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  1. DogWmn

    Are you getting older --lol

    I now wear my glasses with an eyeglass chord so I won't loose them:rolleyes:. One time I spent an hour looking around the house for them and finally had to call a neighbor to help me find them...they'd fallen off a counter and were on the floor underneath a cabinet:rolleyes::anbd:
  2. DogWmn

    What does your spouse/significant other do?

    LOL w/ diva I ditched mine too..... back in the dark ages #1 Grade school teacher - closet pedophile, ended up with one of his students (waited until she turned 18):barf01: #2 Is a doc, and can't keep it zipped:madface: My current SO is similar to xtxrn's, he begs a lot for food, lies on the couch all day guarding it so it won't float away:rolleyes: is around 20 lbs with 4 legs and short hair that is all over me and my home. My beloved SO is now around 16ish and dying of lymphoma so each day is a gift as this little rescued JRT stinker has been a real heart dog.:heartbeat
  3. DogWmn

    OT: Miss Emma is here!

    Congratulations, what a beautiful baby:up:
  4. DogWmn

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    I'm so loving this thread and reading through it. I find it interesting in that I can tell the oldsters from the youngsters...LOL Me being an oldster:D. I can check off a really big one, many decades ago, I took a year off, lived out of a back pack and went around the world in '78-'79 before I turned 30 on a shoe string budget.
  5. DogWmn

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    Ohhh this is fun:D in no particular order except #1:lol2: 1. never have to work again and have enough moola to live comfortably and do all of the following;) 2. become a great photographer 4. move back to the NW (home area) and really see it again living in a modest RV and photographing it all (see #2) 5. be able to eat anything I want without gaining weight 6. attend all the great pow wows 7. travel more in the RV (that I don't own but want...LOL) 8. own and operate all the latest electronic gizmos 9. own a small cottage on several acres in Southern Oregon (design is already in my head) as my "home base" 10. own another heart dog that I can compete in companion events and train in SAR 11. know my tribal heritage 12. never get sick and be really healthy I know I could add more and more but it's Sunday morning and I'm foggy:uhoh3:
  6. DogWmn

    Skechers Shape-up Shoes

    I looked them up but alass noooo narrows:crying2:
  7. I hope you did apply, they might take you and if so, it would be a great opportunity.
  8. DogWmn

    The "Downhill" run?! :)

    I'm on a downhill run going full tilt boogie. At least I want to be, I'm 59 and I feel mentally about 30ish. I don't want to grow up and would gladly move to never never land if I could. At my age I'm re-entering nursing (LPN and PROUD OF IT). I don't live to work but work to live and boy do I WANT TO LIVE IT UP. Living it up at my age now has a different definition. I want to enjoy the rest of my life doing and seeing things I love - the outdoors, nature yahdah yahdah. I don't want to end my life with a lot of "I shoulda's" but with a lot of "Oh wasn't that fun". I want adventure, seeing and doing new things. My bucket list is long! Some days my body betrays me due to chronic health problems, but I fight it with every tool I've got. My dreams and goals are much simpler now but I'm still working on them. In a few moments I'll go out in bundled up for the cold to shoot birds with my camera, I'm not a good photographer due to hand and head tremors but I LOVE it and the after process using software to "tweak" my photos....I'll never be a pro, but I have a lot of fun doing it. I also am planning to get a truck camper so I can go to remote places that I love and walk (not hike - too ambitious a word) trails, see beautiful scenery and wildlife. Every day, no matter how bad it might be, I make sure I take some time just for me to make ME happy doing something I love - playing on the 'puter, watching the birds at their feeders, taking my dog for a walk in the woods, or reading a good book on the days my body is in revolt. I don't own a pair of heels, or a dress, I don't wear make-up or dye my hair and I hate to shop and I haven't been inside a mall in years. I'm happiest in Jeans T's and sneakers. All which made my mother throw temper tantrums and tell me "You'll grow out of it"...well nope I never have and never will, I'm happy with who I am and that's the best gift I can give myself. So to all my fellow "downhillers" I say Live it up! Raise a glass! and ROCK ON!:smokin:
  9. For the years of my youth I could and did eat anything - left over pizza for breakfast :rolleyes: now that I'm 59, very hypothroid and menopause has hit...so do the pounds just hang around and around :o. I can walk by a piece of cake and gain a pound:banghead:. It is a real struggle to keep the weight down when your metabolism become that of a slug:(. I like the Benjamin Button way of life we de-age as we gain experience and knowledge - I'd love to have a 20 sumthin' body with my knowledge .