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  1. nursefrances

    AN Members we miss.

    Yesterday I figured out if I post then go back to edit, the full editor is available. But only if I go back to edit. (I'm on a Samsung phone)
  2. nursefrances


    Good morning and happy Friday! Lil Nel, glad your one patient is better but sorry the other is not. Maybe BC, you and I can hang out in our jammies and eat bon bons. (I wouldn't have self discipline either, BC gradnurse. :coffee: ) Joe, how exciting! Working from home, very nice! Hope you're able to sleep better. Tweety, ugh...how frustrating! That would make me want to throw my phone in the garbage disposal (but then again, another guy would have to come over and charge $150 an hour to fix that. Blech.) Fingers crossed that the technology gods are on your side from now on. And a trip is always nice to look forward to especially if already paid off. I hope you can go to Japan. And yes... venting is very therapeutic, especially with those who understand. Today is my day off and I'm in my jammies sipping tea with two puppies sleeping at my feet. It was a very long week crunched in to 4 days but I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Today will be an R&R day and a start to Father's day weekend. Wishing you all a great day. ♡
  3. nursefrances

    AN Members we miss.

    Congrats on your first! It was my first in a while. Coffee pot is in the back, grab a cup. :coffee:
  4. nursefrances


  5. nursefrances


    Good morning! Popping in real quick to say hi. On my way to work. I work 4 tens now so today is my Friday (woo hoo!!) My plans today are writing some policy and procedures I've been needing to write (our quarterly consulting pharmacist inspection is tomorrow), train some nurses on chart audits and continue to train the newly designated infection preventionist. She's going to be a great fit for the position so I'm pretty excited. I've been juggling more hats longer than I planned on the last three years as D.O.N. so this will be a nice change. It's so good to read you all and hear your voices again. I need to catch up. As usual, time flies by so quickly Can you believe June is just about half way over already? I better get going but wishing all a great day in whatever you do. I'll try to stop by later. :wavey:
  6. I find myself on Facebook a lot. I'm a big Disney fan and have some boards I chat on with Disney friends. I've met friends from all over the world, some even in person. One is from Australia, she comes out at least once a year. I also like to hang out with my family, take our puppies for walks and play my guitar.
  7. nursefrances

    Do Your Pet(s) watch TV, and if so, do they have a preference?

    I have 2 puppies. They're a year old now. One is a Yorkie Bichon mix. She used to love watching tv but she started barking at it around 6 months ago. She barks at dogs and other animals, people, colors. She runs to the TV barking like we're in danger. We've been working on it. It's kind of annoying because we can't watch any movies with animals in it (including cartoons or computer animated).
  8. nursefrances


    my puppies are named Lucy lou and leai
  9. nursefrances

    AN Members we miss.

    It's amazing how fast time flies! Life can get so busy. I came acoss allnurses yesterday when googling something for work. It's great to see all of these familiar faces. :)
  10. nursefrances

    AN Members we miss.

    Wassup, Sir Doo?! How ya been, buddy? It's been a while but I'm galavanting around the breakroom tonight.
  11. nursefrances

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Rock the Casbah
  12. nursefrances

    What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    I wish I could have an alpaca! My husband and I have loved llamas and their cousins for years. But we do have two puppies that are my little sweeties.
  13. nursefrances

    The pun thread

    What a long day...I'm too tired to think of a pun. I'm putting this comment to bed.
  14. nursefrances

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Canadian bacon
  15. nursefrances

    Tuesday November 21 2017

    Hi Everyone. :wavey: Happy birthday, Joe! Good to read you all today. I was on the old lap top and thought I would mozy on by. working a lot here. I hope to be coming by a little more often when I can. I'm off work until Monday (woo hoo!) so I'll be around. Thursday is my 26th wedding anniversary so I am quite happy about that. :) Wishing all a great night.

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