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  1. That Guy

    Fentanyl used for executions?

    Ha, we dont want it used in botched executions but we have no issue hooking people on drugs for a much longer painful death.
  2. That Guy

    Nurses Who Love Guns?

    I have a little bit of everything. Love shooting. It keeps me sane on the days off.
  3. That Guy

    How do you feel about anti-vaxxers?

    Just like Vegans. I don't care what your opinion is.
  4. I love this time of year. The typical bipartisan election options of giant douche or turd sandwich.
  5. That Guy

    Dirty minds!!!

    You are a medic. Why does this surprise you?
  6. That Guy

    10/10 What I learned this week

    After delivering a pt to ICU, coming back down and seeing a trashed trauma room is oddly satisfying.
  7. That Guy

    Okay, people, go away!

    At this moment nursing around is typing his latest fiction piece too. I wonder who finishes first...
  8. That Guy

    The "I'm running away" thread

    Id travel of course like everyone else. But I would enjoy all the things I want to do but can't because of time/money. Id compete in 3 gun at a professional level, I would build my rock crawler, I would hunt every animal in the rockies, id have the fastest car that I built from the ground up with just my hands. Ah pipe dreams
  9. That Guy

    What Would You Do?

    If an emp is detonated worse things are coming. No longer a nurse. Survivalist mode kicks in. I grew up camping backpacking search and rescue so I can get around in the mountains no issue. It's the other crazy people we will have to deal with.
  10. That Guy

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    Why does every monitor beep with every heart beat in every single show/movie?
  11. That Guy

    What is your plan for retirement?

    You never will be. Start now! The earlier you start the better your returns will be. Even if it is small amounts now, every little bit helps. DO NO PLAY CATCH UP!!
  12. That Guy

    Conservative nurses

    That might offend some groups... :p
  13. That Guy

    Conservative nurses

    I dont know what I am. Its the same way with religion. I take a little from what I like and live my life the way I want to.
  14. That Guy

    How did you handle relationships during school?

    I had no problems. On that note, I dont recommend it either in your class. Bad bad bad news written all over it.
  15. That Guy

    MTV profiles Nursing?

    You really think they are going to highlight what they do in the hospital? What we do out of the hospital is waaay more interesting than actually helping people in their eyes.