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  1. smk1

    What would Cindy McCains RNC dress buy?

    ok, so time out. let's please not call out each others medically approved uses of medications to treat various disorders. pill popping wasn't the nicest comment, but we are talking about someone in the public sector with public records, not a private citizen who posted a comment about taking a prescribed drug for a length of time. that's going way over the line.
  2. smk1

    O.J. Simpson---in trouble again

    I have been saying this for YEARS, and finally had to shut up about it because when OJ's name comes up people polarize immediately and there is no true discussion that can take place. I am a black female, I think he killed those people. He was a vicous wife beater, but the evidence was TAINTED by a racist police officer. So the only possible verdict was not guilty. The jury actually did its job in this case. There are so many people in this country who have gotten away with murder, so many people who have died gruesome, heinous deaths. Why do people take this case so personally? To the point of referring to Johnny Cochran, a man who simply did his job well, as the devil. It doesn't make sense.
  3. smk1

    What would Cindy McCains RNC dress buy?

    Toeach his own. Fashion forward is not always better. The gold didn't compliment her skin tone and the collar looked like something from a dracula movie. Laura chose a dress that suited her figure, age, hair and the overall look seemed effortless. Honestly though none of this matters, it was just funny seeing the two side by side in the picture.
  4. smk1

    What would Cindy McCains RNC dress buy?

    Laura bush looked a lot better...
  5. All of those CEO/CFO's of these corps who took home millions (and I feel like I read somewhere that some were getting bonuses in excess of 50 million in a year) in bonuses for alledgedly doing a good job over the past five years should have to pay a large portion of those bonuses back as part of the bail out.
  6. smk1

    Drinking Age from 21 to 18? For or Against?

    I personally like this idea, however I can't see the government going for it. They need those young impressionable minds to make impulsive decisions when they come through the schools and amp you up about how great joining the military will be. I'm young enough to remember the pomp and circumstance of their presentations and how they really played up all of the appeal of money, respect, courage, bravery honor and showed all of these great looking people in perfect shape, saving the world and pictures of all of the starving kids around the world cheering the american soldiers etc... I know for a fact that quite a few kids got swept along and regretted the impulse decision. But then again we would have a much smaller military if we waited until people were a bit more mature and rational to make that decision. Now mind you I am not criticizing our soldiers one bit, I am saying that the decision to join the military is one of the biggest choices a person can make in their life and it is not an easy thing to change once the decision is made. Can't just say "oopsie, I made a mistake" and leave. So if we are going to allow teenagers to make this life altering decision, we have no business telling them they can't go into a club and buy a rum and coke because they aren't mature enough for that.
  7. smk1

    Drinking Age from 21 to 18? For or Against?

    Reminds me of Dave chappelle standup routine about 15 year old Elizabeth smart and the 15 year old kid who got life in prison for critically injuring a friend in a backyard wrestling match. We need to decide across the board just how old 15 is really. Same principle here, if you can drive a car, get a loan, join the military, buy a gun, get married and make all sorts of other life altering decisions, alcohol really shouldn't be held off until 21. The same people who are irresponsible at 20 years and 364 days old are the same people who will be irresponsible at 21.
  8. smk1

    Oprah - Biased?

    She hasn't had Obama or Michelle on since well before the primaries so I don't see a big issue with bias. We all know who she supports, but she really isn't using her show as a platform for the campaign. If she were then we'd see Senator Biden on right now to get attention away from Palin.
  9. I have no idea how or why the term originally came to be know as a "racist" phrase, but I do know that the only time I can remember being addressed as "you people" it was from a person as disgustingly racist as they come, and there was no doubt the phrase was not being used in a kind way.
  10. smk1

    The Thrill Is Gone

    Woooooohoooooo! Party Time!
  11. smk1

    A way OFF Topic - friends with benifits

    If it is a friend you want to keep in the years to come, probably not the best idea.
  12. smk1

    Summer Vacation? share your plans here!

    sounds like fun!
  13. smk1

    Summer Vacation? share your plans here!

    Shasta! sniff (no houseboating for us this year) :sniff:
  14. smk1

    Summer Vacation? share your plans here!

    I know gas prices are getting me down. I'm hoping to get a camping trip in but we'll need to find a campsite that is close to home due to gas. I guess this will be the summer of rediscovering our city and bike riding and picnicing. LOL

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