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  1. chaosRN

    Anatomy & Physiology game!

    Diabetes Mellitus Insulin
  2. chaosRN

    Good Day September 12th!

    GOOD MORNING ALL!! :) sherrimrn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :hatparty: :balloons: I'm usually here lurking without much to say, but I'll try to speak up more! I'm keeping all the people in FL in my prayers. What's with all of the hurricaines this year? I hope Ivan weakens soon. I've had a lazy weekend. Not doing much at all. Just spending time with family. Today I need to get back to studying. I'm in school for my BSN. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!!! :)
  3. chaosRN

    What's In Your CD Player Now? Part II

    I completely understand. I have a 1 1/2 hr commute and can listen to an entire cd. NIN, Seether, Godsmack, Disturbed, Sailva,...the heavier the better. The loud music not only keeps me calm before and after a shift it also keeps me from hearing all of the ICU bells and whistles that are stuck in my head. :chuckle
  4. chaosRN

    What's your favorite fragrance?

    Clinique Happy Clinique Happy for men - smells good on women too. I like almost anything patchouli but China Rain is my fav!!! I found a little off the wall store that made a China Rain lotion. Smells soooooooo good!!! :)
  5. chaosRN

    What is your most embarrassing moment??

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Ahhhhh...brings back memories (we won't mention)!! I am really clumsy, trip over my own 2 feet ALL THE TIME, at home & in public!!!! :p I too have gotten "my friend" while wearing whites (in high school though). :imbar I guess my MOST embarrassing moment was the very FIRST time I had to take a b/p on a REAL person. I nervously went into the room took usual vs, when it was time to get the b/p, I placed the cuff on the arm began pumping away. I was listening for the b/p, well, I heard it the entire time. So, I figured he had a really high b/p, soooo I pumped it up again, and again, and again.......WOW, I thought, this man has a spb of over 250!!!! I went and got help, I was hurting this mans arm with the cuff. I got help from a fellow student nurse who happened to be an EMT at the time. I told her I could hear the heartbeat the entire time. She asked me to take it while she watched........I was doing it wrong :chuckle ......I wasn't listening at the arm, my stethoscope was on his chest! :rotfl: (good thing I could hear it the entire time!) :imbar
  6. chaosRN

    Please Pray 4 Me Waaaaah!

    ((((((Fran))))))) You are in my prayers. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  7. chaosRN

    50 Ways to Obtain a Natural High

    QUOTE]Originally posted by Soonstudent "Clearing that 80 foot double for the first time on your bike" . Bike, Motorcycle (my personal fav!!), ATV. Going as fast as you can through the woods on your favorite motorcycle!!!! :lol2: The smile and laugh of your spouse! :kiss And I also have to agree with JUSTYSMOM! :chuckle
  8. chaosRN

    I lost my sister today.....

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep in mind that your sister knows you love her. >>>>>>>>hugs
  9. chaosRN

    Stupid Neighbor Tricks

    My neighbor from you know where (very mean lady) yells at people for walking in front of her house on the sidewalk! Kids, adults, dogs, you name it, no one is supposed to walk on "her sidewalk". I'm suprised she hasn't lost her voice yet. If you park your car on the street in front of her house, she will call the cops. We (the neighborhood) are very friendly with the cops now, they pop in for a minute every time one of us has a family gathering. :angryfire She actually calls them all the time! They once told us they know she's crazy, but she will call (911, yes, 911) every 10-15 minutes until they get there! I could go on and on about her (lives byherself, maybe 60-70yo??). But the shocker......her daughter-in-law actually leaves the 3yr old with her!!!!!!!!! She acts better when she has the 3yo thank goodness. :)
  10. chaosRN

    If you weren't a nurse, what would you be...

    If money was no object..some type of professional racer. Racecar, motorcycle, speedboat, anything that goes real fast!!!!!!!!! :roll Or maybe a car mechanic, I love to work on things like that!! :)
  11. chaosRN

    Is this weird?

    Hey all! I too can't whistle, I try, but it just doesn't come out right. :crying2: I can snap my fingers & curl my tongue. As for making the toes spread out, my brother can (I can not) & that just looks all WRONG!!!!! :rotfl: I can touch my tongue to my nose if I push my nose down. Does that count? :confused: I think I need to go do something, I have too much time on my hands right now!!! :rotfl: Quote originally posted by Rustyhammer "My wife can't whistle. I tell her "I'm going outside, just whistle when you need me." It really gets her. " Rustyhammer, PLEASE don't give my hubby any ideas!! :chuckle

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