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  1. fuzzywuzzy

    What is your motivation for working out?

    It gives me more energy. It helps with anxiety. I have type 2 diabetes in my family... do not want. I care about my bone/heart/brain health, especially after working in nursing homes. I don't care as much about longevity as I do about the quality of my life when I'm older.
  2. fuzzywuzzy

    What body part screams "he/she works out!"

    My shoulders are very toned from being a CNA. And strangely, my stomach has always been freakishly strong even though I have an intense aversion to ab exercises and flat-out will not do them. If I flex my abs you can see a bunch of muscles pop out. I kind of hate it.
  3. fuzzywuzzy

    What's On Your Plate?

    I don't diet, but I do make sure I eat healthy foods throughout the day and not JUST junk. I have greek yogurt for breakfast (can't stomach anything else), and coffee or tea. Snack: grapes or a small piece of cheese. Lunch is usually cottage cheese with tomatoes and greens, plus a piece of fruit. After work I tend to flop down on the couch and inhale way too much junky chocolate and then I feel tired and crappy. Going to the gym has rectified this. It gives me something to do other than eating and it helps with the stress that drives me to eat all that sugar in the first place. Dinner varies. Sometimes we go out and other times I'll cook. When I cook I tend to make a big pot with a lot of veggies, greens, beans, and tofu. Usually with a glass of red wine. Dessert is usually ice cream, or I sit there and raid the same bag of Dove chocolates that I hoovered down earlier.
  4. fuzzywuzzy

    Workout thread...

    TMI ahead... I have been going to a very small gym for a couple months now without any problems. They offer fitness classes there like spinning, zumba, and yoga, and I started taking those a couple weeks ago. I now have a UTI and a mild yeast infection... at the same time! It's pretty much the 9th circle of hell. I think this happened because the classes are back to back so I was getting all hot and sweaty in zumba class and then racing over to yoga immediately after. I have always had temperamental lady parts and I am worried that from now on this is going to be a problem/obstacle to exercise. I have already been having less fun at the gym this week because the UTI makes me feel weak and uncomfortable. I am a faithful follower of all the usual UTI-prevention tactics. It's not like I'm sitting around in dirty polyester thongs after wiping back to front, then having marathon sex after which I hold in my pee! I plan to start wearing looser pants and bringing a change of underwear for in between classes, but aside from that I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there are any tricks or products they use to keep cool and dry in the crotch area during workouts.
  5. fuzzywuzzy

    Downton Abbey

    My boyfriend and I are also obsessed with this show. Someone told us about it, and we devoured both seasons in like a day! lol
  6. fuzzywuzzy

    Ovulation and Sex.

    When I ovulate I can feel a pinch in my ovary for several hours. Never noticed any special dreams, but then again I hardly ever remember what I dreamed the night before.
  7. fuzzywuzzy

    Workout thread...

    Believe me, they suck! I do the same thing as Poi Dog- a sports bra on top of a pushup bra that's a cup size too small. Works like a charm, but it gets awfully sweaty in there.
  8. fuzzywuzzy

    Pregnant AGAIN...facing 5th c-section...ready to freak out

    whaaaaat? how does your husband get away with dictating how much maternity leave you're "allowed" to take? And the iPad thing just blows my mind. How selfish.
  9. fuzzywuzzy

    Workout thread...

    So.... I just joined a gym (a very small, VERY cheap one), and I have no idea what to do when I get there! I wish I had a friend to go with me, but nobody wants to work out/they can't do it when I can. I know I should just walk in and hop on the treadmill or something (at least I know what to do on that), but for some reason I'm so intimidated! And I probably won't last more than 5 minutes on any machine-- I look fit, but I'm not-- so it's going to be kind of embarrassing if anyone else is there and sees me huffing and puffing. And actually, the treadmill is kind of out of the question because I have giant boobs. I have taken gym classes before, but I've never just gone to one by myself before.
  10. fuzzywuzzy

    He's uncomfortable with me touching male pts.

    I once told my boyfriend that I have never been "up close and personal" with an uncircumcised penis. A good two minutes elapsed and then I said "oh wait a minute actually I've seen like a hundred of them at work!" That is how NOT sexual it is. lol!
  11. fuzzywuzzy

    Your homemade "go-to" recipe for a hungry family

    I like to make a big veggie pot for dinner. It takes longer than 20 minutes but it's not a pain in the butt like some dishes. First I set some brown rice to cook on the stove. I put a cube of veggie bouillon in the pot for flavor. Then I take 1 bulb garlic and 1 red pepper cut into strips, drizzled in olive oil and roast them on a cookie sheet at 425 for about a half hour or until the pepper gets black spots. In another pan, I saute chopped onions (I use the frozen kind because I can't deal with the eye irritation from chopping fresh ones myself). Then I add a bay leaf, salt, pepper, and a buttload of vegetables, like chopped eggplant, canned tomatoes, frozen peas, mushrooms, and whatever else I have. Maybe a can of beans. If I have an open bottle of red wine (and let's face it I usually do), I'll throw a splash of that in there too. I let that cook until the rice is done and the juices from the tomatoes have reduced. While that's cooking I'll prepare some greens (usually kale or chard) and add them to the pot to wilt. Usually both the rice and the pot of veggies finishes up just in time for the pepper and garlic to come out of the oven and go into the big pot. I season it with more salt and pepper, lemon juice, and whatever spices I'm in the mood for.
  12. fuzzywuzzy

    Keeping fit---at home or at the gym?

    I have a problem staying motivated working out at home. I have a bunch of YouTube videos saved, but I never stick to them for very long. Back when FitTV was around, I used to work out to Gilad shows all the time! I was so mad when it became Discovery Health and they started playing shows like "A Baby Story" or whatever round the clock! They have shows like that on like 10 other channels! I don't care about a complete stranger's birth plan! Anyway.... I like fitness classes, like Spinning, Zumba, Power Yoga, etc. The only bad thing is you're at the mercy of the class schedule and a lot of times my work or school schedule interferes with that and I end up not working out nearly as much as I should. And I can't stand ab exercises! Which is fine, because I seem to build ab muscle just by *thinking* about doing crunches. Since I became a CNA it's even worse. I look like a man with boobs when I flex my stomach. I try to focus on building up my butt and thighs but I think I don't do them properly. It's hard not to default to using my stomach muscles to do all the work.
  13. So really, you don't want to talk about unions at all; you want to talk about tax hikes. We already know from experience that cutting taxes to the rich doesn't benefit the lower classes. The concern about raising taxes for the rich is that they won't invest as much into our economy; however, they have enough disposable income that taxes don't really have any effect on their spending. I've also heard people say that small businesses will be affected adversely by the tax hikes but don't most of them not even make enough money for the new tax brackets to apply to them? I admit, I have a bad habit of zoning out when people start talking about money, so maybe we're talking about totally different things here! But anyway, "princess Obama?" Could we not call feminize someone as a means to insult them? Being a woman is not a personal failing.
  14. Not increasing taxes on the rich isn't exactly working out for us either....
  15. I'm 26, don't have a degree yet and I'm a CNA. I know how you feel. I try not to get down on myself, but sometimes I feel bad anyway. I don't have the means to go to college full time... I never have. Even when I was 18, my family couldn't support me and I didn't want to commit to thousands of dollars in student loans when I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Now that I've decided on something, it's not any easier. I break out in hives thinking of all the money I'm going to have to spend. I've had enough credits to transfer out of community college for a few years now and I keep stalling. Why can't education just be free? Uggh!