones who elected Obama?
  3. Lots of liberals in all those cities.
  4. Pierrette

    What have you been complimented on lately?

    I had a patient tell me "I hope I look as good as you when I get old". Hmmmmm.
  5. Pierrette

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    Q. When is the ideal time to have children? A. Nine months after pregnancy begins.
  6. Pierrette

    The Economy

    I went to college while working full-time and raising a little girl... and never took one penny from any government program. Expecting others to do the same means I don't have a good attitude? Do you really think I should give part of my money to other people so they don't have to do what I was willing to do to get ahead? Whether you agree with my philosophy or not, any rational person would have to admit that if everyone refused government handouts, there would be NO deficit problem.
  7. Pierrette

    The Economy

    Matt Drudge at his finest:
  8. Pierrette

    Obama turns 50

    And unions?
  9. Pierrette

    Singles club thread

    Would you like to know more about me?
  10. Pierrette

    Proposed taxes on unhealthy food

    Salt is necessary for life.
  11. Pierrette

    Michele Bachmann - The Submissive Wife

    How could you have forgotten about me?
  12. Pierrette

    The Annointed One

    I assume you mean "wonder why" instead of "wonder where". Anyway, I think everyone is simply accustomed to his constant falsehoods.
  13. Pierrette

    The Austerity Thread

    I'm a big fan of nanny states. Does Michelle Obama Know About This? | The Agitator
  14. Ms. Anthony is an odd-thinking woman. She was freed by a jury of her peers.

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