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  1. chaosRN

    Medical words you like the sound of

    I have a few, Medula oblongata, mitochondria, and my #1 favorite, labetalol it just rolls off your tongue
  2. chaosRN

    Foods you eat/ate when broke

    Yummy "Showboat O's" mmmm I havent seen them in a while. Our broke food was good ole' PB&J - ate it almost all through nursing school.
  3. chaosRN

    OT:Balancing the checkbook

    Yes - its wonderful!!
  4. chaosRN

    OT:Balancing the checkbook

    I love my Splash Money. So much I use it instead of the paper trail. I like the auto feature where you can program your automatic payments to come out on a certain day. No hassels!!!
  5. chaosRN

    Out of The Closet

    This is my problem..."I will loose weight one day to fit in this cute top again" :smackingf - Oh my, knowing good & well when I do lose weight I will go on a huge shopping spree!!!!! I just can't get rid of some things. I will have more room for redoing my closet. My new clothes will fit. Hmmmmmm.......:rolleyes: maybe I could get off the computer & go clean my closet!!:roll
  6. chaosRN

    Rice Cooker Recipes

    My rice cooker is so small that I don't think ribs would fit, but it sounds great!! I use mine not only for rice, but it works great to steam veggies!!
  7. chaosRN

    Word Game

  8. chaosRN

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO kriso!!!!!

    :hatparty: Happy Birthday!!:balloons: :hbsmiley: :smiley_aa
  9. chaosRN

    Good Morning Sunday July 30th 2006

    Heehee - I have 3 that bark & whine. Good morning to all. Wow - Australia - seems so far away, but so close on this bb. I'm just amazed how different the weather is. OK, sorry, things like that amuse me. Just going shopping today, nothing special. Looks gloomy & like rain. :) Need to brighten thing up a bit. Everyone have a wonderful day!!!!!! :wink2:
  10. chaosRN

    READ ME READ ME: AMAZING home remedies

    LOL :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: LOL!!!!!!! Too funny!!!
  11. chaosRN

    Word Game

  12. chaosRN

    Word Game

    part hahaha this game is fun. (small minds are easily amused!!! hahaha
  13. chaosRN

    Word Game

  14. chaosRN

    Word Game

  15. chaosRN

    Word Game