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diane227 has 32 years experience and specializes in Management, Emergency, Psych, Med Surg.

RN for 32 years. Graduated from Texas Woman's University in 1978. Have worked in all areas of nursing, emergency nursing being most of my experience. Have worked at all levels of management for most of my career.

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  1. diane227

    Your Hair ?

    Dear Brillo You have BEAUTIFUL hair. Do what ever you have to do to keep it and don't cut it. It is wonderful. Celebrate that hair girl!!!!!
  2. diane227

    Your Hair ?

    Shoulder length natural red head who has to use a bit of color these days to keep it that way. I love a brighter red now that I am older and I have a wonderful stylist who keeps me up to date. She is worth every penny I pay her. I used to have hair down passed my butt when I graduated from nursing school, 32 years ago. Oh, the 70's!!!
  3. diane227

    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    My husband is a nurse also. We used to work ED together but he now works in a large Neuro ICU that is VERY OVERSTAFFED to the point where most days he only has one patient. I am the charge nurse on 3-11 of a 34 bed med-surg unit and I am REAL busy. But when I come home he never wants to hear about my day. He in fact never wants to hear anything negative. So I just talk to my female friends. I think a lot of it is the difference between men and women. They just don't communicate in the same way. We don't have kids and neither of us work full time but I tell you what.... if we did, he sure as hell would be up doing he share of the housework. But he is good about that now and he does more cooking than I do now so it all works out.
  4. diane227

    Semi-random question about political leanings

    I would consider myself middle of the road. I am liberal when it comes to live and let live. I am accepting of people no matter their color, religious beliefs, country of origin etc. I don't care if a person is gay, bi or what ever. I don't care what people do as long as they do not harm animals, the elderly, children or those who cannot, for what ever reason, care for themselves. As long as both parties agree, I don't care. If I don't like what is on TV I just don't watch it. If I don't like the written word, I don't read it. I think that we go to extremes to try to regulate behavior and morals. I vote the person not the party. I am against the death penality in general because I do not believe that it is adjudicated fairly. But I do understand a person wanting to get even with someone for harming a member of his/her family. I believe in some level of gun control. We don't need automatic weapons but I carry a gun. I love animals and I don't hunt but I am not a vegitarian. Most people are not one thing. They are what they are by degrees.
  5. diane227

    Nurses in TV Shows

    I never watch any medical TV shows. Why watch it when you do it all day?
  6. diane227

    Do you believe that diet pills actually work?

    No, I don't think they work and I think they are dangerous. I also think liquid diet drinks are dangerous. I have seen patients with severe electrolyte imbalances from the use of these items.
  7. diane227

    They Think I'm a WITCH!

    I believe that you indeed may have mystical powers. I believe that an emergency trip to New Orleans is what you need. Go at once to visit one of the Voo Doo practitioners there and spend some time with him/her. They will assist you with learning how to better guide your powers in a more positive or negative direction, which ever the case may be. The purchase of a good sturdy voodoo doll is in order.
  8. diane227

    Nurses dating Doctors

    Honey, when I was young and working in a teaching hospital I dated A LOT. And I had a great time. As long as they are not married, do what you want. Just be careful. You don't want to get a bad rep. Keep your personal life to yourself. People don't need to know who you are dating. I am 54 years old and I still look at these young ones. If I was younger I would be gitt'in in trouble I can tell you that!!!
  9. diane227

    Mercy - NBC show all about nurses

    Well, I will reserve my opinion until I have seen this. I don't want to see another show where they make nurses look like idiots.
  10. I have been a nurse for 31 years. When I started nursing my weight was 114 lbs. I am now twice that. But I still get around and can take care of patients just as well. I would like to be a role model but you know, most of the people I take care of are my age (54) or older and they seem to respond to my humor and compassion more than my weight so I guess it all evens out in the end.
  11. diane227

    There Ought to Be a Law...

    We have a responsibility in our society to help those who cannot help themselves, for what ever reason. They makes us crazy sometimes and we see humor in what they do. But you often never know the soul of a person. You can never know what brought them into what ever situation they are in. Yes, I want my tax dollars to go to a good cause and I am willing to help people get food and health care. I don't want to support more war and torture of those who may or may not be guilty of a crime against our country. We are all part of the human experience. When you look at any country you can measure their compassion by the way they treat children, the elderly and animals. Are we off subject here? Do I need to shut up now?
  12. diane227

    There Ought to Be a Law...

    You know, there is so much need out there. It is very often hard to bear, to see what others go through and how they manage to get through their lives. My husband does not believe in God. He feels that if there was a God that he/ she would not be allowing the situations we have seen and experienced as nurses happen. I wonder. I have always believed that God gives us tests in our lives, I know I have had my share. But for some people, when is the test going to be over? I pray for all the children, animals and elderly people I see and hear about every day. Don't you all wish that you could wipe away the struggle from their lives?
  13. diane227

    There Ought to Be a Law...

    I have just had a thought. I too feel that the patient and the physician were both irresponsible but my question is did the doctor have the right to refuse to implant her since those eggs belonged to her? As they were officially her "property" who had control of what happened to those eggs? If he had refused, what would her recourse have been? Would she have been required to take him to court to get possession? I would love to hear everyones ideas on this. I have no fertility experience so I wonder what the law is regard to this.
  14. diane227

    There Ought to Be a Law...

    I am with you!!! You cut one side and I will do the other.
  15. diane227

    There Ought to Be a Law...

    I think people have made some good points in this discussion but I wonder what the responsibility of the father lies. When children are an issue, the responsibility always falls on the mother with no mention of the father. Why don't we cut HIS private parts so he can no longer get a woman pregnant. I hope my tax dollars will be given to those in need. I know that many people abuse the system, but this occurs at all economic levels. Let me give you an example. When we lived in Idaho there was a man there with his wife that owned a number of very successful counseling services. They made enough money that they could afford to build a custom $800,000 house, which was an extreme amount of money for the area. They had two children who had major mental disabilities. Even with the income they had, these children were on SSI, medicaid and the family received food stamps. The doctor told this woman to have no more children because of this particular neurological disease but they went ahead and had a set of twins, went on SSI, etc. Now they don't have to worry about getting their children taken care of when they are sick. They build into this home a suite for the nanny and they planned that all four children would live there together, under the care of the nanny after they died. In case any of you are wondering, this was a white, upper middle class family. What about this? How would you deal with this situation?