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  1. Pierrette

    What can we do without Joe?

    While I am not a big football fan, I realize the importance of Joe Paterno. What a sad way to have your career ended. If only he had done the right thing....
  2. Pierrette

    New York City police arrest over 700 anti-Wall Street protesters

    Okay, my husband being an accountant, I tallied the scores: Supporting the movement: Tweety 81 Herring 48 Heron 28 Elvish 13 Aknottedyarn 7 MikeyBSN 3 VivaLasViejas 3 Appalachian Student 2 Kooky Korky 1 186 Not Supporting the movement: TntRN 43 Spidey Mom 24 Erina 14 Laurie52 5 Medic2RN 5 Pierrette 5 Kyrshamarks 1 97
  3. Pierrette

    The Austerity Thread

    Why be so exclusive?? YOU are talking about a group that is .03 PERCENT of the population. That sounds exclusive. I think I am talking about "all of us" (except .0003 of the population). Geez.
  4. Pierrette

    First word that comes to mind.....

  5. Pierrette

    Penn bioethicist challenges Bachmann on Gardasil remark

    Very true, PharmD. But in the history of the world, only smallpox has been defeated, and only with herculean efforts. And the drive to eliminate smallpox was because it was so devastating. I don't see it happening again. Nice thought, though.
  6. Pierrette

    Have you EVER or will you EVER date an MD?

    I have never had a crush on an MD, but I have dated a couple of them. Their status meant nothing to me.
  7. Pierrette

    "I'm not a Hippie I'm a Nurse"

    Hmmmm. Showing a decapitated head is NOT the same as drawing a mustache on someone's photo. Decapitated head indicates violence and death towards another human being. Drawing a mustache indicates an insult. So no, I was not equally offended. As a matter of fact, I was not offended by either one.
  8. Pierrette

    Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation

    Media, at least you are consistent. The question is, does Chapter have the facts correct? And, who cares who uploaded it?
  9. Pierrette

    Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation

    And no one should or even could say your neice is a parasite. I admire that she is pulling her own self up and trying to become someone who can support herself. (Did anyone call her a parasite?) She is exactly the type of person - as you describe - that I am talking about. Good for her. If I knew her and she is what you say, I would personally help her out. I sincerely hope to hear someday that she has made it. If she does, you can call her [neice] the great! As far as the WIC goes, she has to take care of her babies.
  10. Pierrette

    Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation

    (Looks like) Same woman in this video. I will only post the link, because it contains strong language: Chapter - It's Free Swipe Yo EBT (Explicit) - YouTube
  11. Pierrette

    "I'm not a Hippie I'm a Nurse"

    Caution: Clicking on link shows a photo that might be disturbing to normal people. http://weaselzippers.us/2011/10/08/classy-occupiers-depict-decapitation-of-goldman-sachs-ceo/
  12. Pierrette

    Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation

    "I mean, who would want to work in America?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoohkS6iyhY
  13. Pierrette

    Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation

    FLmomof5, There are many who DO believe in being responsible for one's actions and choices. Include me in that group. You and I figured out, and were willing to make it without someone else paying for our ticket. I really, really, really do not understand why that is so difficult for some people to understand. Some people might say that they admire me - and you - for making it on our own. But it is not to be admired; it is the minimum that should be expected of a person.
  14. Pierrette

    "I'm not a Hippie I'm a Nurse"

    Filthy protestor defecating on a police car. (Caution: photo of filthy protestor defecating on a police car) Occupy Wall Street: Shocking photos show protester defecating on POLICE CAR | Mail Online
  15. Pierrette

    "I'm not a Hippie I'm a Nurse"

    See Community Reinvestment Act. You are right. Our liberal government produced Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

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