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  1. GCTMT

    Premiums Going Way Up In Six More States

    Sometimes it is so difficult to be optimistic isn't it? Here's a bit of good news, Reid is signaling that reconcilliation is on the table again, let's hope they do the right thing for the country instead of the right thing for the countries obscenely wealthy.
  2. GCTMT

    Small plane crash into IRS - Austin, Texas

  3. GCTMT

    Pretty Good Rant Here...........

    Democrats are not united, and while Republicans are not completely united, they seem to be united against Obama and his initiatives.
  4. GCTMT

    Foot in Mouth Disease

  5. GCTMT

    American New Media.

    Here's another good one. "Everything that's wrong with civilization". :lol2:
  6. GCTMT

    American New Media.

    :lol2: I think this guy is pretty accurate in his assesment. Warning: adult language. Don't watch it if you are offended by cursing and foul language. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  7. Obama is a better man than I. I would have left the Repubs in the dust by now.
  8. GCTMT

    Foot in Mouth Disease

    It was a foolish thing for Rahm to say.
  9. They aren't risking their lives for nothing, ultimately they are fighting for each other.
  10. True health insurance reform could pass, but it will take an effort from the American people. I believe that if single-payer is explained to the people factually, they would get behind it. After it's understood there is simply a matter of determination. Americans will have to decide what they are willing to do to get quality health reform. One way to achieve this would be to drop their current private policies while demanding single-payer. Of course, that would take a lot of determination and will, but it could be done. Like you Tweety, I wonder if it will happen in my lifetime. I'm back at forth. Sometimes I think no, and other times I think that within twenty years, we will see single-payer singed into law. Nevertheless, it's up to us.
  11. GCTMT

    Lt. Gov. Adre Bauer's "Modest Proposal"

    My argument stands. You seem to be the only one defending the guy.
  12. GCTMT

    Lt. Gov. Adre Bauer's "Modest Proposal"

    "Breeders"? Cute... Did you think of that one all by yourself or did someone help you? I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could find a way to hide your money in tax shelters, the rich do it all the time. Maybe you should take some personal responsibility.
  13. GCTMT

    Elizabeth and John Edwards separate

    The only question that matters to me is did he use tax payer dollars or campaign contributions to fund his exploits? If the answer is yes, then we have a problem. If the answer is no, then I don't really care who he sleeps with or how many illegitimate children he fathers. It's a tradition amongst American politicians that started with Jefferson.
  14. GCTMT

    Lt. Gov. Adre Bauer's "Modest Proposal"

    ^.. Sure, just as soon as the more cerebral citizens of SC start speaking, I'll concentrate on it. But, the morons seem to have the floor presently. Words are important.
  15. GCTMT

    What Is Your Favorite New Commercial

    Anxious, The travelers commercial was great. My girlfriend and I love it. :) If only our worries were that dogs, eh?