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  1. Altra

    Book Reading: TKAM

    Hello all -- I'd like to join in the reading group. I have only read TKAM once - in jr. high. Actually looking forward to re-reading it with an adult perspective.
  2. Altra

    President and health care

    Neither of the 2 identifying characteristics you listed in your post would incline me to vote for or against an individual.
  3. Altra


    Short nails, polished about half the time, any color that strikes my mood. Even done properly, with base & top coat, fingernail polish still doesn't last more than about 4 days, so I don't bother getting professional manicures. Pedicures are my indulgence.
  4. I understand your frustration, but I do not think your position can be reasonably accommodated. Construction contracts awarded by a property manager ... can not likely be altered to suit the personal requests of one tenant. Life happens ... even to night shifters. Children ... family members ... home repairs ... personal issues ... and a million other things disrupt "normal" routines from time to time.
  5. Altra

    Judging people by their use of punctuation.

    Auto-correct isn't what "gets you" ... lack of attention to what the auto-correct is doing is what gets you.
  6. Is this the same as "Nurse Nation"? Has the title been changed? The trailer is exactly what I expected. Cue the naughty nurse jokes ...
  7. Altra

    MTV Nurse Nation

    Yes, we have heard about this before, so it's not MTV's original idea. 13 Weeks (TV Series 2005â€" ) - IMDb
  8. I have strong feelings about futile, invasive care for those with advanced age and/or advanced disease -- I've expressed them here before. Nearly all nurses who have worked at the bedside for more than 10 minutes have at some point experienced a moment where they felt their senses, emotions, and physical and intellectual abilities were overwhelmed by the demands of patient care. The OP was pretty clearly having one of those moments at the time of his/her post. But the mean-spirited comments made both in the first post and reinforced in subsequent posts in this thread indicate to me that the OP may need to get out of bedside care. S/he has lost the ability to intellectually and emotionally recognize that the human being patient is more than a disease process. S/he has completely depersonalized dementia patients and suggests ways they might be eliminated. Shocking and sad.
  9. Altra

    Am I the only one that doesn't "get" book clubs?

    This thread made me smile. When I was in early 30s my (then 75-ish) grandma discovered Harlequin romance novels ... and then graduated to more risque, "modern" spinoffs of the genre. I was shocked! I don't remember exactly how I broached the subject with her, but I do remember her dry, raised-eyebrow response: "Your grandpa doesn't mind that I read them." "Lightbulb" moment for me. :whistling:
  10. Realism provided by consultation with nursing professionals? I must have missed it. I have checked out of watching Nurse Jackie (and cancelled Showtime) after watching the season premiere, which included a nurse intubating a patient, CPR being performed and the patient (with no O2 administered via any means or other interventions performed) subsequently "waking up" and smiling at the nurse, and yet another sexual tryst by two physicians in a storage room. If I want fantasy, I'll watch Game of Thrones instead.
  11. Altra

    Dating a family member's doctor

    Yes, it does. It could get even more dramatic: you could pursue a relationship and then he could continue to discuss you with the medical assistant. Sounds appealing, doesn't it?
  12. One of the challenges of adulthood is the evolution of the parent-child relationship. Consider that your mother has the same right to privacy as any other individual whose adult child is not a nurse. People choose to share or not share their medical issues with family members according to their relationship patterns and histories, their personal perceptions of privacy and appropriateness, and their personal feelings about illness etc. ... not necessarily based on whether or not a family member is "qualified" to provide some insight. Having said that, I agree with the poster above who suggested that you can communicate your concerns with your mother's provider. At the same time, perhaps a softer approach with your mother might be helpful - something along the lines of, "Mom I know that maybe you're going through a rough time and I just wanted you to know that I love you and I'm here for you." Take the fact that you are a nurse out of the equation right now, and just support her, even from a (virtual or emotional) "distance", if that is what your mom wishes. There may be a long-standing mental health issue of which you were not aware. Or there may have more recently been something going on in your mother's life that she may not wish to share with you right now, or ever. Wishing you & your mother well.
  13. Altra

    "Fifty Shades"

    Curious ... the reviews which trash the (admittedly, underwhelming) writing also, without fail, use the derisive term "mommy porn". What's that about? Does it have to be daddy porn to be good? Very curious indeed.
  14. Altra

    Program requesting essay for residency application?

    Agree with the previous posters -- an essay asking for your input on an organizational mission statement and values is seeking information about you as a person, not necessarily past experiences. I see what you are saying that you would love to include concrete examples in your essay ... but if they are willing to consider your application at all they will read your essay knowing that it is from a new grad seeking his/her first career position.
  15. Altra

    Comment my boss made

    Your dislike of your boss comes through loud and clear. Your resentment of your job also comes through loud and clear. Her comment may have been unwarranted and brusque, but you don't have to engage her with every comment she makes, nor do you have to emotionally react to every comment made by someone whose values you don't share. What I'm saying is ... there are plenty of nurses who have a trunk full of home care supplies who do not look at the trunk as a symbol of their kids "never having a mother". And ... it is worth your emotional energy to ponder what she thinks?