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  1. sallyrnrrt

    HawthoRNe...What Do You All Think?

    RIGHT ON!!! the fluff, but loved Nurse Jackie, I am finding that is a common assessment with my nurse friends
  2. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    :bow: :yeah:yeppers Tweety, "The China Study" is what got me started, and I also enjoyed Dr. Esselstyne's ??always mess up his last name........... Good for you, the pounds " they not be moving, of course I did not gain, quitting smoking some 4+mos. ago........... good to hear from you :redpinkhe
  3. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    It is not an easy transition....... especially will minimal offers at fast food places of veggie or vegan quality. My husband and I began at Thanksgiving......... we have been able to make our lipids and cholesterol profiles excellent, but little weight loss after the first month, when we lost about 10#s each..... but that was that,........ the key to further weight loss is portion size, and increased activity and exercise.........that is the part that takes a lot of motivation.. Good luck, and I know you will have better health......:yeah:
  4. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    :yeah: amen...................... it is a problem, i have not "mastered" it does not affect everyone as sever, my husband only a little, me, well if anyone ever needs a fog horn....... geeeeez how embarassing:clown:
  5. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    hey Tweety, my numbers are in after only 2mos., mostly vegan, & rest vegetarian, all improved......... good up, bad down, and t.chol. dropped 11points, heehee triglyc was only a value of"35" & 10#s down....., of course 30 more to go >>snicker, snicker
  6. sallyrnrrt

    The Vegetarian Thread

    That being said, & Thank you Tweety: After a lifetime of "regular American Diet", I have chosen Vegan, after reading THE CHINA STUDY & Dr. Esselstyn recomendations ( the Clev.Clinic Cardiologist. Both my husband & I chose vegan for potential health benefits, not any political etc reasons. We have been on it for some 6 weeks........ I have my next lipid study this coming Monday, results may be interesting. It is a big adjustment at first, and requires some discipline...& occassional B12 injection.......( my b12 is on the way ) .... but hope will mellow out, and benefits achieved.:heartbeat

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