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  1. DogWmn

    nurses with dogs- help me please!

    I'd recommend getting an adult dog, one that's settled and won't need the constant attention a puppy does. I'd also do lots of breed research BEFORE you get a dog meet the breeds your interested in - go to a dog show and learn about them, meet the breeders, do some home visits to see the dogs in a home environment. I spent 4 years looking at different breeds before I narrowed down what I wanted. Health issues are also a concern. You also need to ask locally about dog trainers and at the very least take your dog through the Canine Good Citizenship course. You also need to get a vet lined up and again talk to your friends who have dogs...just like MD's there's the good bad and...well you know. You also will need a dog sitter, even if you don't use one every day. Doggie day care is another thing to look at. Also, DON'T let your dog have free range of your home. Ideally you would have a set up with an indoor/outdoor kennel situation...don't just "leave them out in the yard". My current dog has to tall ex-pens put together for his indoor and I have a dog sitter that comes during the middle of my shift. Do lots of reading about care, feeding and training your dog before you buy healthy dogs will live 12-16 years depending on what breed you get. It's a huge commitment. As you can see by my photo that's my dog enjoying a belly rub...his name is Odie and he is a breeder buy back re-home that I got last fall, he just turnned 4 when I got him and he is a Swedish Vallhund. I was lucky and had actually talked with the breeder at length about the breed and was satisfied this one would be suitable for me long before Odie became available. Take your time to find out what will work for you and your lifestyle.
  2. DogWmn

    Name your favorite "Medical Show or Movie"

    Movies: MASH - When I was a student nurse waaaaaaaaay back when, I found out one of our Docs went to the premier because one of his buddies in his MASH unit wrote the book, so when we found that out our mission as student nurses was to find out which character he was in the book and movie....LOL. We failed sadly but it was a fun thing to try and "trip him up" in conversations and it also got us comfortable talking with gasp Doctors. One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest- It was not only a great movie but again has a lot of personal memories, I actually met Ken Kesey, the author on several ocassions, It was filmed in my home state of Oregon and the mental institute where it was filmed in Salem OR is still operational. The Nuns Story - one of my all time fav's and just saw it recently TV don't watch much but re-runs
  3. DogWmn

    Show off your new avatar.

    This is Odie, my Swedish Vallhund getting his belly rubbed. Since photography is a hobby I'm sure I'll change it often.
  4. DogWmn

    Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

    I'm old enough to have grown up pre legal abortions and actually started my nursing career before it was legal. I also worked in rural Family Practice with woman who had to make this heart renching decision, it is never made lightly. The decision should be between her doctor and herself, having the gov't tell you what you can or cannot do with your body is outrageous. As a woman each of us might have to make that decision once in their lives and it's difficult enough for them to do so without all the ranting and raving. I am no longer of child bearing age, but I remain staunchly pro-choice and I'm saddened for all those who can't see it needs to remain a choice for each woman to make, not the gov't, not the religions, not men, only that woman facing that choice. Some say "I would never", easy to say until that day when they must face it. During my time as a nurse I've witnessed an 11 year old child give birth because her mother was a religous fanatic and the child was raped by a family member but mother felt it was her fault and she should give birth...trauma twice - the rape and the birth. I've watched woman who were muliti paras due to their religion commit suicide rather than face another pregnancy. I've watched a woman who had a severe birth defect with multiple children being told that the current pregnancy could kill her because of complications - no support from her husband, church or family to make the decision to most probably die giving birth leaving behind 7 children. These stories go on and on and each one had to face the horrific decision of what to do alone. All we can do as nurses is to support them, what ever it may be, as for that 11 year old child - she commited suicide within a year. Anytime the woman makes the abortion choice they should not have to face the animosity or stigma they do in todays society, she and her doctor need to make those choices, not anyone else.
  5. DogWmn

    Are you getting older --lol

    I now wear my glasses with an eyeglass chord so I won't loose them:rolleyes:. One time I spent an hour looking around the house for them and finally had to call a neighbor to help me find them...they'd fallen off a counter and were on the floor underneath a cabinet:rolleyes::anbd:
  6. DogWmn

    What does your spouse/significant other do?

    LOL w/ diva I ditched mine too..... back in the dark ages #1 Grade school teacher - closet pedophile, ended up with one of his students (waited until she turned 18):barf01: #2 Is a doc, and can't keep it zipped:madface: My current SO is similar to xtxrn's, he begs a lot for food, lies on the couch all day guarding it so it won't float away:rolleyes: is around 20 lbs with 4 legs and short hair that is all over me and my home. My beloved SO is now around 16ish and dying of lymphoma so each day is a gift as this little rescued JRT stinker has been a real heart dog.:heartbeat
  7. DogWmn

    OT: Miss Emma is here!

    Congratulations, what a beautiful baby:up:
  8. DogWmn

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    I'm so loving this thread and reading through it. I find it interesting in that I can tell the oldsters from the youngsters...LOL Me being an oldster:D. I can check off a really big one, many decades ago, I took a year off, lived out of a back pack and went around the world in '78-'79 before I turned 30 on a shoe string budget.
  9. DogWmn

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    Ohhh this is fun:D in no particular order except #1:lol2: 1. never have to work again and have enough moola to live comfortably and do all of the following;) 2. become a great photographer 4. move back to the NW (home area) and really see it again living in a modest RV and photographing it all (see #2) 5. be able to eat anything I want without gaining weight 6. attend all the great pow wows 7. travel more in the RV (that I don't own but want...LOL) 8. own and operate all the latest electronic gizmos 9. own a small cottage on several acres in Southern Oregon (design is already in my head) as my "home base" 10. own another heart dog that I can compete in companion events and train in SAR 11. know my tribal heritage 12. never get sick and be really healthy I know I could add more and more but it's Sunday morning and I'm foggy:uhoh3:
  10. DogWmn

    Skechers Shape-up Shoes

    I looked them up but alass noooo narrows:crying2:
  11. I hope you did apply, they might take you and if so, it would be a great opportunity.
  12. DogWmn

    The "Downhill" run?! :)

    I'm on a downhill run going full tilt boogie. At least I want to be, I'm 59 and I feel mentally about 30ish. I don't want to grow up and would gladly move to never never land if I could. At my age I'm re-entering nursing (LPN and PROUD OF IT). I don't live to work but work to live and boy do I WANT TO LIVE IT UP. Living it up at my age now has a different definition. I want to enjoy the rest of my life doing and seeing things I love - the outdoors, nature yahdah yahdah. I don't want to end my life with a lot of "I shoulda's" but with a lot of "Oh wasn't that fun". I want adventure, seeing and doing new things. My bucket list is long! Some days my body betrays me due to chronic health problems, but I fight it with every tool I've got. My dreams and goals are much simpler now but I'm still working on them. In a few moments I'll go out in bundled up for the cold to shoot birds with my camera, I'm not a good photographer due to hand and head tremors but I LOVE it and the after process using software to "tweak" my photos....I'll never be a pro, but I have a lot of fun doing it. I also am planning to get a truck camper so I can go to remote places that I love and walk (not hike - too ambitious a word) trails, see beautiful scenery and wildlife. Every day, no matter how bad it might be, I make sure I take some time just for me to make ME happy doing something I love - playing on the 'puter, watching the birds at their feeders, taking my dog for a walk in the woods, or reading a good book on the days my body is in revolt. I don't own a pair of heels, or a dress, I don't wear make-up or dye my hair and I hate to shop and I haven't been inside a mall in years. I'm happiest in Jeans T's and sneakers. All which made my mother throw temper tantrums and tell me "You'll grow out of it"...well nope I never have and never will, I'm happy with who I am and that's the best gift I can give myself. So to all my fellow "downhillers" I say Live it up! Raise a glass! and ROCK ON!:smokin:
  13. For the years of my youth I could and did eat anything - left over pizza for breakfast :rolleyes: now that I'm 59, very hypothroid and menopause has hit...so do the pounds just hang around and around :o. I can walk by a piece of cake and gain a pound:banghead:. It is a real struggle to keep the weight down when your metabolism become that of a slug:(. I like the Benjamin Button way of life we de-age as we gain experience and knowledge - I'd love to have a 20 sumthin' body with my knowledge .