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  1. sallyrnrrt

    The Uncut Lumber84 Super Bowl ad

    I don't know, pit is sad, immigrants feel need to gain entrance, less that traditionally legal
  2. sallyrnrrt

    May I ...?

    If you feel it, claim it, add it to your profile, open invitation, from me ))grins((
  3. sallyrnrrt

    Man Card

    455 SD Transam
  4. sallyrnrrt

    Man Card

    You don't even want to get me started related to guns, have a ton
  5. sallyrnrrt

    Man Card

    Hey, I am just happy there are more men in nursing, being 67yr old myself, female, and 44years of experience.... it it has been a long time coming..... we we need the dilution, as in there can be too much estrogen, I know I will get "flack" over that remark.... but out it is what I have experienced since 1972..,,:wavey:
  6. sallyrnrrt

    Prince died

    Purple Rain............purple Rain
  7. sallyrnrrt

    I will be MIA for awhile...

    we love you...come back every now and then for the therapeutic distraction.... I am so sorry you are going thru this...Sally
  8. sallyrnrrt

    What Would You Do?

    it did a little bit in Shreveport, La
  9. sallyrnrrt

    What Would You Do?

    Ruby, i might need an adult tricycle:wavey:
  10. sallyrnrrt

    What Would You Do?

    pfmb-rn, ? are you sure you are not my neighbor ? :rolleyes:
  11. sallyrnrrt

    What Would You Do?

    pmFb, i drove with mini 14, 304d banna magazine
  12. sallyrnrrt

    What Would You Do?

    been there done that, knocked it out of the park, :yes: and thank goodness i have 89ac rural farm but only enough propane to run my generator for two months.....but have wood for fuel, ponds, fish cattle and chickens, and a few horses & we will not talk about what other resources :roflmao:
  13. sallyrnrrt

    Reversal of Fortune

    so very proud of you :yes:
  14. sallyrnrrt

    HawthoRNe...What Do You All Think?

    RIGHT ON!!! the fluff, but loved Nurse Jackie, I am finding that is a common assessment with my nurse friends
  15. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    :bow: :yeah:yeppers Tweety, "The China Study" is what got me started, and I also enjoyed Dr. Esselstyne's ??always mess up his last name........... Good for you, the pounds " they not be moving, of course I did not gain, quitting smoking some 4+mos. ago........... good to hear from you :redpinkhe