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    Classic movie lines

    Medic isn't going to be disappointed; she's going to be AMAZED! She has somehow gotten the misguided belief that I am obsessed with breasts. Not sure how she got that idea.... :clown:
  2. Kolohe99

    Random Thoughts

    They both have harnesses because DW and DIL have both read that harnesses are better than collars when using a leash. They weren't tied to anything in the picture they were just chewing on bones. The kids leave their pup on a 30 foot line when they are outside with it. The DW prefers just keeping "eyes on" all the time and telling pup when she is out of bounds. Of course we don't live near any road either. Our yard isn't fenced but we've had two previous dogs who were able to learn the concept of "home" and knew they weren't to venture away from it. (I personally don't like to see a dog on a chain tied to a dog house. Seeing that semi circle of beaten dirt that delineates the limits of their freedom makes me sad. If that were the only way I could have a dog, then I wouldn't have one.) I agree that they're cute. They took after their dad. (no, not me..... the border collie! :D )
  3. Kolohe99

    Random Thoughts

    Here are the culprits in a rare moment of serenity. Now the kid's pup is sleeping at my feet and our pup is back in the bedroom sleeping. I wonder if she misses the DW and feels more comfortable back there around her things. Or maybe she just wants to get away from her sister. :rolleyes: I should take this opportunity to do some computer work, but I'm sure as soon as I got everything out to do it the pups would need some attention. :uhoh3:
  4. Kolohe99

    What are you doing right now?

    I'm pretty sure she was referring to you. But you know what The Bard says; "a rose by any other name...." I remember those orange haired troll dolls. (And to anticipate your question; no, I never had one nor did I dress one up either.... :D )
  5. Kolohe99

    Random Thoughts

    It might not be a "goner" yet. It could still be in the trap as long as no one has run more water than just what went out of the baggie. I am puppy sitting and contemplating just opening the front door and taking my chances whether they run off or not. They fight worse than kids! (They are sisters and I have this bad feeling that when her sister has to go back home our pup is going to be complaining about loneliness.) Now they're both laying/fighting at my feet. :rolleyes:
  6. Kolohe99

    Classic movie lines

    that line with greg is familiar... i give up. :clown:
  7. Kolohe99

    Tuesday, 30/8/2011

    Amen, Sister!! Sorry, Brookee..... (((((hugs)))) I've never been to a therapist, only heard anecdotal stories, but that does sound a little odd. In my friend's case, years ago, her therapist asked her to make a list of all the things she felt she was good at. I remember the list was very short. My friend hasn't been to a therapist in quite a while, but she remembered that exercise and did it again recently. She felt good because the list was over a page long. She still has bad days, but she has come a long way. Good job on not canceling. :up:
  8. Kolohe99

    8/28/11 I will survive !

    I'll have an imaginary glass with you. Cheers. *wine And hugs.... :hug: Thanks for posting. I'll keep you and the rest of the people in Irene's way in my prayers.
  9. Kolohe99

    Slain Navy SEAL's Loyal Dog Remains By His Side

    I got a "page unavailable" message when I tried to go to the story. Here is another link a FB friend posted. Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL - TODAY Pets & Animals - TODAY.com A sad story but another reminder of how unwavering a dog's devotion to his master often is.
  10. Kolohe99

    What are you doing right now?

    I'm watching CNN for news on Irene and also surfing the web. I just now finished looking at a map to see where Delaware is. :rolleyes: (Honest, I used to know this; I had a cardboard puzzle of the US and knew every state by shape and where it went. I also new every state's capital. Hmmm..... I think Dover is Delaware's but I'm not going to go check.) I have just been wondering how my AN friends are doing who are in Irene's path. OH! BP just came on line. She must still have power. I see on FB that Elvish doesn't. No I'm going to get up and take some ibuprofen for my aching back.
  11. Kolohe99

    What song would you karaoke to?

    I would do It catches the locals by surprise to hear a haole pronounce the Hawaiian words correctly. If I were on the mainland I'd probably sing songs like: "In the Ghetto" "My Way" "MacArthur Park" "I will Always Love You"
  12. Kolohe99

    Back on my %^#$ diet

    if your furbabies could comment, i'm sure they'd say that you've done excellent! :hug:
  13. Kolohe99

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    Now look here missy... You need to start getting more sleep! :nono: I don't want to hear any more of this, "falling asleep at the wheel", OK? Don't make me come over there and give you an "attitude adjustment", because I just might, you know. Seriously, try to get more sleep. I fell asleep at the wheel once and was very fortunate it was in a long straight stretch of road with wide gravel shoulders. The gravel hitting the rocker panels on the car woke me up and I had the presence of mind to not over correct and roll the car as I pulled it back on to the road. (I've always been amazed by how quickly adrenaline is released and it's affect on the body. I had no problem with staying awake the rest of the drive home. :eek: )
  14. Kolohe99

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Nope; that was Baretta. But Robert Blake and Peter Falk do look similar. :) "Penny auctions" Ritchie Brothers
  15. Kolohe99

    Three words to describe yourself

    So you're saying you have no redeeming qualities at all? FIBBER! (There seems to be a lot of that going around :D ) ETA: I like malaisical
  16. Kolohe99

    Three words to describe yourself

    Just for the record, my kudo on this post wasn't because I believe it for a minute. It's just that I like your subtle, self deprecating humor. :D
  17. Kolohe99

    Three words to describe yourself

    I can't think of just ONE word.... how about these? unabashedly addicted to alliteration. But I'm never going to be as good as Viva. She set the bar extremely high with this little ditty about ti...... well, you'll see. :clown:
  18. Kolohe99

    Three words to describe yourself

    Indecisive (some of the time) Intelligent (most of the time) Incorrigible (all of the time) leslie can vouch for the last one... I changed my mind (see the first line of this post.) I think I share some traits with Bushambo. I'll go with these: Caring Compassionate Convivial
  19. Works on me every time.... I'm a real sucker for a woman who's crying. (OOPS! Didn't mean to use that word "suck" :D )
  20. Kolohe99

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Farmer's Dog
  21. Kolohe99

    Breast Feeding

    I don't know about Steph but I loved your use of alliteration. I'm kind of a sucker for that. (I find alliteration and innuendo to be..... well..... titillating )
  22. Kolohe99

    Can you drive a stick shift?

    Let's see, I'll try to remember them chronologically. Three on the tree (65 Ford Pickup; very tall geared and easy to kill the engine when starting out) Three on the floor (64 1/2 Ford Mustang) Three speed with a 2 speed splitter (Fordson Major tractor; 'Ol Blue') Four on the floor (69 Dodge Charger with a 383 Magnum) 5 speed with 2 speed rear end (69 GMC farm truck) An old Diamond T water truck with a 5 X 4 (two transmissions; a 5 speed main and a 4 speed "brownie" for a total of 20 forward gears) I can still remember my uncle yelling at the gearshift when he drove a truck with a similar 5X4 and would miss a gear. "Well get into some d*** gear even if it's wrong!" Fuller 13 Speed (In an old log truck) There's a bunch of other tractors, dozers, fork lifts, cars, and trucks with various manual transmissions I've driven, but I suspect I'm already boring anyone who's read this far. :D ) So in words of one syllable: yes :clown:
  23. Kolohe99

    Tips on Walking in High-heeled shoes

    Incorrigible...... just a minute; let me look that up. Yup, that's me. :D Nope, not much chance of me changing either. Because every once in a while I put a smile on a face (or a twinkle in the eye) of someone who has had a lot on their plate and had very little reason to smile. One of these days, it might even be you. (I always like a challenge.... ) Medic cracks me up too. I can just picture her watering her begonias. First she peels off all the hose from the hose reel at the corner of the house.. Then she quickly arranges it on the grass in an accordion fashion... She then grabs the nozzle and rushes to the other end of the house to the begonia... She then takes a wide stance; pulls back on the nozzle... and BLASTS the begonia out of its bed. :lol2: BTW Medic, you look good in those shorts even WITHOUT heels. MUCH better then in turnouts. (although you might want to consider some time in a tanning booth.... ) Incorrigible... yup, that's me. :D
  24. Kolohe99

    Tips on Walking in High-heeled shoes

    Oooookayyyy..... So you're trying to take Medic's mind off of "you know what" with a Phallic image?? Isn't that a little like throwing gasoline on a fire? And in the spirit of "tit for tat"; I found an image on the web just for you. :chair: :clown: :D
  25. Kolohe99

    Tips on Walking in High-heeled shoes

    I assure you there would be a twinkle in my eye for you; sans heels and with or without your furbaby master. And just for the record, the twinkle in my eye when I met TNT was only partly due to her dog. But he was a special one, that is for certain. I could tell that even with what little time I was around him. I know she misses him. He passed on much too soon. I think of her and him nearly every time I pass by that ersatz airport. :hug: I like the tentative name she's chosen for her new puppy; it's the same as my AN name. Well.... different language; but same meaning. :D But what would be very pleasing to me, AKY, upon having you see the twinkle in my eye, would be knowing that it might remind you of a twinkle that you haven't seen in almost three years. I'd be cool with that.... :heartbeat I worry when I divulge my dreams, in case there is some deeper meaning, but I want to tell you I had a dream about you the other night. I was at a church camp... sitting in a semi circle around a campfire or a lecturer, I don't remember which. I looked across the semi circle and saw you and thought, "that's AKY! I'm going to have to go over and introduce myself after this is over." But I don't remember introducing myself. Either I woke up or my dream changed channels; I'm not sure which. (Men are so fickle..... :rolleyes: )

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