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  1. fuzzywuzzy

    Brazilian keratin treatment

    I was tempted but then I started hearing that they use a lot of formaldehyde in the process and salon workers were getting ill. That's not something I want sitting on my scalp!
  2. fuzzywuzzy

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    The death penalty is really weird, when you actually think about it. People actually being put to death by the state? It seems very primitive to me. I'm not saying I'm only against the death penalty because it's so old school, but it IS weird.
  3. fuzzywuzzy

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    From what I've heard, it's a greater cost to society to put someone to death than to keep them in prison for life. If anything in the penal system is draining society of funds it's the huge glut of nonviolent drug offenders they keep throwing in jail.
  4. fuzzywuzzy

    Are you sick and tired of PETA, Pro-Animal rights??

    I did not read all 15 pages of this thread. Let me just say that I'm a vegetarian and was vegan for several years. I'm a big huge sap when it comes to animals. PETA does NOT represent the views of any of the veg people I know. They are completely unreasonable and they make veg people look like total lunatics. As for their sexist ads, let's not even got here. But believe me, I am not acquainted with a SINGLE pro-animal-rights person who is any LESS annoyed by PETA than your average meat eater in a fur coat.
  5. fuzzywuzzy


    i think onaclearday said it best: "sweetie, it's a tv show. nobody cares... "
  6. fuzzywuzzy

    'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

    Males are not circumcised at 8 years old with no anesthetic and whatever non-sterile sharp object is lying around, as is often the case with females. In most cases it's not just the clitoral hood that gets nicked-- the labia also get cut off and sewn up leaving just a tiny hole for menstrual blood to pass through, which makes sex and childbirth very painful, not to mention all the potential infections. Boys are circumcised for health reasons (although pretty minor), and females are circumcised mostly because the vulva is considered dirty and unfeminine. If I had a boy I would not circumcise him. But you can't compare the two!
  7. fuzzywuzzy

    my skin after a 12 hr shift... help!

    I have combination skin, and I spread a thin layer of milk of magnesia on my T-zone. It keeps my skin matte pretty much all day long! And I think it keeps the pimples at bay too... since I started using it I only break out on my cheeks, which is where I don't use it (but maybe I should!).
  8. fuzzywuzzy

    Transition glasses

    I don't like them. They are useless in the sun because the lenses aren't big enough- the sun just comes in through the top and sides and I still have to squint. They take forever to lighten once inside, which is embarrassing. And personally I like the shape of my glasses when I'm indoors, but as sunglasses, they are very unflattering. That in-between color on cloudy days is pretty ugly too.
  9. fuzzywuzzy

    What does your username mean?

    Mine is complete nonsense. I just wanted something anonymous. That rhyme that goes "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear; Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair..." popped into my head so I used that.
  10. fuzzywuzzy

    "It Ain't Because You're Beautiful"

    Yes, but I also think people were missing the point in chillchick's post. She never disputed that the NP student in the original post was annoying and full of herself. What she WAS arguing against was the attitude in the "Dr. Barbie" post. Smacking gum, pushing people out of the way- very annoying and unprofessional no matter what. I don't think she was defending that. What she seemed to find offensive was the focus on her looks and the "I have seen her wear pants even once!" statement because of the sexism in that sentiment. Women are often penalized in many ways for being "old" and "ugly" especially in the workplace. The young & sexy ones, on the other hand, are often not taken seriously. You can't win. It's not right. It's sexist. Nursing is female-dominated (and yet respected- how many other traditionally female jobs are respected???) and scrubs are the norm rather than heels and suits, so I think we don't encounter this problem with the same severity as in other fields. But we've all still internalized it, so these attitudes do pop up every now and then. And they need to be addressed. I hope I haven't gotten too far off topic. I do agree that the NP in the original post sounds oblivious and annoying! Thank god we don't have to encounter many of her kind very often! One of the things I love about working in a nursing home is that we are all females and we don't have to put up with sexist behavior from men and there is no judging people on their looks, weight, age, etc. And people outside of work sometimes make comments about how miserable it must be to work with only females. Um, no! :nurse:
  11. You spread the MOM on your skin like lotion. It has to be a thin layer or it will dry in white streaks (although you can just rub the streaks off if you get them). A little bit goes a long way. My forehead has always been greasy and shiny and I tried everything- oil blotting sheets, exfoliators, moisturizers, shine control lotions, all different kinds of cleansers, etc. Nothing worked. If anything did get rid of the oil on my face it would only feel dry (but still appear shiny) for about 10 minutes and then I'd be greasy again. MOM mattifies my skin pretty much all day, especially if I finish it off with a dusting of baby powder. Plus it's cheap and unlike a skincare product, I don't have to worry about them discontinuing it or changing the formula. Sorry if I sound like a commercial. I'm just so glad I found something that works so perfectly for me.
  12. fuzzywuzzy

    Baby Oil is GREAT!

    I thought if your hair was like that it meant your shampoo is too harsh. I wash with a moisturizing conditioner most of the time. It doesn't have any harsh detergents or lathering agents in it. I don't really have that dry hair/greasy roots problem anymore. I do have hard water so I can't expect a total miracle.
  13. I have an oily forehead, so I put milk of magnesia on it. Yes, that works, and it does a better job than anything else! I also wear a swipe of black eyeliner along the outside half of my top lash line. I have mascara and blush for if I'm feeling fancy but I don't bother with them most of the time. I wear my hair twisted up in a clip at work.
  14. I'm a 32DD or DDD and I have such trouble finding anything in my size. It's the 32 that's the problem- everything above a D cup seems to start at 36. Short women DO have big breasts sometimes! Uggh! Normally I check TJ Maxx every few weeks because every now and then they have a bra or 2 in my size. And that store is so cheap! If it fits, I snap it up. I have a really hard time finding minimizer bras too. So I usually go for the molded cup bras because at least those don't wear out and lose their support after you wear them more than twice. I don't want to shop online because it it didn't fit I'd never get around to returning it. I went to Victoria's Secret with a friend the other day and they had NOTHING in my size. No minimizers either. I was so disappointed. I just wish i could walk into a store and find something in my size the same way you can with regular clothes.
  15. fuzzywuzzy

    A Letter to Gastric Bypass Patients.

    Um, what????? You can get just as fat sitting in front of the TV all day watching Christian TV as you do watching "ungodly" shows.