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That Guy has 5 years experience and specializes in Emergency/Cath Lab.

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  1. Yeah Im in a less than sober mood myself. i should probably log off here!
  2. Oh my god you had me rolling with that one ha ha ha. Totally worth it!
  3. Random BS at our house. People must think we are crazy ha ha
  4. Did you ever find those mohawk pics?
  5. Ok Vida make the ugly mug thread:lol2:. I am way too curious of what people look like on here.
  6. Maybe we need a few new threads What does your ugly mug look like and AN singles forum
  7. There are guys who are RNs that work nights....just saying
  8. I work nights. The girl Im dating now works M-F 7-3. It is rough. It is nice though because she will get off work and swing by which is right when I am waking up so we get to see each other a little every day. The weekends is when we have the time to do actual date stuff. But yes it is very very hard.
  9. Im big into personal choice. If people want to die by their own hands, on their own terms, especially considering the unspeakable pain they might be going through, let them. I find it silly that we as a society find it inexcusable for people to decide when they check out.
  10. I wouldnt mind meeting her and see what is going on.....just out of curiosity
  11. That Guy

    What do you think about life ?

    My life has not turned out any way that I had ever planned it. Right now, I hate where I am at. I hate the state I live in, Im not liking the unit I work in, all my friends have moved away. Im currently weighing my options for a drastic change in my life.
  12. That Guy

    How many out there aren't religious?

    I think religion is a joke however I will respect any person that uses it/believes in it. Just dont shove it down my throat and we can get along just fine.
  13. That Guy

    Rude Facebook Post

    You have got to be kidding me.
  14. That Guy

    Guinness world record

    mmmmm Guinness
  15. That Guy

    Proposed taxes on unhealthy food

    Maybe if we tax the crap out of junk food, junk and healthy food will be the same price....